Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 2

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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2009 on Syfy

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  • A research team studying the Stargate's ninth chevron is forced to flee through the gate when their secret base is attacked by an unknown enemy. They end up stranded on an Ancient ship named Destiny, billions of light years from Earth.

    As expected many of the SG1 & SGA fans are thoroughly upset at the turn of this new SG but I'm glad they had the nerves to do it. There's been SG1 and SGA which were basically the same campy non-tense sci-fi fare...why not allow room for something different? I'm personally glad they are choosing a different direction which will no doubt bring in fresh fans like myself who didn't enjoy SG1 & SGA compared to SG the movie. I'm thankful that this SG (at least demonstrated so far) won't be the high-school field trip adventure with guns and lame humor!!!!

    The tension, acting, concept, and overall episode were spot on! I saw people talking about the characters whining too much...hmmm what else would a bunch of civies do when finding themselves lost light years from home with NO CHANCE of return...crack lame high school jokes as if the situation were not serious in likeness to SG1 & SGA??

    People have mentioned having no favorite character as of what...the first episode...OMG I don't remember accomplishing such myself after one episode of any show. I love the realism of the characters and look forward to continuing development compared to the campy characters of the predecessors.

    Some have mentioned the BSG feel...I'm glad that feel is there as I couldn't stand the stereotypical feel of the predecessors. I feel like I'm watching a show for adults, with adult themes, adult reactions, and adult characters instead of a "Saved By The Bell" show with Stargates and funny creatures!

    I guess in the end this will end attract new fans, keep some of the old fans, and piss off many of the vet fans. Hopefully even in all that I hope it succeeds!!