Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 11

Deliverance (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Big on action, so plot takes a back seat.

    After the big build up at the end of the last episode, this one doesn't disappoint. While not big on depth or plot, what we get instead is plenty of action, something SGU doesn't do all that often. We find out that Chloe called the blue aliens in to help, which seemed the most likely option after the last episode. I was expecting them to come in, destroy the drones and then go try and take Destiny again, so I was pleasantly surprised they struggled with them just as much.

    It was sad that the remaining Ursini sacrificed themselves fairly pointlessly, but the drones make an interesting enemy, faceless but with no chance of bargaining. A little like the Borg, before they got neutered. The little moment with Greer and the drone is priceless.

    I was a little disappointed that the blue aliens 'fixing' of Chloe seemed so sudden and anti-climactic, although why she kept her maths skills isn't obvious, but could be interesting. The other slightly weak link was the fact that the two 'geniuses' on the ship realize they could re-program the drones long after the audience had.

    We see Rush softening somewhat, using honey to catch bees instead for a change and even admitting to Chloe his view of universe is now somewhat more spiritual.

    Now we've gotten the annoying Chloe transformation storyline over with, on to bigger and better things hopefully (well, in the remaining episodes we have).
  • Yes, this ia good episode...had some classic stargate action with some new stuff

    What is there to say aobut this episode. Stargate had obviously turned around and put some of SG-1 and Altantis type action back in mixed with meaningful and decent storyline.

    I liked how we used our enemies to save us, quite funny in an ironic sense to see that happen. Rush has finally realised he won't get anyone to do what he wants when he is grumpy. His new play act shocked me at first as I thought he was actually complimenting some one on their work and abilities. Of course in reality he just wanted them out the way so he could get on with it.

    I take particular note of Griers reaction to first seeing if the drone is alive, just touching it quickly and backing off. It was quite good how they all acted as though it was some kind of sleeping animal like a lion instead of some inert machine.

    Chloe finally getting some help was a relief too but not for the reason some may think. Just like everyone I am glad to see the whole Chloe saga finished for the min. It was dragging on a bit too far and in a way I wish she'd just die already but now that she is healthly again I feel happy with the outcome.

    I do feel bad about our new friends dieing though. Would have liked to see them survive and especially the seed ship to see if the others would have used it to get home.

    Overall a decent episode had some ironic humor in it and was tense enough to keep you watching. Very good.
  • Good, but nothing more

    This episode was second part of last year's episode Resurgence. Episode was quite fast and we also met 3 races. Blue aliens, Ursini and drones(if we can count them as a race). This episode was fantastic in aspects of technical stuff. Special effects were absolutely amazing, shots of alien ship and shuttle were great, and explosions on Destiny almosts seems real.

    Weak side of the episode is story. Story seemed a little strange from time to time, we could easyly say that there were some plot holes or strange actions. Blue aliens helping Cloe seemed strange and illogical. Why would they help Cloe? Why didn't they want Destiny more in this episode? There is one more thing that is strange. Ursini's suicide seemed unnecessary and out of nothing. All in all enjoyable episode with some strange story parts
  • It's finally back!

    It's a shame that this is the start of the final 10 episodes or the last quarter of the series if you will. I really liked season 1 but the writers have just stepped things up so much this season and it's sad we won't get to see more of the great story telling that has been presenting itself this year. I am pleased that we only had to wait 3 months this year as opposed to the 4 last year for new episodes. I'm also glad Syfy decided not to burn off the final 10 episodes in a one day marathon like what they did with Caprica. That at leats shows they have some respect remaining for this franchise. For the people who don't really care for the drama aspect of the show this episode had some great action and visual effects from the get go. I'm really liking Chloe's arc this season and I hope it wraps up before the finale. While Rush is still a sneaky bugger I think the crew is really rubbing off on him in a positive way. He's being more compassionate, especially towards Chloe and her situation. I think this is a good step for the character. But it'll be interesting to see if he keeps it up.
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