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  • Great show opener

    This is a ghreat pilot, actually much better than SG-1 and Atlantis pilots. Great story, Lots of guest actors, to show the producers has moved on. RDA is awsome here. We also get to see the unreleased Stargte game.
  • A research team studying the Stargate's ninth chevron is forced to flee through the gate when their secret base is attacked by an unknown enemy. They end up stranded on an Ancient ship named Destiny, billions of light years from Earth.

    As expected many of the SG1 & SGA fans are thoroughly upset at the turn of this new SG but I'm glad they had the nerves to do it. There's been SG1 and SGA which were basically the same campy non-tense sci-fi fare...why not allow room for something different? I'm personally glad they are choosing a different direction which will no doubt bring in fresh fans like myself who didn't enjoy SG1 & SGA compared to SG the movie. I'm thankful that this SG (at least demonstrated so far) won't be the high-school field trip adventure with guns and lame humor!!!!

    The tension, acting, concept, and overall episode were spot on! I saw people talking about the characters whining too much...hmmm what else would a bunch of civies do when finding themselves lost light years from home with NO CHANCE of return...crack lame high school jokes as if the situation were not serious in likeness to SG1 & SGA??

    People have mentioned having no favorite character as of what...the first episode...OMG I don't remember accomplishing such myself after one episode of any show. I love the realism of the characters and look forward to continuing development compared to the campy characters of the predecessors.

    Some have mentioned the BSG feel...I'm glad that feel is there as I couldn't stand the stereotypical feel of the predecessors. I feel like I'm watching a show for adults, with adult themes, adult reactions, and adult characters instead of a "Saved By The Bell" show with Stargates and funny creatures!

    I guess in the end this will end attract new fans, keep some of the old fans, and piss off many of the vet fans. Hopefully even in all that I hope it succeeds!!

    Stranded on the Ancient vessel Destiny, the evacuees from Icarus Base discover that a worn-out life-support system and hull breaches will suffocate them in a matter of hours. In the mythology of this show human civilization was created by a sort of seeding program undertaken by the Ancients. The Ancients were the first evolution of humans that lived millions of years ago. Say goodbye to Darwin's Theory of Evolution! Therefore in this show as in so much science fiction we have a dream of origins. One that imaginatively creates a story for our existence that has little to do with evolutionary biology on the one hand or the explanations put forth by the major religions. So science fiction like this becomes a kind of anxiety narrative that through wish fulfillment that gets through some of the schisms between religious, spiritual and scientific thinking. That's the magic of storytelling. You can do things like that.
  • When Icarus Base is attacked the people manning the underground base must stargate out. Dr. Rush programs the gate with a nine symbol address and the eighty or so survivors find themselves on a ship named Destiny billions of light years from home.

    Another great example of the Stargate universe. This series has the promise to be a great new version of a long running science fiction saga.

    Dr. Nicholas Rush played by Robert Carlyle seems to be a little single minded and maniacal at the same time. He programs a game with a solution to the ninth chevron for the Icarus Stargate. A young man and gamer named Eli Wallace played by David Blue solves the equation and finds an answer for the problem embedded in the game. So he is brought to Icarus along with a group of other people including Senator Alan Armstrong played by Christopher McDonald who funded the mission and his daughter Chloe played by Elyse Levesque.

    When Icarus is suddenly and mysteriously attacked by several Ha'tak Mother ships everyone underground on the base is forced to flee through the stargate. They arrive on an Ancient ship called Destiny that is thousands of years old and starting to have system failures. Everyone seems distressed about this except Dr. Rush who seemed to know exactly where he was going.

    The significant problems that the survivors are facing are failing systems, not enough supplies, the wrong personell for a mission of this type, and injuries to some key people.

    So far factions seem to be facing off as Colonel Everett Young played by Justin Louis was injured and put Lt. Matthew Scott played by Brian J. Smith in charge but Rush takes over when it becomes obvious that the science is what will keep them alive. Also Rush communicates with Earth and claims General O'Neill put him in charge.

    A host of people refuse the supposed order lead by Camille Wray played by Ming-Na. There is some question raised back on Earth how the Ha'tak even knew the base existed without someone telling them. Scott defuses the situation when he backs Rush for the time being. Other important people on board seem to be MSgt. Ronald Greer played by Jamil Walker Smith who was in the brig for some reason when the attack starter and 1st Lt. Tamara Johansen played by Alaina Kalanj who is a field medic thrust into Chief Medical Officer duties when the doctor is killed in the Icarus attack..

    This premiere episode looks like a fine addition to the already proud Stargate series. I look forward to the crews weekly adventures trying to stay alive in another Galaxy. Thanks for reading...
  • First of all I would like to say: Finally! We've been waiting for SGU to start for such a long time and YES, now it's here.

    First of all I would like to say: Finally! We've been waiting for SGU to start for such a long time and YES, now it's here. I've been watching the SG series from the beginning and I'm glad that we now can watch another spin-off of the proven stargate-concept. And I must admit: it has potential.

    My first "YEAH!" moment was during the opening scene when I saw so many familiar names like Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper being the Writers and Andy Mikita being the Director of this new show. Other names like Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks did appear but their roles within this new spin-off was minimal. I guess they thought they needed these names to give the show it's authenticity but they were wrong. I didn't even recognise General Jack O'Niell when he knocked on Eli Wallace's (David Blue) front door. I did appreciate Sam Carters (Amanda Tappings) role on the Prometheus. Still their presence was nice, but unneeded. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I won't lay down the story told in these initial two episodes because I guess all of you have seen it already. If not: stop reading and watch it! I must admit that my expectations where very, yes very, high, mostly because of the long wait, but also because the SG saga has provided us with years of excellent entertainment in the past 12 years. The clock has been counting down for me for months and today I finally get a glimpse of the new SGU show. Initially the story brought me back to first episodes of SGA, where a group of explores reaches the Atlantis city and encountering all kinds of start-up problems with their new environment. Finding that all kinds of essential systems don't seem to be working after years, decades, even centuries, leaving the team to fend for themselves and to fix the problems. I had to get used to the flashbacks looking towards a point before the moment they arrived at the Ancient spaceship called "Destiny". I guess these flashbacks where needed to tell the story on how they got on this ship but I personally prefer a linear timeline in stead of all this jumping around. The fact that we do not yet know the characters doesn't make it easier and all of them (apparently) need to be introduces within these first two episodes. Oke, I get it. But because of all these introductions the overall storyline of these initial episodes seems to fade into the background. Basically these first two episodes seem to be a prelude of thinks to come. Now the board is set for future single-episode story lines the SG series are known for. The last scene of the second episode seems to be proving my point when a hastily assembled SGU team steps though the gate to an unknown planet and destination. Now that the board is set I do hope and expect the next episodes to be more stories that can stand on their own (Still they will need to add something to the series 01 stroyline). I also noticed that the writers tried to change to overall character themselves to another level of realism. Not persay a better or higher level but, for now, let me say a different level. The characters seem to have a more (realistic) dual character meaning that they also are tempted by good AND evil. In no other more obvious then in Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) and the Mr Wolsey-like character Senator Alan Armstrong (Christopher McDonald). In previous SciFi series the characters seems to have reached a higher, or better, level of understanding and seem to be better people than inhabit the Earth today. That has always seem to be a defying character aspect of all SciFi series (BSG excluded) and it's characters. There first two episodes seems to depict more "Survivor"-like characters then the I'm-always-righteous "James T. Kirk"-like character. I'm not yet sure what I think of this. Science Fiction has always been a glass-is-half-full kind of genre and I wouldn't like it to turn into a glass-is-half-empty kind of show. But again: it's too early to tell. Let's give it a chance. The eventual question is: Is it entertainment? And to be clear: I don't know yet. I do know the special effects where better then I have ever seen within any SG episode, the spaceship "Destiny" looks great and I hope the SG producers have found another great method of exploring the SG saga and potential. Let's hope for the best and which the creators of this new show the same. Good luck and don't let us down!
  • looking good!

    well it here!!! im glad i have some good shows to watch again as i miss my stargate fix.

    i have read a lot of posts by people saying they dont like the looks of this im just after watching AIR part 1 and 2 i have to say i liked it and liked the way it ended with them making a team before going though the gate!

    there where alot of flash backs but i think they had to do that as this is a new show wher atlantis had SG1 runing the story into atlantis where this a like a new show in away so it had to go into some detail

    i have to say im really looking forward to this and cant wait to next week to whats at the other end of that worm hole.

    to some up...

    i like it but its a bit in the air as i think we have alot of information to take in but im really looking forward see the rest of the season!!!
  • After the Icarus base is attacked SGC personnel evacuate to a unknown spaceship instead of earth. After arriving on the spaceship everything starts falling apart. With several people claiming leadership and life support failing, things aren't looking up.

    I must say that I really enjoyed the beginning of the pilot. People flying out of the gate and bags hitting people on the floor. The chaos was fitting and nicely shot. Visually the 2 eps look great. The ship, the attach on Icarus base. It all looked very good. It felt like Stargate but it was a little bit different.
    What's different is the pace. They take time to settle on relationship drama and emotions. I am not sure yet whether I am going to like it r not. Because we had very little time to get to know and get used to the characters, at times the drama seemed a little forces and uninteresting. But I do thing there are a lot of potentially interesting characters so if they give us the time to really like them, the character drama will work perfectly. Doctor Rush and Colonel Young stand out as very interesting characters. I like Ming-na a lot so I am very interested to see where here character is going in the story. It was also nice to see the familiar faces. So I think that this show has great potential. It looks great. It has very decent actors and the premise leaves room for a lot of good stories. I don't necessarily see this show make five seasons. But if they can build on the pilot, Stargate Universe will become a worthy addition to a great franchise.
  • Billions of light years from Earth...

    As I have no idea where those two parts have their "parting point" I decided, I will only write one review and that one to the last part.

    I most say: I had my hopes up. Considering I was really missing good sci-fi, I have always loved Stargates and the idea of something darker caught me. So, as I said I had my hopes up and watching it with my friends.. All that preparations for that "event". It sounded like usually: I think it is better than it is. And for my surprise, it was good. And even with my high hopes, I was positively surprised. It was dark, emotional. In so many ways, it was like BSG (and I am not sure if it is a good or bad thing, yet). Most of all, I loved chars. I loved that they had depth. For sure, SG-1 chars had it too, but I felt like there were some caps in Atlantis. Here, with only the pilot, I was quite intrigued by some chars. I mean: Rush. He seems to be like a bright star in that punch. The whole mystery being, being intelligent and having his own agenda. That seems like char setting his own things in motion and probably giving others quite a few headaches. And then Chloe. I was so surprised by her. I read those casting notes realized and thought that char is going to be disaster. In pilot, at least, she wasn't. And there can be many positive things to bring out of other chars too: I mean. There is diversity, there are secrets and a lot of tension.

    On the setting and the ship. After Atlantis, you expect stunning visual side and it was there, but in the end, Atlantis was more impressive. But who knows. Maybe that dark ship has it's own magic.

    Anyway, I am very excited about the show and eager to see how the three hour story-arc ends.
  • Someone's been Watching Battlestar Galactica. This is a combined ep 1 and 2 revew. An interesting start episode 2 is better as it concentrates on character more and we settle in.

    Broadcast in the UK as 2 episodes back to back I'm going to review these as one and post under both. The first is the weaker episode but only becasue it's so choppy and only gives you a limited sense of the characters. Ah, that and the similarities to Battlestar are too evident and presented here pale slightly.

    I like dark and serious shows like Battlstar and this is one of them. I'm going to mention a few similarities to get them out the way. THe first is that it's about a bunch of people cut off from their civlisation due to a catastrophe. In Battlestar its the nuclear destruction of the 12 colonies by a enemy. SGU gives you the destruction of a base, by an unknown enemy, on what seems to be a uninhabited planet. This subsequently mat explode the planet but the loss of life does not seem catastrophic like in Battlestar. It just doesn't have the impact it strives for. Secondly is the bunch of characters. You have the military types and the politician (later revealed to possibly be dieing - luckily he sacrifices himself which I was sort of happy about) you also have a morally gray scientist doctor. Battlestar had Baltar this has Rush and he is the main character (I'm still unsure to trust him when he says Colonel O'Neill put him in charge. It feels like he is lieing). I also suspect that due to the size of 'Destiny' (the ship they have been stranded on) that different echelons of society will develop. The fleet in Battlestar gave that. The main differences at the moment are Eli and the Stargate itself. This develops slightly in Air part 2 but not enough yet, part 3 will be the tester as the Stargate presents a chance at a different feeling to the show.

    Now that I have the similarities out of the way I'll discuss the characters, which essenially is what this show seems for you to want to rest on. I lke Dr Rush, he is a complicated charater and you don't know wether to trust him or not. Robert Carlyle sometimes hit's the wrong notes with his dialouge (more so in Air ep 2 but I belive some of it was done like that deliberatly) I like that and he does seem to be the most interesting character. I also like the young military leader, more in idea than execution at the moment though. (it's kind of deflated by the fact that the older one with the weak heart has survived though, hope he dies soon cos you can get drama out of a young military leader especially with a potential psycho second in command). Eli is an interesting addition as he seems out of place and more part of the old Stargate. He has the potential to develop though and I like him as that Bridge. I kind of gave up on the original Stargate series but I'm still intrigued about this one. The last character of any note would be the whiney daughter of the now dead senator. I wonder if poltics will play in the show now he's dead but we are presented with a similar situation to the young military leader here just less appealing at the moment.

    The overall story was not much cop so far but then it is early days and this is clearly a more character based show so we'll see. One more note I'd like to add is that I loved the 80s synth music in the final minutes of episode 1 when they were escaping. Bring some more of that back please. :)
  • Far from home...

    I must say the acting so far in this series has been so excellent. I love to see a different side to the Stargate world, its nice to have that and not something that is the same. You've got to admit though that these charcaters rae quiite interesting...especially Rush, although he really tick me off at times. Others we haven't seen too much of but I imagine we will as the series continues. I never expecte dthat this is where the 9th chevron would take us. It really could have been anywhere but this was a nice touch. I like that the main theme of the series is survival and I know a lot of fans are having trouble excepting that and that there isn't a main bad guy alien. I'd like to give a shout out to Christopher McDonald, that guy acted really great in this, probably the best I've ever seen him.
  • I would have given it an 8, were it not for one small problem...

    I'll get to that problem later, but for now let's focus on the rest of it.

    First off, I am going to be posting the same review for part 1 & 2 since they were both aired as a two hour pilot.

    Anyway, I'm liking the premise of the show so far, the countdown timer is an interesting concept, and I hope they use it well.

    The characters are kinda "meh," the only ones that really stand out to me are Col. Young, Dr. Rush, and Eli Wallace. The rest of them are just kind of "there" or entirely uninteresting.

    I liked seeing RDA again, but he seriously needs to lay off the Puffins cereal. He's getting a little too chubby. I also liked seeing Michael Shanks again, although I wish his presence wasn't limited to being a video introduction to the Stargate. (Don't really care about Tapping's presence, although Chris Judge's presence is somewhat missed)

    The set design (CG and Non-CG) is great. I like the way that the Destiny looks. However, the camera style is rather different than what I'm used to on Stargate.

    The music was okay, nothing too special, but not too shabby either. (I enjoyed the part where Dr. Rush mentions the ascension process and the music turns to an Atlantis type theme) It didn't have an actual opening theme, but neither did SGA's first episode, so we'll just have to see where that goes.

    I liked the new version of the MALP (can't remember what it's called at the moment) and I'm a little surprised they didn't have those things in Atlantis.

    SPOILER WARNING: The plot is somewhat predictable in regards to who's supposed to shut the door from the inside, so that the rest of the people will have a little more time to live. (I would have chose the person too, so I'll give them that)

    The one thing that brings my review down from an 8 to a 6.5 is this...

    The gratuitous sex scene. It wasn't even people aggressively making out and the camera cutting to them waking up in bed, they went through the motions and everything. Granted, they didn't show any thing explicit, but my little brother likes to watch Stargate as well, I don't need that kind of crap playing on my screen. As far as I know, there wasn't even a reason why it happened other than to just have it in there (unless they make the girl pregnant as a result). They may cut the scene for syndication, but I seriously doubt that I'll be watching this episode again anytime soon because of that entirely unnecessary sequence. I can only hope that it was just something the network wanted, and not the producers, because if it was the network, it could mean that it will just be a one time thing instead of an ongoing process. (like how there was nudity in the SG-1 pilot (which I also didn't like, but I didn't see that version anyway), but they never included it again)

    Anyway, the show looks promising, just steer clear of gratuitous sex scenes in the future (aggressively making out is tolerable, but not necessarily wanted) and I will most likely be coming back for more.