Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2010 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Matt is sleeping on a bus, seated next to Ronald. He wakes up and says that they've arrived in Cloverdale. As they get off, Matt spots his friends across the streets, runs over, and is hit by a car... Scott wakes up and finds himself on an alien planet with a plant infestation on his left arm. Rush says that they have to keep moving. Matt finds himself in Cloverdale, with his father Everett standing over him. He makes sure that Matt is okay and the driver, Adam, apologizes. Matt tells Everett and Chloe's brother, Eli, that Ronald is his best friend and they welcome him for the wedding... between Matt and Chloe. On the planet, Rush warns that they can't take Scott back to the ship. Chloe objects, but Johansen admits that Rush is right and they can't put everyone else at risk. They carry him toward the Stargate and Rush runs on ahead with the remote. Matt comes home and Eli takes video footage of the arrival. They make themselves at home and Everett wonders if they're going to throw a party. They claim ignorance, and Everett explains that Chloe wants Matt all to himself so they can go to a movie. Chloe comes in and the happy couple kiss. She notices a bruise on his left arm and worries if he's okay. Matt says that he's fine... and then collapses. Rush contacts Young and tells him that Johansen has had no luck treating the infection, and suggests that they use hydrochloric acid. Matt wakes up and Everett insists that he just fainted. He tells his prospective son-in-law to go out with Chloe and have a good time. They go a theater and talk about how they met in the theater. As they kiss, the movie starts and Matt realizes that it's a science fiction movie showing a young soldier and a girl standing at a field of color-changing flowers. Scott whispers for them to get away, and a series of giant vines emerge from the flowers. The couple runs but are quickly trapped, and one of the vines touches the soldier's left arm. When the soldier cuts it, drops land on the girls' tunic. Disturbed, Matt goes out and Chloe follows him. He asks her if she remembers any of it happening, and Chloe insists that it's just a movie. She goes back to get her purse and tells Ronald that she'll have to stall so Matt doesn't come back early. Rush returns to the others with the equipment, including a bone saw. Matt insists that he's over what happened to him in the war. Mr. Volker, the town pharmacist, runs up to greet Matt and Chloe. They tell him that they're going to Brody's Bar, and Dale calls to confirm that the bar is open. He awkwardly tells Chloe that all of the "staff" are there and then walks away. At the bar, Matt discovers that everyone is waiting to surprise him with a bachelor party. When Johansen realizes that nothing she can do will stop the infection from spreading, Rush tells her that she has to amputate. Eli and Greer warn that the plants are approaching, and will arrive in ten minutes. Johansen decides to get Scott to the gate before amputating. At the bar, Vanessa serves drinks while a drunken Ronald tries to dance. Matt starts to flirt with Vanessa, his ex, and she tells him that they should go somewhere and never come back. He backs away and insists that he was kidding and she walks away, disgusted. Afterward, Everett and Ronald help Matt to the car. Sheriff Telford offers to drive them home in his squad car. As they go, David asks Scott about his time overseas. Matt drunkenly explains that he thinks he's someone else. David tells him to sleep, and suggests that he may feel like a totally different person when he wakes up. When the team gets to the Stargate, Johansen prepares to cut off Scott's arm. Rush wonders if she's done it before, and Johansen admits that she hasn't. As she starts cutting, Volker stops her and points out that the blood has changed color, and the infection has spread throughout Scott's body. Greer says they have three hours until Destiny goes into FTL, but Rush warns them that the plants will be there in an hour. Eli warns that there is one nearby planet but it's locked out, and Greer goes to get some things. Matt wakes up and finds Chloe sitting next to him. She wonders if he's marrying her out of habit or because he thinks it's the right thing to do. He tries to sober up, and she warns that he has things to do before their wedding that day. When he says he has to pee, she laughs and walks away. Young discusses potential quarantine procedures with Lisa, but she warns that they have no guaranteed way to prevent infection. Lisa insists that Young not put the decision on her, and Young assures her that it's her decision. On the planet, Greer and his men build a barricade so they can keep the plants away from the Stargate for three hours. Brody sends a kino through to get intel. Matt goes to the justice of the peace, Nicholas Rush. They discuss the ceremony and Nicholas asks if he has any doubts. Matt starts to go and then explains that there's something wrong and he believes he might be going insane. Nicholas apparently tries to reassure him by saying that fear means you're alive, but they all die eventually. Young, Park, and Brody analyze the data from the kino and realize that the plant spreads rapidly and is resistant to every chemical in their supply. On the planet, Greer and his men open up on the plants with their improvised flamethrowers. Young calls Johansen to confirm that Scott is the only one infected, and tells her to come back with the other non-combatants. She reluctantly agrees, and then tells Chloe that Scott will survive longer than the remaining time they have until the ship leaves. Chloe insists that she's staying with Scott, and Johansen notices that she has plant liquid on her shirt. She cuts it loose and confirms that it didn't infect it. Johansen has Greer burn the infected cloth, and then orders everyone through inspection before going back to Destiny. Chloe slips away, while Eli kneels besides Scott. In the shadows, Chloe holds up her hand to one of the creatures just outside the barricade.' As Matt is fitted for his tuxedo, Eli asks him what's wrong. He figures that Matt is getting cold feet. When Matt insists that he's going to Marry Chloe and have a happy life, Eli says that even Matt doesn't believe it. As the tailor finishes, Matt collapses. Eli tells the unconscious Scott that no one is giving up on him, and he needs to keep fighting. Johansen asks Eli where Chloe is and they call out for her. Eli spots her coming out of the shadows and shows them her infected hand. They realize that she infected herself so that they'd have to let her stay. Eli reluctantly walks away while Johansen examines Scott. Matt wakes up and discovers that a paramedic, Tamara, is checking him out after he collapsed. He insists that it's nothing and insists on getting married that night. As Eli prepares to leave, he looks back, says goodbye to Chloe, and goes through. Rush asks her if she's sacrificing herself for Scott, and Chloe explains that when the first spot didn't infect her, she realized that her recent infection might make her immune. She deliberately infected herself a second time to see if her theory was true. Upon hearing this, Rush gets an idea. At the wedding, Matt is eating soup and wondering if Everett has arrived. Ronald suggests that they do it another day. Everett comes in and Matt wonders if they need to stop the ceremony. After asking the others to leave, Everett tells Matt to wake up. Johansen takes a blood sample from Chloe, and wonders how the alien pathogen could still be in her after Rush claimed she was cured. Rush casually says that she must have become reinfected, and suggests that they give Scott a transfusion of Chloe's blood. However, it will mean that Scott could become infected as well. Nicholas begins the wedding ceremony. Greer orders his men back through the Stargate, while Johansen supervises the transfusion between Chloe and Scott. On Destiny, Eli looks back at the Stargate. On the planet, Greer warns that they're out of time. Rush points out that the plants retreated briefly when the wormhole activated. Greer sends Rush and Johansen back and guards Chloe and Scott. Nicholas asks Matt if he takes Chloe as his wife. Greer opens and reopens the Stargate, driving the plant creatures back. When one attacks, Greer opens the wormhole again, destroying it. Matt prepares to say, "I do." Chloe turns toward him, and Matt realize that half of her face is covered in the aliens' silvery skin. Scott wakes up and brushes the decaying infection off of his arm. They get through the Stargate just in time as the ship goes into FTL. Young welcomes them back, and then tells Scott and Chloe that they'll go into quarantine until he decides what to do with them. As Young walks away, Chloe takes Scott's hand.
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