Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Every week I pray for characters to get killed. I am once again disappointed.

    Maybe it's just me, but after watching this show religiously for the last season and 5 episodes, I've come to realize that there are simply NO characters I truly like or respect.

    Most of the military personnel (Young and Greer in particular) come off as gung-ho, impulsive, domineering jerks. They consistently disregard advice from wiser consultants (civilian scientists) in favor of their own testosterone fueled plans, which seem to be geared more towards showing all the weaklings "who's in charge here" than actually accomplishing anything effectively.

    Dr. Rush, while miles more intelligent than the marines, apparently was never taught how to interact with people, and as a result just comes off as a jerk as well.

    Scott is a back-woods airheaded redneck in uniform who happens to have a nice six-pack that the cameramen just can't get enough of. His character consists of sleeping with every episode. Apparently all the sex they have has magically converted into a full-blown, emotionally committed relationship now. What a load of crap.

    Chloe is a confused, childish, and ignorant girl. She likes having sex with Scott a lot, and the writers make sure to remind us of that fact every chance they get. She is the very picture of the average 18-25 year old girl - impulsive, belligerently oblivious to logic, and way too obsessed with "hot guys in uniform". (Yes, I am one of "those nerds" who has suffered - like Eli - at the hands of girls like this, so my opinion is biased)

    Eli is the only character in the show who doesn't drive me nuts, probably because he's the only one who doesn't consciously make decisions that he knows are going to irritate or hurt other members of the crew. He's smart, respectful, and modest. This said, he's terrible at standing up for himself. He basically gets pushed around by everyone, from Chloe's appalling disregard for his emotions (after he saved her pathetic life on several occasions) to the civilian scientists snapping at him like he's an idiot for suggesting some radical solution to an urgent situation. Simultaneously, his greatest strength and weakness is that he's one of the few people on board who DOESN'T want to be "in charge". (Don't even get me started on that asian lady, Camille)

    In any case - this episode [SPOILERS]...

    The message of this episode is (as far as I can tell) as follows: "If you take advantage of a girl's grief at losing her dad and sleep with her a lot, she will fall in love with you after 25 episodes."

    Honestly, ask yourself: how many genuine, emotionally intimate moments have we seen between Scott and Chloe? Maybe one in last week's episode when she finally confronted him about their "relationship"? Let's face it: Scott's in this to get some action, and that's about it. While he does confront a lot of these feelings during this episode, I hardly think his eventual revelations are enough to justify that ridiculous ending.

    The bottom line: Their whole relationship up to this point has been based on sex. Sex != Love. Eli needs to grow a pair.

    I was SO hoping Scott would die in this episode. I cheered when Chloe let herself get stung. Once I realized they were both going to live, i screamed in blind rage and pounded my fist into the coffee table repeatedly.

    It's still a mystery to me why I continue to watch this. I loved SG1 and Atlantis, but I simply can't get behind a show where almost all the characters are just plain unlikable. Hopefully everyone gets killed off next week, and Gen. O'Neil magically appears and takes command of the ship for the remainder of the series.

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