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  • Great show opener

    This is a ghreat pilot, actually much better than SG-1 and Atlantis pilots. Great story, Lots of guest actors, to show the producers has moved on. RDA is awsome here. We also get to see the unreleased Stargte game.
  • SG-U is dark, but so what?

    SG-U is dark, but so what?

    Who said SG-U had to be light in mood like SG-1 and SG-A?
  • SGA meets BSG 2005 meets Voyager

    This show I believed had possible potential and have now watched the first 5 episodes and I must say it fails in a big way. As stated it's not very original at all it appears to be a cross between Stargate Atlantis, 2005 version of Battlestar Galactica and Voyager. throw in the following - turn off all the lights bar a couple of lamps and the idea they are on a ship they have no control over and you have SGU. There is another show that it reminds me of but can not think of it at the moment. None the less it is boring, dark, and does not stay true to Stargate. Sorry just my opinion.
  • Simply Dull & dark

    I absolutely love Robert Carlisle, ever since he was the football hooligan in "cracker".

    This is dull, boring, dark & uninteresting. The first time i watched it i fell asleep, thank god for HDR. 2nd time i realised why i fell asleep. Wont be watching episode 3. Unless i cant get to sleep that night!

    Sets = wooden, dark, boring, seen it all before
    (ships name is "destiny", pleease, why didnt they call it lame or cliché.
    Characters = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Story = If someone finds this, would you let me know.
    Special effects = Extremely unimpressed.

    Unless anyone guarantees this is going to improve, forget it.
  • Promising show but about the switch....

    I like the new stargate . There is a dark feel about this show compared to the other two stargate tv series. So any characters to watch and see wherethey will go. And much improve special effects. The sex scene is a bit inappropriate but if hey want to go there they must be consistent. But about the switch pushed by the senator, there are so many possible ideas to push the button. My first best suggestion is the keno ball to push the button. It is so uncool when they make dumb idea just to make more drama to the show.
  • i found the show to dark and the plot was to jumpy

    The start of the show got off to a good start however as the story line continued it became worse. The first problem I found with the show was that the characters didn't have enough depth and some didn't even show any personality at all. The story then showed some love scene in a cupboard that was in no way related to the story and seemed to be there just to lengthen the story.

    Once we are on the ship the story begins to jump around to peoples past, this confuses the storyline as you do this for every main character on the show and yet the back flash doesn't really seem to be there for much other than tell us about the characters just how they managed to get the job that lead them to being stranded.

    The final problem to the show was it's darkness, and the lack of humour that Stargate has always had

    The only good thing for the show is the cast / actors they are great actors for the role but the storyline drags them down.

    When a research team is forced to evacuate their secret base, they find themselves on board a derelict Ancient vessel that is many galaxies away from Earth. SGU is filmed and produced in Canada. There's a connection between the themes of the show and our own Canadian government. Often in SGU you'll see the political manoeuvres and bizarre aspirations of some characters against the legit and scientific exploratory efforts of our heroes and their desire to go home. In real life during the last Canadian Federal Election Campaign the Conservatives placed a strange and explicable gag order on Canadian scientists and civil servants. They weren't allowed to announce that Canada had to find out that snow falls on Mars. What's the Canadian government not want you to know? The comparison here is if in real life the government had access to a real Stargate, an Ancient ship named Destiny and weapons of mass destruction would they really tell you? As for SGU's pilot Air Part 1, it's a good start.
  • SciFi in a blender! (and not "SyFy")

    I guess my first impression of this show is "Stargate: Voyager". Being a big fan of this channel in general, it was weird seeing all the elements of other shows blended into this one. I don't like soap opera very much, but I guess other people do so... That medic sure looks a lot like Katherine Heigl! And since she's "only" a medic, I expect to see a holographic doctor any second. Being a TV show, they don't have a big budget for fancy locations and big name stars. But I'm really disappointed in the writing. Forgetting about the lack of originality in the premise, I don't feel the urgency or intelligence in the characters. They are supposed to be the best and brightest the Earth has to offer. On a sidetrack, why don't NASA people win any global science awards anymore?
  • 10% Stargate action, 90% nonsensical characters

    I am a big fan of Stargate - it was the greatest TV show for about 10 years for me. And I really wanted to give this show a chance and hoped that the premiere would be good at least.

    I really like the idea of the show and Destiny was just awesome. But... The characters are just stupid. It seemed as if the writers wanted us to get attached to them in the first episode. I'm sorry but I really didn't care about their psichological problems in the premiere - I wanted to see the setting of the show itself and some action. Character developement is really a very important part of any show, but when that developement IS the show it's just wrong.

    To make it short I see a lot of potential in this Stargate storyline but that story will not be told because the show will probably focus on characters and their problems. I think it's just wrong for a sci-fi show - go watch soap operas for that. NOT watching any more...
  • Great introduction to what the show is about, but completely rubbish introduction to the characters.

    I thoroughly loved the setup. Get a new character or two and beam him up, do the whole none-disclosure thing and then cart him off to another planet on the brand spanking new ship, the Hammond! Great! A few hitches with the stargate and then the space attack. I'm probably inviting some moaning here, but since when did a deadalus class ship with asgard beams have any trouble against three motherships?!? Two shots a piece and they would have been history, which they could quite frankly have done and just had the planet's core go critical moments after, anyway. Much more believable than 'the motherships never detected the instability in the core and so all blew up along with the planet'. Rant over, anyway.

    I guess my thinking once they all got aboard the Destiny was that it's all just a little TOO realistic. They probably would act like that if that really happened, but I would have liked to know and perhaps care (at least a little) about the guy who gave his life to buy the rest of them more air to breathe. I don't really care about any of the characters and they will probably end up getting developed in some horrible stories to come that will focus too much about their personal lives than shooting space aliens, the stargate, the ship and all the cool new technology they might find. I guess this is largely based on the fact that the next few episodes all seem to be about 'lets get supplies', 'lets get more supplies'. It might drag on like this for a long time and I hope by Air (part 3), their situation is a little more stable.
  • Not exactly a flying start, but I've seen worse.

    Two characters clearly stood out above the rest for entertainment value, and they were Eli & Rush. Eli has 'The Goonies' written all over him, and provided decent comic relief. Rush is quite clearly on a level way above anyone else, and seems intent on manipulating the others.

    The first part of the pilot was disjointed, unnecessarily jumping back and forth between different time frames. I see no reason why the show couldnt have been done as one continuous story. All the suspense was removed and events were inevitable.

    The plot included a 'someone needs to sacrifice themself to save the many' and the character to make the sacrifice was never in doubt at any time. I notice that the decision was made to make the pilot 3 parts due to the story being so long, these opening 2 hours could easily have been trimmed to a single hour. There was an awful lot of waiting for something to happen.

    The initial arrival at the Destiny and felt like old ground, having a large feel of the initial arrival on atlantis to it.

    The show has potential, the second hour was more enjoyable and more stable. Too many of the characters have too many personal issues though, did have a soap opera feel to it at times.
  • Ok I guess, Better then nothing, I hope it gets better through more episodes. I was a big fan of Stargate SG1 , Dissapointed with SG Atlantis , will keep a open mind about this series!

    Too many loose ends, feels like it was thrown all together in a rush. Some things are even unreal such as putting a kid or kids into space \ gate travel.

    There is no way in my opinion that it is logical for a team of humans who went through the gate to the Acients shipe to even start to grasp the language, technology or logic of the Acients and yes people I know it is SCIFi though make it plassable and not un imaginable. As I have stated before that I will keep an open mind and hope the series get better.
  • A little different, but similar elements.

    I thought the first episode showed some promise. It was a little distracting in that they kept having flashbacks, which at first seemed necessary, but later became annoying. Other than that, SGU shows a lot of potential. Rather than facing a consistent enemy in the Ga'ould, Ori, or the Wraith their main enemy it seems will be the ship itself that they are on. Could be a good series, but we'll have to wait for a few more eps before deciding if this show is going to be a worthwhile successor to the second most successful sci-fi tv franchise (second only to Star Trek for now).
  • Massive failure.

    The show basically has little to do with the Stargate franchise as we know it. Hey! They even left out the stargate transition sequences. That's right! You won't get to see stargate travel! It's too outdated perhaps! They needed the timeslot to inject more whining! Because, this whole show is about whining adults, slapping each others' shoulders, crying, having brief sex, and, again, massive amounts of whining all across the board!

    The sci-fi element was never got included, it's basically a metal-walled drama, quite similar to Signs in content. Dallas in space! Thanks!

    Have you ever seen people flying out of Stargates? No? Here's your chance! Just tune in, sit back, and enjoy the show!

    The worst aspect of the show that it tries heavily to look and feel like Battlestar Galactica. That's too bad, because you know what? It fails utterly! The scenes are dark all right (grey and red dominate the 90 mins of the pilot) and the score is fittingly sad, but, unfortunately, there's no sci-fi to the story. They kind of forgot to include it!!! The whole story is about some random attack, a lot of whining and finally, a debate about the right to lead a sadly casted group of people.

    The worst episode ever! Even worse than "200" (which was a totally BS episode of SG1).

    I'm heartbroken!!!!

    Ofc, if you like stuff like Grey's Anatomy or Grace, then no problem! This drama is for you! Don't get me wrong, there's nothing bad about if you like everyday drama, but frankly, it was supposed to be a Stargate series with *SOME* sci-fi.

    Utter failure!

    I'm so freaking agitated right now!!!!!!!
  • As a fan of the previous series I can see that the producers are going into a different direction with this series. The episode itself is as you would expect from a opener. Introducing the characters and getting to know the ship (Destiny).

    Interesting, having waited for a while for the stargate series to come. As a fan of the previous series I can see that the producers are going into a different direction with this series. The crew who land on the ship are not all trained unlike in Atalantis, there is a mix of civilian and military as well as scientists. The episode itself is as you would expect from a opener. Introducing the characters and getting to know the ship (Destiny). Flashbacks are thrown in to show some backgrounds and also how the crew arrived in this situation. Hopefully this will not make too much of the rest of the episodes, and look at exploring the galaxy and meeting new people.
  • A research team studying the Stargate's ninth chevron is forced to flee through the gate when their secret base is attacked by an unknown enemy. They end up stranded on an Ancient ship named Destiny, billions of light years from Earth.

    As expected many of the SG1 & SGA fans are thoroughly upset at the turn of this new SG but I'm glad they had the nerves to do it. There's been SG1 and SGA which were basically the same campy non-tense sci-fi fare...why not allow room for something different? I'm personally glad they are choosing a different direction which will no doubt bring in fresh fans like myself who didn't enjoy SG1 & SGA compared to SG the movie. I'm thankful that this SG (at least demonstrated so far) won't be the high-school field trip adventure with guns and lame humor!!!!

    The tension, acting, concept, and overall episode were spot on! I saw people talking about the characters whining too much...hmmm what else would a bunch of civies do when finding themselves lost light years from home with NO CHANCE of return...crack lame high school jokes as if the situation were not serious in likeness to SG1 & SGA??

    People have mentioned having no favorite character as of what...the first episode...OMG I don't remember accomplishing such myself after one episode of any show. I love the realism of the characters and look forward to continuing development compared to the campy characters of the predecessors.

    Some have mentioned the BSG feel...I'm glad that feel is there as I couldn't stand the stereotypical feel of the predecessors. I feel like I'm watching a show for adults, with adult themes, adult reactions, and adult characters instead of a "Saved By The Bell" show with Stargates and funny creatures!

    I guess in the end this will end attract new fans, keep some of the old fans, and piss off many of the vet fans. Hopefully even in all that I hope it succeeds!!
  • If you like a show with action, brooding and twists, watch 24 instead.

    SGU failed to live up to expectations for me, even if this was the first episode. Yes, you can have the latest CGI effects, bring old and familiar characters in for a cameo etc, but the interplay between the new regulars is dull and wooden.

    If Scott is playing the archetypal young soldier thrown into the thick of it, barking orders and acting macho. Eli just comes across as annoying. Not to mention the whacko wanting to shoot everyone, the whining senator's daughter, or the insipid Rush. None of these characters make you want to care, for even the villains seem decidedly lacklustre in their performances.

    The plot itself might even be worth a higher rating if it wasn't for the fact that it's been done before - a lot. It seems entirely uninspired. The hackneyed writing style, the brooding intensity and the melodrama ensure that the show is now 10% sci-fi, 10% action and 80% frosting. The style as a whole seems to orient towards a younger market looking for mindless, monotone dialogue mixed in with 24-style twists. No sense of irony behind the casting of the lead actor then?

    Despite wanting to enjoy the show, I found myself wishing that the money spent on one episode could have been dedicated to (if anything) one last instalment of Atlantis.
  • A group looking into the possibility of gaining accesss to the destination of the 9th cheveron. Their base is attacked and they have to flee through the stargate ending up on a failing starship millions of light years from home......

    I was looking forward to this series but I found myself struggling. Very Voyager...but at least there is no Janeway! So glad some of the characters were despatched early. Many of the 'vital' members of the team are out of their depth, this may prove interesting in episodes to come. It all seemed a little haphazard with no 'organisation'

    Some of the characters I instantly disliked, but I thought the same about Atlantis....though I doubt these will grow on me...There is the usual conflict between military , political and scientific and is annoying. Not sure about casting of Robert Carlyle but time will tell.
    I do hope the storyline beefs up soon or I will abandon ship, unlikce the previous 2 generations that had me from scene 1
  • A slightly darker tone then the other entries in the Stargate series, Universe has the potential to be an interesting if not completely original show.

    I think the one thing that stood out to me about SGU as compared to SG1 or Atlantis was the difference in ton. In the previous entries in the Stargate series you have a clear cut set of good guys and the bad guys. With Universe the intentions of the characters are not as clear. One of the major plot points of the pilot surround Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) and his true intentions. It seems he values the opportunity to study the ancient ship above all else. Is he truly interested in getting everyone home, or does he want to keep them here so he can study the ancient ship they've found?

    Unlike the launch of the Atlantis spin off, no clear cut enemy has been outlined for the crew of the Destiny. It seems as though survival itself will be the main obstacle for the crew.

    Overall I felt the written was decent, on par with the other entries into the Stargate series. The premise is not original, but is something new to the Stargate series. The characters haven't been fully fleshed out yet, but they did as much as possible to give you an idea of each character's personality.

    I don't think people should give up on Universe just yet if they where turned off at first. I think the show has potential, and I'm interested to see how the next few episodes will play out.
  • A gritty start with conflict, is this BSG? :)

    Ok I watched this and I liked it, I knew straight away, something had been done that was very much needed in Stargate as a whole. I hope it remains. Watching Atlantis, there is a certain degree of immortality in the characters and scenes. You cant escape the sense that nobody dies (tho of course there have been deaths ONLY FOR A RETURN) Rodney is always blasé about death. Add to that the chirpy medivel music in all the towns they visit, it feels unreal somehow. Tho I did love the show, dont get me wrong.

    But SGU seems alot more tangible, the characters seem gritty and the fact that they all start of with a hell of alot of tension between one another seems to signal a great deal of development potential. If you recall the pilot of BSG and the punchup over the card game, It let you know people dont sit so easy and there needs alot of work between each other. I like to see that conflict in a show. My only concern would be the depth of the characters, I dont think you can question Robert Carlisle but It was suggested in the run up to this they may be that young that they wont have strength of will and leardership etc. Jurys out because so far I love what I see.

    As for the environment and backdrop, someone said on here "dull & dark" well again harping back to BSG, dull and dark made great entertainment we know this. If its suspense, drama & real danger as opposed to the chirpy Atlantis we were used to seeing. Im all for that really. I also see they give themselves alot more potential with the ship than a base. I cant wait to see what adversary's they have. But what I would really like to see is a development of some mystical, strange backdrop. After all the further you are from our galaxy the stranger it could be right?? Anyway so far so good, cant wait to watch the second episode and its wonderful to have some great Sci fi back on screen, been a while, I just got a bit of Carpica pilot to keep me occupies, but it looks like normal service resumes! :)
  • A good start

    OK some may not like the way they jump to and fro showing what happened before/now. Its been used before in films/tv and gets on some peoples nerves. I liked it but thats me.

    I like the idea, the theme, of the show. Some may liken it to Battlestar Galactica and there are some similarities but not enough to merit such statments. They also say it like its a bad thing for some unknown reason.

    Some interesting characters, we can already see the battlelines being drawn in the sand. This episode gives strong indications of who are the heroes and villains but time will tell, in this age of plot twists and switchups anything could happen.

    As I said, a good start.
  • Great start...

    Obviously there's going to be lots of people who are gonna hate this. It does adopt elements from BSG, but whe you really think about it, is that a bad thing? Whouldn't it be nice to have a show like that on the air again? I was skeptical when I first heard the idea for the show but as people were cast and footage was released I grew quite excited. The charcaters are quite interesting, some are annoying others you just want to smack, and some awesome ones. Colonel Young is probably my favorite character followed by Chloe. It was nice to see RDA, Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks appear, hopefully we can see a little more of them down the road. I've read a lot of complaints about the flashbacks, I for one think they are a nice touch and hope they continue for a bit. Great first episode!!!
  • Someone's been watching Battlestar Galactica

    Broadcast in the UK as 2 episodes back to back I'm going to review these as one and post under both. The first is the weaker episode but only becasue it's so choppy and only gives you a limited sense of the characters. Ah, that and the similarities to Battlestar are too evident and presented here pale slightly.

    I like dark and serious shows like Battlstar and this is one of them. I'm going to mention a few similarities to get them out the way. THe first is that it's about a bunch of people cut off from their civlisation due to a catastrophe. In Battlestar its the nuclear destruction of the 12 colonies by a enemy. SGU gives you the destruction of a base, by an unknown enemy, on what seems to be a uninhabited planet. This subsequently mat explode the planet but the loss of life does not seem catastrophic like in Battlestar. It just doesn't have the impact it strives for. Secondly is the bunch of characters. You have the military types and the politician (later revealed to possibly be dieing - luckily he sacrifices himself which I was sort of happy about) you also have a morally gray scientist doctor. Battlestar had Baltar this has Rush and he is the main character (I'm still unsure to trust him when he says Colonel O'Neill put him in charge. It feels like he is lieing). I also suspect that due to the size of 'Destiny' (the ship they have been stranded on) that different echelons of society will develop. The fleet in Battlestar gave that. The main differences at the moment are Eli and the Stargate itself. This develops slightly in Air part 2 but not enough yet, part 3 will be the tester as the Stargate presents a chance at a different feling to the show.

    Now that I have the similarities out of the way I'll discuss the characters, which essenially is what this show seems for you to want to rest on. I lke Dr Rush, he is a complicated charater and you don't know wether to trust him or not. Robert Carlyle sometimes hit's the wrong notes with his dialouge (more so in Air ep 2 but I belive some of it was done like that deliberatly) I like that and he does seem to be the most interesting character. I also like the young military leader, more in idea than execution at the moment though. (it's kind of deflated by the fact that the older one with the weak heart has survived though, hope he dies soon cos you can get drama out of a young military leader especially with a potential psycho second in command). Eli is an interesting addition as he seems out of place and more part of the old Stargate. He has the potential to develop though and I like him as that Bridge. I kind of gave up on the original Stargate series but I'm still intrigued about this one. The last character of any note would be the whiney daughter of the now dead senator. I wonder if poltics will play in the show now he's dead but we are presented with a similar situation to the young military leader here just less appealing at the moment.

    The overall story was not much cop so far but then it is early days and this is clearly a more character based show so we'll see. One more note I'd like to add is that I loved the 80s synth music in the final minutes of episode 1 when they were escaping. Bring some more of that back please. :)
  • Seeking to be all things to all people?

    OK - I'll be honest. I've not been overly attracted to the premise of SG:U since first hearing about it. Didn't Trek do it most recently with the diatribe called "Voyager"? Take away the ragtag fleet from the Galactica, and do we not have another similarity - a bunch of people on a ship looking for a way to get to Earth?

    That said, I sat down to watch Air 1 & 2 (which I'll jointly comment upon here as they were broadcast back-to-back in the UK) with my mind as open as I could make it, and my bias left outside the room. I've now had three hours in which to digest what I've seen and I think the term that best describes the show's openers is...."contrived".

    OK - so ALL TV shows are contrived to some extent - if not in their entirety; science fiction in particular. However, it is the mark of a good show in the manner in which it hides the contrivances behind good writing / dialogue. That SG:U's first two episodes feel contrived from beginning to end is an indication of how wide of the mark the show initially falls in trying to cover up it contrived nature with good storytelling.

    It's not that the premise comes across as hackneyed, borrowing as it does from the likes of aforementioned Voyager & BSG, as well as Lost in Space, The Time Tunnel, Sliders, et al).

    No, the fault lies much deeper than that - it's that from beginning to end, every single step of the story is so darned PREDICTABLE. Wow! Icarus getting attacked? Who'd'a'guessed? Blimey, Eli realising the reality of the ninth chevron right when they need to get home - who'd'a guessed that? And OMG!!! Rush hijacking the dial-out sequence to divert the personnel to who-knows-where just when the have no choice but to GO - who'd'a'guessed THAT???

    Well, just about anyone, it pains me to say, with any iota of intelligence watching. Nor do the sins end there. The Senator sacrificing himself? Yup, saw that the minute the shuttle door issue was raised; the only real surprise here is that said Senator didn't reveal himself to be more of a PITA before coming over all noble....

    Again, these sins could have been overcome had the dialogue and the character interactions been up to spec. Sadly, neither were. Indeed - both came across as equally contrived, and in the case of the latter - wooden. OK - so those engaging in SG-1 at the start of the franchise had an advantage: two of the mainstay characters (O'Neil and Jackson) were already established from the original movie. BUT - look at the conviction the writers immediately gave to the likes of Hammond, Teal'c and Carter and the way in which they enhanced Kowalski's character, and cleverly extrapolated the idea of the Stargate itself: ....excellent writing matching a well-defined plot and story arc.

    The same can be said with Atlantis. While the initial episodes there were - it has to be said - a little rough around the edges (including the sudden shoehorning-in of an "eighth chevron"), the fact remains that the primary characters were already pretty-well fleshed out when they came to the screen, and as such, the dialogue and their interactions played well and motivated the story. In SG:U all we appear to have, sadly, is ciphers: the brilliant but flawed scientist willing to put discovery before compassion / humanity (but who doubtless has a very human heart buried deep inside); the untried rookie officer whose heart is most certainly in the right place but whose inexperience means he can be swayed into error; the tough, square-jawed commanding officer able to dispense wisdom to the rookie and fairly square-off against the scientist when the latter errs into his "wrong" ways (although one does wonder at the overall survivability of said CO); the light comic relief with a mind potentially as sharp as that of said flawed scientist; the vulnerable daughter (and inevitable centre of an eventual love triangle); the untried medic carrying a secret flame for her CO....the list goes on. Of course, the thrust of the show is built around the idea of humans with little deep-seated knowledge of one another placed in dire circumstances and learning to trust one another in order to triumph in the face of adversity. As such, it is necessary to have characters that will conflict with one another, who do have rough edges, weaknesses and the like which will bring various degrees of "edge" to their attempts to triumph in the face of said adversities.... BUT.... that doesn't mean they all have to be cliched from the outset. And, right now - even if evidenced by only these first two episodes - "cliched" is also the right term to use....

    Even the "ninth chevron" 'pon which everything initially hangs is a weak cliche. Will we, with every new iteration of Stargate, gain yet ANOTHER chevron? Just how many can fit on a single gate? ....And please...don't even get me started on the "countdown clock", which itself is yet another cliche so dreadfully overused in SF storytelling. That it looks likely to be a mainstay of SG:U simply further weakens the show from the outset - particularly if we get treated time and again to dramatic looks (with camera-pans-following) at the dreaded clock as it ticks away the minutes (or whatever units it counts). Watching it, I found a pretty corny quote from Flash Gordon circling in my head - "Flash! I love you! But we only have 14 hours to save the world!" - and that most certainly is NOT a good reaction (and yes, I know the countdown clock equates to 12 hours...but you get my drift).

    But...these are only the first two episodes. On the bright side: things can only get better from here...

    ....I hope.
  • I would have given it an 8, were it not for one small problem...

    I'll get to that problem later, but for now let's focus on the rest of it.

    First off, I am going to be posting the same review for part 1 & 2 since they were both aired as a two hour pilot.

    Anyway, I'm liking the premise of the show so far, the countdown timer is an interesting concept, and I hope they use it well.

    The characters are kinda "meh," the only ones that really stand out to me are Col. Young, Dr. Rush, and Eli Wallace. The rest of them are just kind of "there" or entirely uninteresting.

    I liked seeing RDA again, but he seriously needs to lay off the Puffins cereal. He's getting a little too chubby. I also liked seeing Michael Shanks again, although I wish his presence wasn't limited to being a video introduction to the Stargate. (Don't really care about Tapping's presence, although Chris Judge's presence is somewhat missed)

    The set design (CG and Non-CG) is great. I like the way that the Destiny looks. However, the camera style is rather different than what I'm used to on Stargate.

    The music was okay, nothing too special, but not too shabby either. (I enjoyed the part where Dr. Rush mentions the ascension process and the music turns to an Atlantis type theme) It didn't have an actual opening theme, but neither did SGA's first episode, so we'll just have to see where that goes.

    I liked the new version of the MALP (can't remember what it's called at the moment) and I'm a little surprised they didn't have those things in Atlantis.

    SPOILER WARNING: The plot is somewhat predictable in regards to who's supposed to shut the door from the inside, so that the rest of the people will have a little more time to live. (I would have chose the person too, so I'll give them that)

    The one thing that brings my review down from an 8 to a 6.5 is this...

    The gratuitous sex scene. It wasn't even people aggressively making out and the camera cutting to them waking up in bed, they went through the motions and everything. Granted, they didn't show any thing explicit, but my little brother likes to watch Stargate as well, I don't need that kind of crap playing on my screen. As far as I know, there wasn't even a reason why it happened other than to just have it in there (unless they make the girl pregnant as a result). They may cut the scene for syndication, but I seriously doubt that I'll be watching this episode again anytime soon because of that entirely unnecessary sequence. I can only hope that it was just something the network wanted, and not the producers, because if it was the network, it could mean that it will just be a one time thing instead of an ongoing process. (like how there was nudity in the SG-1 pilot (which I also didn't like, but I didn't see that version anyway), but they never included it again)

    Anyway, the show looks promising, just steer clear of gratuitous sex scenes in the future (aggressively making out is tolerable, but not necessarily wanted) and I will most likely be coming back for more.