Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 02, 2011 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Eli watches the Teneran footage of his "grandson" dedicating the colony school in his name when Rush comes to get some calculations. He suggests that Eli find something better to do, but Eli says that he's adding it to his documentary and that the Tenerans are still humans. Rush points out that none of them are his descendants, and figures that they'll encounter them sometime. Destiny circles a gas giant to approach a sun to refuel, even though it's at 40%. As they near the sun, Young warns the crew to prepare for turbulence. The ship comes out of the gas giant and they find a command ship and a fleet of drones waiting for them. As the drones attack, Volker warns that they need time to make the jump to FTL. Young tries to get them around, but the command ship moves to block. The drones open fire and Young orders them into FTL just in time. Afterward, they wonder if the command ship was waiting for them, but Rush notes that it can only lock onto them when they use the Stargate. He walks off and Eli goes after him, and Rush admits that they might have a problem. Rush programs a course of his own, suggesting that the command ships may be anticipating them. Eli realizes that they were lucky; if the ship hadn't circled the gas giant, they wouldn't have been able to jump to FTL. Rush programs Destiny to jump out of FTL far enough from the next star so they have full FTL capability when they make their approach. They detect a command ship blocking them and realize that they're the subject of a blockade. They jump into FTL and analyze what's going on, and realize that the command ships can block the stars in their path, and they're running low on energy. Young calls a meeting with Telford participating via the communication stones. Eli notes that they recharge off of certain types of stars, so they have to pick the type of star that Destiny wouldn't fly into on its own. He proposes that they jump into a blue super-giant, and Volker warns that a Class O star would put off too much heat to survive. They'll have the majority of the crew go to a planet within range and a skeleton crew will take the ship in, manning the few stations necessary while wearing the environmental suns. Rush says that he and Eli are the most qualified personnel to handle it. They'll send the crew through a Stargate to an inhabitable plan, and hope they can complete the refueling and recall the crew before the command ships home in on the single. Volker suddenly agrees, much to Eli's surprise, and Young tells Telford that they're going to do it with or without Homeworld Command's permission. As they approach the Class O star with 20 minutes remaining, the crew gathers what plants they can from the hydroponic dome since they'll be destroyed by the heat. Young orders all personnel to the Gateroom for evacuation. On the bridge, the systems start to power down and the bridge seals itself shut on its own. Vanessa and Volker get out just in time and Young orders them to evacuate with the others. Park approaches Young and says that there's a third suit, and she wants to use it to collect as many rare hybrids as possible and then backup Eli and Rush. Young immediately agrees and goes to the Gateroom. Volker is shocked to learn that Park is staying behind. On the interface room, Rush confirms that there are no drones, and tells young that they have a safe margin of seven hours before the drones. Eli finds one planet within range and sends a kino through. There is a seemingly abandoned town on the other side but no signs of life, and Eli suspects it might be a Novus colony. Scott takes the crew through the Stargate while Young congratulates Eli on his plan and then follows the others through. On the planet, Young suggests that they explore the city for resources, but worries that the colonists had a reason for evacuating. They agree to start searching, but Young only takes three small teams out. He tells Vanessa, Varro, and Camilla to stay behind with the rest of the crew while the three teams start searching. Park and Eli collect the hybrids, and Park explains that she used to lie on the ground with her father back on Earth. Rush calls Eli to the interface room and he reluctantly leaves. Young and his team explore the city and notice that there aren't any vehicles. Greer suggests they split up and cover opposite sides of the streets, and Scott agrees. Destiny approaches the star and Eli notices that Rush isn't wearing his suit. He asks Eli to double-check his figures, but wants Eli take to the lead and input the actual course corrections. Eli finally agrees to do it, much to Rush's satisfaction. Park is still collecting hybrids when the alarm goes off. She grabs what she can and heads for the door, but it seals on its own. When she calls the control chamber, Eli realizes that they can't override the lockdown sequence. Greer and his team find canned food in a diner, but the labels are all worn off. Back at the Stargate, Varro warns that night is coming and they have six hours remaining. Morrison finds a newspaper with a headline about an attack. Young climbs to the top of a building for a decent vantage point, and determines that the inhabitants were wiped out. However, he tells the other teams to continue their search since they have no idea when or if the attackers might return. Morrison reads the newspaper and suspects that drones attacked the city. Vanessa and Camille tell him to calm down and not panic the others, and take the newspaper away from him. Varro prepares a gun and tells Vanessa that he is preparing to keep the people safe like Young asked. The scout teams both hear something approaching and they get inside just as a single drone flies by. Scott requests permission to engage, but Young tells them to hold fire and maintain radio silence until they learn more. Rush tells Park that Destiny has shut down the hydroponic chamber and they can't override it. As she suits up, Eli insists that it was a good idea, but Rush notes that Park took too long. Johansen's team returns with what few medical supplies they could find, and Young orders them back to the Stargate while he goes after the other two parties. Greer throws a can of food down the street, and the drone opens fire on it and then moves away to investigate. Destiny tries to override their approach into the star, and Rush has to keep overriding it. Eli starts to go to help Park, but Rush calls Park and says that they can't have Eli trying to rescue her. He directs her to a water storage chamber and promises that it will keep her safe. Angry, Eli goes back to the controls as Rush insists that Park will be fine. As the scouting parties remain pinned down and night falls, they hear more drones passing overhead. Another drone arrives at the search parties' location and one of them spots Scott and his team. At the Stargate, Morrison grabs the DH device and powers up the Stargate to go to one of the two other planets. Camille warns that the other planets aren't within range of Destiny. Vanessa knocks Morrison out as he starts to dial the Stargate. She calls Scott, but a drone opens fire on him and his team. Greer and Scott try to destroy the drone in a crossfire, and Young arrives to lend his firepower. The drone finally collapses and Young picks up a duffle bag that he found earlier as they head back for the Stargate. Eli and Rush try to keep Destiny on course, and Eli takes manual control of the systems. He worries that the ship's computers sealed off the dome because it knew it couldn't handle the stress, and Rush admits that he knew that, but still believes that Park will be safe. Johansen and her team evade another drone and continue back to the Stargate. Vanessa spots another drone heading for the Stargate and warns Scott. When he tells her to keep off the radio because the drones are homing in, Vanessa says that she knows. Before it can kill her, Varro steps out with a rocket launcher and destroys it. Johansen's search party returns and they prepare to evacuate. Park enters the storage chamber with her hybrids and immerses herself. The ship enters the star and Eli activates the collectors, while Rush assures him that he can do it. In the dome, the plants incinerate and the water around Park boils. Scott leads the other two parties through the sewers. The ship completes the refueling cycle and starts to leave the star. The hydroponic dome shatters and Park is pulled up out of the storage chamber. Eli and Rush start cooling down the ship, but realize that the dome has been breached. Eli goes to rescue Park. Vanessa and the others read the newspaper, and discover that the Teneran colonists were driving away in cars to lure the drones after them, while they moved the Stargate. Young and the search parties arrive with a half hour remaining, and Young gives Camille some clothing that he found. Eli gets to the hydroponic dome and Park tells him that the chamber has evented. Rush overrides the door and Eli manages to pull her in. However, she tells Eli that she's blind. The crew hears a different, louder noise approaching them. They still have ten minutes left, but Young orders them to dial. As they prepare to leave, they look up at the sky where a command ship is coming down out of the clouds. They enter the Stargate and get back to Destiny just in time. Rush greets them and tells Johansen that Park was blinded by the flash. He tells Young that Eli got them through, and the boy's calculations were genius. However, he warns that the drones won't fall for the same trick twice, but at least they have a full tank of fuel.