Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 12

Divided (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Just more of the same lame nonsense!

    I don't mind you guys enjoying this, yet, for my part there are just too many flaws and too much nonsense in there.

    Already the civilian uprising was rather not convincing and plain stupid! Even kindergarden kids would have planned this better. When it failt in the end, it was rather ashaming to watch: civilians go down on their knees because the guys with the guns said so ... in between: Greer pointing his gun at ascientist because he does not following his order. I really wonder what this nonsense show teaches our children!

    Supposedly in love with Scott, she has no problems with him being sealed off with the other militaries. Here the writers had a good chance to throw in a little bit drama, yet, they failt! Thumbs down for that!

    How convenient, the militaries only have to grab the 2 space suits, walk a little bit in there (a minute or two), then enter the civilian's part of the ship through the whole that was cut by the aliens last episode ... It appears as this entire 'DIVIDED' had only been written to make the people hate each other even more! Thumbs down for showing humans only from their worst side since this show started!

    During the winter break, the crew must have done some exploring since they are aware of an ancient research lab on the ship. Sadly, it only is used as decoration again, so, that the civilians have a room which they can use as command center ...

    The alien's attack was sooo lame! Even the very first version of ASTEROIDS 4 decades ago was more exciting!

    - only a few flaws of many -
    All of a sudden, they use the stones to bring a doctor on board who can perform a heart surgery but they never thought of bringing someone with ancient knowledge on board? Thumbs down for this!

    They not only find enough material but are also smart enough to manufacture tools and utilities for this heart surgery? Thumbs down for this!

    The medic has no problems removing the device planted right next to Rush's heart after the stone connection breaks down? In fact, she acts like she has done this a million times already. Thumbs down for this.

    it looks like the writers have no interest at all in creating something memorable. Instead, they simply seem to make things up as they go along. How come that they always offer the most convenient solutions?

    I wasted already more words than I wanted to!
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