Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 17

Common Descent

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2011 on Syfy

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  • why on erath do they think its agood idea to cancel it?

    stargate is the best scfi seirs ever ive watched all of sg1 4 times it was tht good and atlentis 2wice there the bestsci fisi ever saw then they brought out univse so many posiblitys it in the name uninvs the univse is infinat they could of kept it going till the actors died and even then they could just replace them not as good but it would be able to get going agian greatest show ever can't belive there canceling
  • How does THIS get cancelled?

    Seriously, this is not only an excellent episode in it's own right but it also brings together elements from previous episodes that lesser shows would just leave hanging. One of the things I loved about Babylon 5 was how they treated continuity, bringing plot points from previous episodes back into the light rather than forgetting them like most sci-fi shows do, and it's great to see Universe doing the same thing.
    Aside from that the story of this episode is both intriguing and entertaining, not to mention the potential for future development.
    I ask again, how the hell does THIS get cancelled?
  • Oh my RUSH!

    SGU is without a doub one of the best sci-fi series in decade. There are just so many intresting plotlines and there is alwasys mistery present, which is just great. Viewers must keep asking themself this questions: who made the drones? what is hidden message all about? Where are all Novas people? And that's something that definetly makes SGU superior to Stargate Atlantis, and I even dare to say SG-1. I know that SGU was canceled due to horrible ratings and I don't blame Sy-Fy, bicouse I think that space sci-fi on TV is in huge crisis at the moment.

    So, let's talk about episode. Episode was just perfect. Great drama, fantastic action, mistery, intresting plotline and great acting. I also think it was very funny Rush being the demon and Futura :D The kino videos from 2000 years were great too. I am looking forward to see what happened to Novas people. And I know that remaining episodes will end SGU with blast.
  • Yet another good episode, good Sci-Fi action and more story to entrigue those possibilities.

    How could they be cancelling this show ? The only reason it took so long to take off was because they spent too much time in the early days focusing on the "character" back story, in reality you can only really put this down to robert carlyle. Him being such a big actor, allowing him and others to flex their acting chops rather than focusing on the show itself. But they are now getting into delivering really good sci-fi episodes and theyve cancelled the show ? If MGM dont want to continue developing it then they should allow another network or whatever to continue producing it.