Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 12

Divided (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Just more of the same lame nonsense!

    I don't mind you guys enjoying this, yet, for my part there are just too many flaws and too much nonsense in there.

    Already the civilian uprising was rather not convincing and plain stupid! Even kindergarden kids would have planned this better. When it failt in the end, it was rather ashaming to watch: civilians go down on their knees because the guys with the guns said so ... in between: Greer pointing his gun at ascientist because he does not following his order. I really wonder what this nonsense show teaches our children!

    Supposedly in love with Scott, she has no problems with him being sealed off with the other militaries. Here the writers had a good chance to throw in a little bit drama, yet, they failt! Thumbs down for that!

    How convenient, the militaries only have to grab the 2 space suits, walk a little bit in there (a minute or two), then enter the civilian's part of the ship through the whole that was cut by the aliens last episode ... It appears as this entire 'DIVIDED' had only been written to make the people hate each other even more! Thumbs down for showing humans only from their worst side since this show started!

    During the winter break, the crew must have done some exploring since they are aware of an ancient research lab on the ship. Sadly, it only is used as decoration again, so, that the civilians have a room which they can use as command center ...

    The alien's attack was sooo lame! Even the very first version of ASTEROIDS 4 decades ago was more exciting!

    - only a few flaws of many -
    All of a sudden, they use the stones to bring a doctor on board who can perform a heart surgery but they never thought of bringing someone with ancient knowledge on board? Thumbs down for this!

    They not only find enough material but are also smart enough to manufacture tools and utilities for this heart surgery? Thumbs down for this!

    The medic has no problems removing the device planted right next to Rush's heart after the stone connection breaks down? In fact, she acts like she has done this a million times already. Thumbs down for this.

    it looks like the writers have no interest at all in creating something memorable. Instead, they simply seem to make things up as they go along. How come that they always offer the most convenient solutions?

    I wasted already more words than I wanted to!
  • Stargate Universe continues to show it is simply a collection of ideas stolen from other Sci-Fi shows without any of the craft that made them great - this week's theft...mutiny

    I had high hopes after the episode from last week that we would start to see larger story lines from this show. However this episode was a giant leap backwards.

    For anyone watching this show who also watched the excellent Battlestar Galactica it is very clear that the writers have no fresh ideas of their own and are simply going to steal all of their plots. Added to this is that fact that they have no idea how to provide any real tension and that characters seem to change their motivations without any reason and you have one enormous mess.

    Chloe continues to annoy as she is quite happy to side with the civilian team rather than her military boyfriend. This is the same guy who has always supported her and comforted her when she was crying about her earth boyfriend moving on (at the same time she had...why is she so morally superior?).

    The part about the tracking device in Rush was good but why did this plot element only last 15 minutes and not span over several episodes. Plus suddenly a field medic is perfectly capable of removing said tracking device even after the doctor they brought on board didn't think it would be easy to remove...

    The mutiny itself was almost laughable and again unlike Battlestar this show seems desperate to end everything after 45 minutes (and fail to provide hard hitting endings to the characters involved). This lack of depth is one of the worst things as nothing is ever developed properly. What if the mutiny had lasted several episodes - or even been allowed to brew for longer?

    Again Battlestar along with many other and older sci-fi shows has done this much better and it feels like this show has already run out of steam only 2 episodes into the second half of its debut season.

    Flat characters along with dynamics and plots stolen from other shows will not last for long. Without a new showrunner and writer with something fresh to offer it would be the humane thing to simply allow this show to die. I hope that I am wrong and next week something will happen. But I doubt it...
  • Stargate Universe seems to be borrowing from Battlestar Galactica's play book with its civilian verses military storyline.

    The civilian verses military storyline doesn't work for me. This week's episode was a chore to watch. The civvies trapping the military on another part of the ship and asking them to disarm seemed clunky.

    Maybe because SGU hasn't got its legs yet or maybe because I want it to be Stargate and it clearly doesn't' want to be. Whatever, it's not BSG and it should drop the civvies verses military storyline quickly.

    The civvies are boring apart from Rush and Eli, so to focus on the others is to waste my time. We had the IOA (International Oversite Advisory committee) trying to take over Stargate operations in SG1 and SGA and it worked there but I'm over them. Let's move on and establish some solid mythology. I don't mind if SGU doesn't want to be all Stargatey but stop trying to be BSG.
  • Overall a little boring. Outstanding sountrack but questionable director/writers's choices.

    As probably already said, I didn't like much of the first 10 episodes. I thought "Space(2)" was going in the right direction, but one can't ignore the previous 10 episodes. That's what this show is about: the wrong people in the wrong place. So we're bound to have many eps where things just go wrong.
    One would have thought (hoped) that, in time, this ship's occupants would eventually learn to work together...but obviously that is not the writer's decision. so be it.

    This episode actually had a kind of fast-pace to it that I liked. I wasn't "on the edge of my seat" at all but I was glad to be little more interested than usual.

    The nightmare: very cliché but effective
    Rush become's Cloe's friend: not very believable Rush/Young confrontation: always the same. Young finds out but lets it rest: boring.
    They find the tracking device: very cool scene! Very sci-fi!
    The ancient lab: is not an ancient "lab" if it can control the entire ship.
    the shuttle: I didn't understand how come the docking clamps wouldn't work. Civillians taking over: it miraculously happened. I just wonder why the IOA girld keeps saying "this will be over soon enough". How will it? well we've seen how it did in the end.
    Eli/Chloe talk: good
    IOA girl talks to civillians: superficial and not very effective. "We need to stick together untill he remembers that" (military under civillian's command). That, especially in this situation, is exactly what's not going to all. Any primate would understand that.
    Surgical operation on rush: very well done up untill the end, when connection is lost (?) and operation is successful with little suspense (??).
    final speech: It didn't happen. Young orders everyone back in their quarters without any final speech. I guess we're going to get the speech next episode?
    "it's not over sir": A lot of people like drama that never ends. there were a lot of negatice comments on SG1 or SGA where, at the end of each episode balance is restored. in SGU it IS exactly the same. Balance is restored and people are back at hating or distrusting each other as much as before. This episode is a good example. Young could have given a speech where he condemned everyone or where he would get on his knees for his actions. Instead he lets things rest once again.

    Ending ep of the first half of the season was the only one where there could have been some actual change in direction. but now we're back at the start.

    I'll be pointing out details that didn't quite work out for me.

    1. we find out about Rush having taken a stone with him for "insurance". Then supposively the aliens learned how to use it and that's why Young found himself in the ship. The beauty of sci-fi is anything's possible. I'm just curious about details, though. How could people not notice there was a stone missing? Let's say "ok: they didn't notice": then why was the stone on one of the aliens walking freely on the ship and not in a "scientist alien" in a lab? Are the aliens so cool that even if you just "wear" a stone (we didn' see it) you get transferred? It happened in SG1, but that was far superior tech (anyway very different device).

    2. I'm not quite sure about transferring control of the ship to another room with the push of a button and a sort of "download" cliché. If it was that easy, how come they supposively have such a hard time gaining control of the ship in the first place? I need information to understand this.

    3. Three alien ships have tracked them through the device implanted on Rush I wonder why this time they didn't send any fighter to drop other tracking devices. Hell: they could have even boarded them if they wanted to! Think about it: Destiny already had enough problems in the previous episode with one boarding from just one wave of fighters. what about now there could be much more?
    Also: if these aliens are supposively so obsessed with Destiny, why attack it with big guns?
    I probably need more info to understand this.

    4. When Young sais it's ok for Eli to go to the other side he also sais that there is another way in. I think it would have been wiser for him to shut up and wait for Eli to go before saying they have another plan...I mean: the guy is about to go on the other side and what do you know: maybe he's willing to tell the others about your plan!

    5. The surgical operation: where did they find all those well-shaped tools to make it? Not on Destiny, I guess. did they bring them from earth??
    It would help if, at some point, they would gate to a planet with supplies of any kind but that's never happened so far. also: if the stones weren't working before how do they make them work now? I'd like to see that!

    One of the major problems with sci-fi is that you have to explain things to make them believable. Even a very brief explanation that is not necessarity scientifically correct will do. You can just show someone working on the stone device and go like "ok: I got it. The signal is back". Or Rush handing over the missing stone "to save my life". Whatever.

    Ok I've written quite a lot. Better go ;)
  • Great stories...

    It was going to be hard to top what we saw last week and although they didn't top it we were still given a very great story. I love all the tension between the civilians and the military. We've had Stargate charcaters dislike eachother in the past but there has never been so much hate thrown around as there has on this show. It certainly makes for some great entertainment. It also goes to show how much I hate Wray, she has really been getting on my nerves for the last few eps. I'm surprised no one has used the stones to tell anyone on earth what is going on, unless Chloe did when she went but that remains to be seen. Let's hope the awesomeness will continue next week.
  • They were attacked by an alien ships, meanwhile there was an uprising "of the mob" in the ship. Pretty solid episode with much of it going on...

    I like the episode, and the show, beside the actors! It was a good choosing of actors, but they just don't do it. There was on review that those actors aren't good at what they do, that was proven to be wrong. They needed that first few episodes to adjust and emerge in a role. But as the series moves along, I started to like them. I like the special effects, very nicely done, very real, very attractive. I have become an addict now, can't wait for the next watch those who moan for power, and those with altruistic motives for the greater good-what this show is all about.
  • too short

    So much is going on in this episode. Rush and Chloe have to deal with the momories of their abduction. Rush and Eli face off when Rush tries to take over the controls. Young and Scott are in danger of being vaporized. Tamara and some others of the military are locked up on the wrong side. One side holds the water, the other side the air. And then the aliens attack, and Rush undergoes bug-removing-surgery, and Chloes cuts him up, and and and ...

    Too much! This had to be a two hour episode. Because the one thing that was most interesting - the characters and their interactions - were lost completely among all this.

    An opportunity wasted.
  • Much better! Finally..a plot. I get it, Chloe is Summer Glau.

    I was wondering why the hell she was here in the first place. Not really a point in her character, except she looks just like Summer Glau.

    The Aliens did something to her, and she's going to be a bad ass, right? Well guess I'll just keep watching this box set until I find out, or get enough of Col Young and just cut the thing off.

    Other than the Serge, once again, the rest of the military are useless, and dumb. The scientist need to be more apart of this program, and less focus should be on the military persohnnel. Not sure if I like the whole Cloe-Summer Glau thing, but, it is what made Firefly awesome, and this is begining to look a lot like a Firefly ripoff/want to be.
  • A group of civilians led by Rush and Camille attempt to take the ship. A miscalculation by Rush leaves some control in Eli's hands. With the aliens attacking, the crew rushes to remove the last tracking device on Destiny before escaping into FTL.

    A disappointing, but entertaining second part to the first episode of this the second half of season one. The civilians on board decide to follow Rush and taking the ship from the military. Somehow one has to really wonder at the validity of such an action as this is something that Young, "a full Bird Colonel" is an expert at overcoming.

    It seems that the aliens who they dealt with in the last episode have been attacking Destiny for some time and the automatic defenses on the ship have been defending her from even before the humans arrived. Rush plans to put all the power into the shields and then hopefully get away from the aliens for good, but the information comes out that Rush himself has a tracking device in his chest after he led everyone to believe that the last tracking device was destroyed. Something that Young and the rest have to deal with.

    So we are left with a total distrust of the civilian population and one wonders how things will function going forward. Personal relationships are now strained as well as everyday relations. Not a good situation for a group of people stuck on a single ship on the other side of the universe together.

    An entertaining episode with a lot of action. Interesting script choice for an episode. We'll see what direction they take the travelers in the future. Thanks for reading...
  • Finally an episode that has a bit more to offer.

    I, for one, have been mostly disappointed by SGU so far. The show has yet to live up to its potential and has yet to really find its place and pacing.

    This episode, I feel, was a step in the right direction and I hope a turning point for the show. Lets hope that going forward we start to feel a bit more drama, the universe expands beyond the decks of the ship and we start to learn a bit more about what is in store for the trapped crew.

    Here is hoping that I am right and we get a bit more adventure in SGU. One can hope right?

  • Tracked by the marauding Aliens Destiny faces destruction while the rumours of the Colonels actions lead to drastic measures by the civilians.

    Now this is what i'm talking about. Another fantastic epsidoe of SGU. I loved the opening dream sequence and the increased use of colour and windows is breathing life into the show. The pace has remained fast and this episode is tense and dramatic.

    We are seeing the emergence of political factions and alliances, which are blurred by emotional attachments and ideaology. At this juncture it seems to me that the first 7 episodes should have been used as backstory and the show should have launched into this present arc of power struggles and alien attack. The added confusion and instant drama would have been a great way to wowser audiences.

    At any rate i feel that they managed to trim the fat two weeks in a row and deliver on a broader visual spectrum. Is there hope for this beast after all...?
  • Good episode but still.. too naive and Young is losing all his credibility.

    I most say, I loved how this episode was going. We all know sooner or later this will happen but I did not expected it this way.. The one thing, I did not expected from this episode was Chloe. She has been quite pointless and her kidnapping last episode looked like they just want something for her to do. But this episode showed there is much to come from her. Ofcourse, they want to make things more complex, but I liked Chloe "switching" sides and the whole thing that "Scott cannot understand me, Rush does". It was unexpected but I quite liked it. And if does really she went there to distract Eli, that makes her even more tricky than I expected. That's good.

    But the main thing on this episode - the coup. First of all, I like the idea but I do not like how the writing and directing was done. BSG did similar storyline episode had hit the nail. SGU did not.. Rush and Camille did not think it through. It looks like everything in SGU world does seems not to have any consequences. Rush managed to get away with planting gun. Young managed to get away leaving Rush to die. They both seems to try get read of each other but none of them have the courage of doing it to the end. They try to build tension and show the hard choices the chars have to make. And sometimes it works, but majority of cases, it ends up being to naive and childish, building some tension and atmosphere, but always leaving the feeling like there could have been more.

    There were great scenes. Loved when Young walked into the lab and threatened to shot Rush. But we all knew it won't happen. I loved Chloe vs TJ. I loved Eli on all this.. like on the moment Young ordered him not to do anything Rush says.. Rush telling him to stop. It was interesting why Eli is making his choices. He is sticking with military and Chloe is not. So.. great char moments. But the way things went. It was sure military would take it back and I loved Scott reminding that we have to live with those people tomorrow.. but I really wonder how they will do that? And I wondered how they managed to do it without any shooting? I mean, if those civilians so believed in their cause and their right, then why did they let it go so easily? And how Rush or Camille never thought about the possibility they come with guns? And the way Young ended it.. "pretending" it did not happened. They all will carry it with them and that Young lets it go like that.. Rush and Camille will try again.. that's sure.. and he knows it too.. He should have shown he is in charge.. So.. not too much logic but..

    So.. if thinking overall, some illogical decisions, little bit too much nativity but when comparing with other SGU episodes.. on my top 3, for sure..