Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2010 on Syfy

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  • What is going on with this show? How SGU differs from SG1.

    To start off, today's plot is a cliched one used many times before in the Stargate franchise. But why this SGU episode differed from the ones from earlier shows was in the execution. The Prime examples for these are two classic episodes from SG1 season 1 "The Broca Divide" and "Brief Candle". In both of those the plot was an SG member being infected with a supposedly deadly parasite/illness but the difference was that they used in a much better way. The characters were more plausible and could be related to. Even though the plot was a bit overused, the characters and their interactions made it interesting and fun. The whole dialogue between Teal'c And O'neill in "The Brica devide" "Lucy, I'm home" was hilarious. Those episodes though they were fillers were still enjoyable to watch. In this SGU ep the whole hometown drama was too much and also painful to watch and it seemed to me as if the producers are trying to make the story serious and in the process over doing it. You don't have to make the story this depressing in order to give the viewer a feel of realism. Compared to this supposedly "more realistic looking" Stargate show, the original SG1 ends up looking more real than this entire put up melodrama that SGU is. I seriously can't imagine how a franchise which gave us so many enjoyable characters and stories in SG1 and SGA get so bland and tasteless; and to tell you the truth I am not enjoying it anymore. SGU better get their game up and their heads screwed the right way or they will be canceled before the season is over.

    P.S.:- The Sad thing is that these fellows had now an entire season to realize this. And if they still haven't, (even though my inner SG fan is screaming 'no')I think its better if the show ends up getting canceled after all. I mean there are better sci-fi shows like "Fringe" out there that might be getting the axe this season. This situation for a Stargate show is pathetic.