Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 02, 2011 on Syfy

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  • low rating see below for reason \/

    great episode but i thought it would of set up for the last episode seem they gotta finish it here but now they have to try and fit every thing in the final episode but still loved it.
    still can't belive there being canseled its the best seires ive ever seen one more seson and the ratings for this season would of kept it going but they've gotten canceled before they could show how good it is great show.
  • Drones seem to be waiting in ambush in every system as Destiny tries to refuel. Running on empty Eli suggests a brilliant plan that requires the crew to evacuate Destiny while they risk refuelling inside a Super Giant Blue Star.

    This week we are taken on a wild ride. Star Gate Universe is here and it is awesome.

    Taking desperate measure to avoid the Drones we see one of our most beloved characters go through a living hell, literally.

    Meanwhile, the planet bound Destiny crew are cleverly making use of their time and run into their own obstacles.

    Overall this episode was nothing short of a masterpiece. The look and feel of the show was spot on and the script could not be faulted.

    *Mild Spoilers Ahead*

    It was refreshing to see the little things being put on priority, like clothes, almost teasing the loyal audience about a whole new season of wardrobes for the cast.

    Next week - the final installment - and many many unanswered questions... Will the crew ever get home?
    Will they find a cure for T.J?
    Will Eli and Rush have their loves returned?
    Did T.J's baby really survive?
    Why did the Ancients abandon Destiny?
    What is the "message from God" all about?

    You know, i really disliked the first season of SGU - and if you had asked me 12 months ago if i cared about T.J i would have said no - but this damn show has a way of getting under your skin - like no stargate before it... i will miss SGU - but not next week!
  • Eli and Rush come up with a daring plan to charge Destiny, but everyone else needs to take refuge on a planet while they do it. So the rest of the crew finds them selves on a planet once populated by their decedents. But where did they all go?

    I cannot say enough about this episode. It was truly one of the most trilling and funny episodes yet. I honestly was worried about Dr. Park. It did not seem unreasable that they were going to let her die, I mean they did kill Reilly. The "Pittsburgh" stuff was great. Volker was great in this episode with some great lines like, "Maybe their Canadian." and "Yum, botulism." It also showcased several of our characters being bad asses. For example; Young coming in at the last minute, Varo with the bazooka and James keeping order at the gate. Back on Destiny Eli did not disappoint and we got a glimpse of old school Rush. Willing to do what it takes for the sake of the mission, no matter what.
  • Yet again were seeing this build up towards the end of a season. Getting more intense and tricky with the trade mark visuals we'd expect from this show.

    Although when you look at Stargate and then SG Atlantis and yes again now with SGU there is an has always been a bad guy, always a situation or obsticle to overcome. Its being done again with a good cast, with a good story. The plot twists and story thats unfolding is enough to keep people coming back to watch it. I wasnt the biggest fan of SGU when it started largely because it was too much character back story an psychological character heart break to feed the emotional muppets that exist in this world. BUT now its SCI FI ! and its GOOD Sci Fi. It looks great and it feels great and you cant seriosuley say it doesnt have a future. THIS is the kind of thing it should have been from the begining and it would be a seriousley huge / bigger success than it is right now. RIP SGU - You will be missed.