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Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2010 on Syfy

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  • When you thought the show couldnt get worse, i was proved wrong.

    First off im a sifi nerd, i adored sg1 and atlantis. to me they were in my top 10 programs.

    Then there is this, from the start i had a problem with the show, too many people, many we care little about. each episode flicking from person to person and getting very little done.

    "This is a more adult drama" they said "it explores emotions etc"

    Its slow, boring and so many plot holes, that why any adult would enjoy the "character interaction" is beyond me

    It reminds me of movies that win Oscars, the critics go on about how great they are, but no body goes to see them,

    Im sorry but this was the worst bit of tv i have watched in my life, everything was wrong and you finished the hour thinking what was the point of that.

    I dont need to spend an hour watching someones dream,

    Unless at the end jack o'neil wakes up and we find out that SGU was just a nightmare. A very bad nightmare.
  • What is going on with this show? How SGU differs from SG1.

    To start off, today's plot is a cliched one used many times before in the Stargate franchise. But why this SGU episode differed from the ones from earlier shows was in the execution. The Prime examples for these are two classic episodes from SG1 season 1 "The Broca Divide" and "Brief Candle". In both of those the plot was an SG member being infected with a supposedly deadly parasite/illness but the difference was that they used in a much better way. The characters were more plausible and could be related to. Even though the plot was a bit overused, the characters and their interactions made it interesting and fun. The whole dialogue between Teal'c And O'neill in "The Brica devide" "Lucy, I'm home" was hilarious. Those episodes though they were fillers were still enjoyable to watch. In this SGU ep the whole hometown drama was too much and also painful to watch and it seemed to me as if the producers are trying to make the story serious and in the process over doing it. You don't have to make the story this depressing in order to give the viewer a feel of realism. Compared to this supposedly "more realistic looking" Stargate show, the original SG1 ends up looking more real than this entire put up melodrama that SGU is. I seriously can't imagine how a franchise which gave us so many enjoyable characters and stories in SG1 and SGA get so bland and tasteless; and to tell you the truth I am not enjoying it anymore. SGU better get their game up and their heads screwed the right way or they will be canceled before the season is over.

    P.S.:- The Sad thing is that these fellows had now an entire season to realize this. And if they still haven't, (even though my inner SG fan is screaming 'no')I think its better if the show ends up getting canceled after all. I mean there are better sci-fi shows like "Fringe" out there that might be getting the axe this season. This situation for a Stargate show is pathetic.
  • Too similar to "Stargate" episodes past

    After the previous episode, it seemed like Chloe's true nature was going to be kept secret for a bit longer, if only to allow Rush to implement his plans without interference. This episode eliminates the possibility that Young and the others will be ignorant of what is truly happening, so either the apparent "alien sleeper" plot is not what it seems, or it is going to unfold on a much shorter timetable than anticipated.

    That's only one thing about this episode that didn't quite work for me. I also wasn't thrilled with the overall dual-story structure. While the crisis on the planet was fine, I can see why they wanted to do something to change up the typical narrative flow. It was definitely something that felt like a standard "Stargate" story, and I can see why they wanted to make it a little more fresh than that.

    But the Cloverdale subplot just didn't work for me. Sure, it reframed the main characters in a way that revealed how Scott perceives them psychologically, and there was the nice interplay between the two worlds at the end, but it didn't take long for those aspects to become repetitive. I'm sure the cast appreciated the opportunity to step out of their normal roles and do something different, but it just didn't work well for me.
  • Another hallucination episode, lacking any subtlety.

    I'm thinking there's some writer's block going on at the SGU camp. Last week we had the main story go missing and this week we get a clichéd "infection dream world" episode.

    We're so familiar with these kinds of episodes on tv, usually they are written so that either world could be the right one or that the character has to find the strength to resist (often both these things). This just gives us a very vague window into Scott's head and is completely disposable. All the 'characters' in his dream world play nearly identical roles to their real counterparts, how imaginative.

    We've already had two hallucination-based episodes in this show so far. Can we have some new ideas? The alien foe was pretty cool, if a little too obviously CG, I'm sure we could have skipped what was going on in Scott's head to see them battle the plant thing instead. The worst part is the completely awful Eli moment where he's acting like Chloe betrayed him by getting stung - this is not the character we've seen him slowly become.

    The last two minutes at least show something interesting for the future, but that won't help if this show gets cancelled.
  • Very early in the episode I had a strange feeling of watching a failed attempt of a mash-up of two early episodes from Stargate Atlantis: Home and 38 minutes.

    This episode is split into two intersecting halfs: The team trying to save a dying Lt. Scott who has been infected with some sort of alien parasite, but they cannot bring him back through the Stargate (similar to John Sheppard in SGA's 38 minutes).
    The other half is some strange vision Scott is having of returning "home" with Greer (similar to SGA's Home).

    Let's take a look at the really bad part first: While the vision in SGA's Home was the doing of an alien lifeform showing the team something believable and had them find the truth the vision of Scott turned into something far less relevant: A story of him returning home from a unnamed war or conflict zone to marry his highschool girlfriend Chloe. All the other important crew members where there but with totally different roles that had nothing to do with their function on Destiny. Rush as a Pastor. Young as Scott's father and Telford as a Cop.
    The only things that kept this segment from looking like a daily soap episode where random black-outs Scott had, that served as a point to cut to the real team trying to save him, as well as him having doubts about all this being real.
    There was no fighting to stay alive. No trying to figure out the truth and make his way back to reality. If you cut these vision segments the only thing you would ask yourself would be why the episode was so short. You wouldn't miss this.
    So what was the point of that? My guess is that the writers tried to shed some light on how Scott felt about certain people of the crew, but that appears to have been a terrible waste of time. The commanding officer as a father figure? Why not but that was a long time to tell that. Chloe? We already knew they where in love. Greer as his best friend and best man? Sure, I buy that. Still a long time to say it. Eli as Chloes brother? Well from Scotts perspective that would make sense, although I'm sure Eli would disagree. The rest don't really make any sense to me. If this was the whole episode it would most certainly get a 0 or maybe a 1 for Eli as Chloes brother. So let's take a look at the other part that actually did something for the overall story. This is actually something I like about SGU that it always does a little something to push the general story a little bit further. Being stranded on a planet with some killer plants trying to infect everybody with itself and the team trying desperatly to hold a position at the stargate long enough to allow TJ to find a cure for a dying Lt. Scott could actually have turned out to be a pretty good episode (short of the fact that this story has beend used more often). Other then scaring the plants a couple of meters back with flamethrowers they where unable to achieve anything, as the plants couldn't be harmed any other way then by cutting them or by being vaporized by the stargate's vortex.
    If this part had been more fleshed out it could have passed as a solid episode but unfortunately it was reduced to a minimum in favor of the negligible vision.
    So how does it affect the main story? In Pathogen we learn that Chloe has been infected with "something" by the aliens that once had her captured. "The chair" was supposed to take out anything left behind by the aliens and at the end only Rush knew that it hadn't done that and kept that info to himself as he thought it might come in handy (surprise, surprise). This something Chloe has turns out to make her immune to the plant's infection and by saving Scott with a blood transfer everybody learns that she and now Scott is still infected with whatever the aliens did to her, having Young put them in permanent Quarantine at the end of the episode.

    In the end we have 40 minutes packed with a lot of story which is for the most part boring and insignificant. The sad part is that the parts that could have been really interesting or exciting were left unexplored and the only thing saving the episode from being a total waste of time was the unexpected uncovering of Chloe still being infected with whatever it is the aliens did to her. Again this was a long thing to sit through for that revelation and if you were really annoyed by the episode you probably could have missed that.

    This season had a very good start with Awakening being one of the most intruiging episodes SGU had so far and then it dipped. Pathogen was mediocre at best and this was probably the worst Stargate episode in a long, long time. When stargate fans wanted a change in how the show was written for season 2 I am fairly certain that this was not what they had in mind. I hope the rest of the season goes back to where it started...
  • Mediocre episode, but not terrible.

    This episode might have been better if they had left out the whole hallucination storyline. I'm not sure what purpose it served. I suppose it was to show what's going on in Scott's head, but really I think it was just an excuse to have the characters in an unusual situation. The writers trying to be creative. Besides, how much of it was what Scot was really thinking (even subconsciously), or was it all just a meaningless dream?

    I think they could have stretched the alien planet story to fill the whole episode. Even though it isn't a particularly original plot they could still have made it interesting and exciting. There was an opportunity missed there for some edge of the seat suspense. Maybe they could have reduced the hallucination to a much shorter subplot.

    Having said all that, I did enjoy some elements of the episode. I liked the scene in the cinema and the 'ocean of flowers' movie they were watching. I liked the ending and the possibility that Scot may now have the pathogen. Greer isn't one of my favourite characters but I liked how he had an excuse to go gung-ho.

    I like this show and I'm prepared to put up with the occasional mediocre episode.
  • Am I the only one who liked this episode? I'm involved in the characters, I found it all interesting and the end emotional fulfilling. A bit sad also

    I must be one of the few who loved this episode. Let me first say that i've watched every episode of SG1 and Atlantis. This show clearly feels different and sure there are some slow boring episodes (Especially here and there early in season 1). Also the whole parasite posession has been done before but IMO it still felt fresh

    Perpahs I just got into the show now and if so and this episode felt to you how some of the early ones felt to me (aka boring) then i certainly know how you feel. I'm involved in the characters and I found it all interesting and the end emotional fulfilling. A bit sad also. I look forward to whatever has possesed Chloe and now Matt being explained. I found the way they went back and forth to dream and reality also interesting

    I've had my fair share of episodes that made me think the show is doomed. This was not one of them
  • Every week I pray for characters to get killed. I am once again disappointed.

    Maybe it's just me, but after watching this show religiously for the last season and 5 episodes, I've come to realize that there are simply NO characters I truly like or respect.

    Most of the military personnel (Young and Greer in particular) come off as gung-ho, impulsive, domineering jerks. They consistently disregard advice from wiser consultants (civilian scientists) in favor of their own testosterone fueled plans, which seem to be geared more towards showing all the weaklings "who's in charge here" than actually accomplishing anything effectively.

    Dr. Rush, while miles more intelligent than the marines, apparently was never taught how to interact with people, and as a result just comes off as a jerk as well.

    Scott is a back-woods airheaded redneck in uniform who happens to have a nice six-pack that the cameramen just can't get enough of. His character consists of sleeping with every episode. Apparently all the sex they have has magically converted into a full-blown, emotionally committed relationship now. What a load of crap.

    Chloe is a confused, childish, and ignorant girl. She likes having sex with Scott a lot, and the writers make sure to remind us of that fact every chance they get. She is the very picture of the average 18-25 year old girl - impulsive, belligerently oblivious to logic, and way too obsessed with "hot guys in uniform". (Yes, I am one of "those nerds" who has suffered - like Eli - at the hands of girls like this, so my opinion is biased)

    Eli is the only character in the show who doesn't drive me nuts, probably because he's the only one who doesn't consciously make decisions that he knows are going to irritate or hurt other members of the crew. He's smart, respectful, and modest. This said, he's terrible at standing up for himself. He basically gets pushed around by everyone, from Chloe's appalling disregard for his emotions (after he saved her pathetic life on several occasions) to the civilian scientists snapping at him like he's an idiot for suggesting some radical solution to an urgent situation. Simultaneously, his greatest strength and weakness is that he's one of the few people on board who DOESN'T want to be "in charge". (Don't even get me started on that asian lady, Camille)

    In any case - this episode [SPOILERS]...

    The message of this episode is (as far as I can tell) as follows: "If you take advantage of a girl's grief at losing her dad and sleep with her a lot, she will fall in love with you after 25 episodes."

    Honestly, ask yourself: how many genuine, emotionally intimate moments have we seen between Scott and Chloe? Maybe one in last week's episode when she finally confronted him about their "relationship"? Let's face it: Scott's in this to get some action, and that's about it. While he does confront a lot of these feelings during this episode, I hardly think his eventual revelations are enough to justify that ridiculous ending.

    The bottom line: Their whole relationship up to this point has been based on sex. Sex != Love. Eli needs to grow a pair.

    I was SO hoping Scott would die in this episode. I cheered when Chloe let herself get stung. Once I realized they were both going to live, i screamed in blind rage and pounded my fist into the coffee table repeatedly.

    It's still a mystery to me why I continue to watch this. I loved SG1 and Atlantis, but I simply can't get behind a show where almost all the characters are just plain unlikable. Hopefully everyone gets killed off next week, and Gen. O'Neil magically appears and takes command of the ship for the remainder of the series.

    Failgate Universe
  • Disgusting! On the other side of the universe all they have are toxic plants that cause allucinations? No black holes, no other sort of lives, nothing new in Destiny, not a challenging adventure, not a common enemy, no new devices, nothing!?

    Disgusting! On the other side of the universe all they have are toxic plants that cause allucinations again and again? No black holes, no other sort of lives, nothing new in Destiny, not a challenging adventures, not a common enemy, no new devices, no nothing? You gotta be kidding me! This will end once and for all the STARGATE series! That is truly a shame! SG1 and Atlantis were so amazing, but SG-U is really throwing away all the gorgeous work done before! In this way, I doubt there will be a third season of SG-U! That is really a pity! They could explore an inffinity of things being in a total unknown zone (almost another universe), and all we see is almost the same thing every week. Too bad! :-(
  • An all time low for a mediocre series.

    Look, why do I watch SciFi programs? Remember that question.
    When Lt. Matthew Scott is infected by a 'Triffid' he creates a reality/dream world where he is about to be married to Chloe Armstrong. His mind creates roles for the crew of Destiny in his dream that help him make sense of his relationships with them in the real world. I think that's what it's about!
    This episode is as dull as ditch-water, mind-numbingly tedious and to put it bluntly boring. And apart from the bit at the end, which I won't spoil, does not advance the plot one jot.
    So back to the question, why do I watch SciFi? Why don't I watch all the soaps? I'll tell you why: To avoid dross like this. I don't care about how Scott feels about his relationship with Eli. NOT INTERESTED. Look, how many people watch SGU for the relationships between the characters and how many watch for action-packed and exciting science based stories? And yet the production team gives us this crud.
    So, no exciting revelations about Destiny. No mysterious aliens. Just soap. Well I wash my hands of it. Goodbye SGU.............
  • Another episode about a toxin that makes you hallucinate?

    Another episode about a toxin that makes you hallucinate? I was hoping that after the first season they'd realise they needed to make serious adjustments to the stories and story telling methods, this episode is so bad someone needs to be fired.

    What happened to the sense of fun SG used to have? What happened to the crazy stories and sense of purpose?

    The only reason I continue to watch SG:U is because I'm sure the producers will eventually realise their mistakes and make a real SG series out of this mess. This episode makes me seriously worry for its future.
  • Pointless Episode, that doesnt fit in with the general storyline

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
    Pointless Episode, that doesnt fit in with the general storyline. With all the problems they have going on the ship, why are they out exploring?

    Two characters shouldnt been on that mission also
    -Chole should be in some kind of quarantine and
    -Rush would never go on the mission becuase of current work with Destiny's Bridge systems.

    Very poor work from the writers. Do not waste time watching this episode.

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
  • Very bad episode, has nothing to do with Stargate concept and the plot is more like soap opera than sci-fi.

    Definitively, a very bad episode, the analogy between marriage fantasy and attack of alien plant in reality has no sense, even considering the relationship between Chloe and Matthew. If I want to see a soap-like series, Gossip Girl could be a choice. I think Stargate Universe lost completely the concept of a sci-fi series on this episode, not to mention the Stargate idea. And why one alien pathogen would be immune to alien plant from another planet? Why this idea wouldn't apply to humans? After all, we are from an alien plant to every other species. Seems that writers didn't have a clue about the episode finale, and came with a card behind the sleeve that has no justification what so ever.
  • Lt. Scott becomes infected by a deadly spoor offworld and begins hallucinating about a life back on earth where he is getting married while his team on the alien planet attempts to save his life.

    How the mighty have fallen... a plot disgracing of what we've come to expect from the Stargate Universe, and with some of the worst acting moments I have ever seen. How many times have our heroes in SG1 and SGA dealt with such very similar situations with far more dramatic and believable storylines? Did their compatriots ever give up so easily on Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, John Shepherd or any other member of their team? No rebuffs that this is different because of the age of the characters and radically different circumstances of the SGU premise (I've been giving them that excuse for a whole season now); what we've come to appreciate and love about the Stargate Universe and indeed about many great television series like Stargate is the commitment to ideals higher than those we often act out here in our mundane, selfish, survival-first society. Couple that with some of the most contrived line readings ever captured on film (i.e. Chloe's self-sacrificing wounding and following moment with Eli--"They weren't going to let me stay") and it's near impossible to stay immersed in the story, or indeed the Stargate Universe itself. No, this has all the earmarks of a poorly-thought, contrived teen drama written to forcefully elicit an emotional response from a mindless mass; and worse, it fails so horribly not only at that simple goal, but it does not even attempt to move the season's plotline further--and in a season only 20-some-odd episodes long, you can't afford that kind of 'artistic' masturbation SGU might be an attempt to bring the young adult market into the Stargate Universe, but at what expense? Good storytelling should never be the cost. It denies the entire point of storytelling and it's insulting to its audience.
  • just an awfull episode

    just an awfull episode this TV show is very much starting to reminds me of Star Treks Deep Space Nine. Delivers very little by way of entertainment, boldly bumbeling along where no man has bumbled before, I'm very disapointed.

    Rush, what is he doing,and how can they ALL be so blind to it, surly some one would ask him questions when he disapairs for long randome periods?

    They come across one of the advance ships which puts star gates on planets in front of them. So far so good but now according to the story line they have this ship flying behind Destiny, so how is it they are finding planets with start gates on them as they go forward seemingly in front of the stargate ship???

    The whole stargate story is slowly falling apart isant it :( I can see a disapointing end comming as with Lost. I'll continue to watch for now but this TV show is losing my interest fast
  • Average person who is watching TV is stupid.

    I just simply don't understand what is so bad with this episode. OK, I understand that some viewers hate episodes like "Life", "Pain" and maybe even "Sabotage" and "Pathogen", but I simply can't understand them why they hate this episode.
    As stargate fan I watched stargate sg-1, and stargate atlantis. I did really loved stargate sg-1, and first 3 seasons of stargate atlantis, but I hated last two seasons of atlantis. There were just to much filler episodes and episodes like "Identitiy" which is to me without a doub the worse episode on stargate ever. And now I'm reading reviews for this episodes, and I'm asking myself what is wrong with people? It seems like viewers only understand shooting and blowing things up. Such a shame.