Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2010 on Syfy

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  • A senior crewman is left behind after Destiny docks with a Gate Seeding ship inhabited by aliens.

    At this point i'm really left scratching my head. I found this simply terrible and i'm struggling to find a way to convince myself, and you, that the good outweighed the bad. And I'm sorry to say it but Louis Ferrera is my biggest problem.

    Overall, the script is horrible, HORRIBLE, the plot is laboured, the direction is terrible. Fantastic special effects, brilliant brilliant aliens, but this is primetime dribble. Why are you doing this?


    It's the whole Rush vs Young thing... Young watching Rush everywhere he goes. Rush running off to the Bridge to save the day. Blah! In one scene where the two ships detach Young is yelling "why" - oh my God! Why is right? There could be a million reasons why! The most obvious being that Destiny seems to have a small level of AI and has always acted in the best interests of the crew. That aside, seriously why is his character focused on the mundane? The answer is to heighten the drama between Rush and Young which is so blatantly being pushed into our faces. I cant stand another pathetic moment between these two.

    It seems we have our answer about Franklin too - he is now the ships Avatar. We have only seen him when there was real danger to the crew. Unfortunately, it looks like we'll be seeing a lot of Rushs' dead wife. I find these scenes boring and too detailed for what they're meant to represent.

    T.J and Chloe - the 'are you okay about the baby?' scene was pathetic. Chloe says her gun shot is healed and T.J says "how is that possible?" UM, What? You just went to another planet T.J. and your baby is living in a cabin made by Aliens who also made a sun. I think "Show me" is what most people would say. You could argue that i'm knit picking - and maybe i am, but what i'm trying to get at is if this is meant to be 'real' space drama, stargate style, pls work on your scripts cos they suck. Seeing Camille and her worst enemy sharing a quiet moment was a hard pill to swallow - given the history of inability for most of the characters to get along to date.

    In general i just found the whole episode tiresome. Really not their best moment.

    As an aside, I read a few posts about why the Lucian Alliance (L.A.) would care about Destiny and here is my answer: The L.A. have a history of scavenging tech. Ancient tech is the most advanced tech. They're smarter than Terrans so they could have stripped the ship and taken heaps of cool stuff back home by now.
  • Another day, another loss

    I was a little taken aback by this episode. I had a feeling that the Destiny crew would run into some kind of alien trouble while on the "seed ship", but I certainly wasn't expecting Telford to be left behind. They left his fate rather open-ended, so I'm hoping that this is not his final curtain call. My sense is that Lou Diamond Phillips is only available for so many episodes, so the writers have to find creative ways to keep him in the story.

    I like the fact that Young continues to get more and more strung out by the pressure and his own psychological issues. Rush keeps pushing his buttons, and now that Telford is gone, his one apparent "safety valve" is effectively gone. I seriously doubt that Young would give any control over to Camille or Rush, based on past conflicts, and there's really no one on the military side who is ready to shoulder that kind of responsibility.

    Rush continues to be one of the most interesting characters, if not the best thing about the show as a whole. The longer he tries to run the ship by circumventing Young, the more he exposes himself in the process. Events keep conspiring to force Rush to show his hand. While some anomalous activities on Destiny are to be expected, Rush is struggling with the fact that Young and the rest of the "command" have grown accustomed to Destiny's patterns. There are only so many "mysterious" events that can be swept under the rug.

    At first I was a bit annoyed with how the aliens were acting in this episode, because it felt intentionally obtuse. Then I realized that I had been all too programmed by previous "Stargate" and other franchise shows to expect aliens with semi-intelligible motivations. As had been said many times in the episode, there was no frame of reference for communicating with the aliens, so their actions were equally inscrutable. While I think it's convenient that the aliens waited until Rush took pre-emptive action and Telford was trapped to reappear, it does suggest that there was a purpose to it that may come into play later.

    I do like how they're working with the Lucien Alliance characters. As someone noted during a recent conversation, these are not actors who would be cast to play characters kept in the background for too long, especially Robert Knepper. So I assume this is going to stew for a little while longer before becoming a major problem. As long as they don't fall into the "Star Trek: Voyager" trap by making them all friends by the mid-season break, I imagine I'll be happy.
  • Stargate Montage.

    Sorry, Stargate Universe, keeps feeling more and more dynamic. While I don't think it's hit it's stride yet, it's getting there. The seed ship is an interesting find - not quite the big reveal I was hoping for after last weeks build up, but adds new avenues for events with all the new information they've gathered and Telford being stranded with the new aliens.

    For a TV budget, these new CG aliens look pretty damn good, not up there with the 'Prawns' from District 9, but easily among some of the best humanoid CG aliens seen on tv. I liked the subversion of the 'stalking alien moment', to just have it collapse at Volker's feet.

    At first glance the aliens seem like a new foe, but they are more subtly written than that and are far more ambiguous. If you look at it from their perspective, a bunch of hairy headed aliens just docked and came in waving weapons around.

    There's still no movement with the remaining Lucian Alliance members. It seems likely once the bad eggs are removed we'll see a "work together or die alone" episode and they'll integrate with the rest of the crew.

    The reliance on the montages remains annoying. Some times words aren't needed to get emotions across (last weeks montage worked very well), but every week? Come on, lets have some actual conversations, this is a tv show, not a music video.
  • This is what we want!

    a good episode well worthy of Stargate

    This more like it this series is slowly grinding to a hault and following the format of exciting series ends and starts filled with lack luster fillers in the middle.

    The whole premise of SGU is very much about finding things that are brand new to the human race, so let the dogs out and lets get some action for pity sake, please stop all this self pitty and lack luster feeling sorry for my self BS. boldly go FOR PITTY SAKE. This TV show gives licence to the writers to do so much more why are they wasting the opotunity to exploit what is a god given chance to stretch the bounderies of SYFY.
  • Now this is stargate!

    That is what everyone is expecting! Not all drama and slow episodes. Look to the ratings and you conclude that. Stargate is this: alens, combat, fight and suspense. Now i will see this show with the same fellings I have in stargate sg1 and stargate atlantis. continue with the good work! Drama fans: go to Caprica show! This first episodes all ranking +8. This means something, no? I am not from USA and sorry for the bad english, but y only submit review in this show, because something ned to be done and now I see the comments are working. thanks
  • Fantastic, best SGU episode to date

    This episode was without a doubt fantastic. Destiny docking with seed ship was very intresting, special effects were great, brown aliens were prety sweet to. And we still don't know if they are hostile or not.(I suscpect they are not). Rush is stil very good as "captain", and Young know he is hiding something. Scenes between Simeon an TJ, and the one with Greer and Scott about Park, were very funny. We also saw Telford left behing, but we all hope he will be back with his "Brownies"

    All in all I think it was fanatastic episode, and it did remind me on old stargate episodes with adventure.
  • Finally!

    What a great episode. This show feels like it is finally coming in to its own. Season 1 was slow and took awhile to develop (most 1st seasons are like that though i suppose) But they are really stepping it up this time around. Where to start.. 1st off, I love those new aliens we got to see. Initially it seemed like they might be friendly but apparently not. I hope we get to see more of them soon. Maybe they will probe Telfords mind and learn of atlantis on earth and try to go hijack it haha. Anyway I'm very happy to see this show taking a solid step in the right direction. I could still go for a little comedy here and there but even without it SGU has officially become a stargate show in my mind. I am loving all the secrecy and lying with rush. Its only a matter of time before he is forced to reveal what he knows. Whether he will take over the ship or get tossed in the brig.. we will see :P
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