Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 12

Divided (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Good episode but still.. too naive and Young is losing all his credibility.

    I most say, I loved how this episode was going. We all know sooner or later this will happen but I did not expected it this way.. The one thing, I did not expected from this episode was Chloe. She has been quite pointless and her kidnapping last episode looked like they just want something for her to do. But this episode showed there is much to come from her. Ofcourse, they want to make things more complex, but I liked Chloe "switching" sides and the whole thing that "Scott cannot understand me, Rush does". It was unexpected but I quite liked it. And if does really she went there to distract Eli, that makes her even more tricky than I expected. That's good.

    But the main thing on this episode - the coup. First of all, I like the idea but I do not like how the writing and directing was done. BSG did similar storyline episode had hit the nail. SGU did not.. Rush and Camille did not think it through. It looks like everything in SGU world does seems not to have any consequences. Rush managed to get away with planting gun. Young managed to get away leaving Rush to die. They both seems to try get read of each other but none of them have the courage of doing it to the end. They try to build tension and show the hard choices the chars have to make. And sometimes it works, but majority of cases, it ends up being to naive and childish, building some tension and atmosphere, but always leaving the feeling like there could have been more.

    There were great scenes. Loved when Young walked into the lab and threatened to shot Rush. But we all knew it won't happen. I loved Chloe vs TJ. I loved Eli on all this.. like on the moment Young ordered him not to do anything Rush says.. Rush telling him to stop. It was interesting why Eli is making his choices. He is sticking with military and Chloe is not. So.. great char moments. But the way things went. It was sure military would take it back and I loved Scott reminding that we have to live with those people tomorrow.. but I really wonder how they will do that? And I wondered how they managed to do it without any shooting? I mean, if those civilians so believed in their cause and their right, then why did they let it go so easily? And how Rush or Camille never thought about the possibility they come with guns? And the way Young ended it.. "pretending" it did not happened. They all will carry it with them and that Young lets it go like that.. Rush and Camille will try again.. that's sure.. and he knows it too.. He should have shown he is in charge.. So.. not too much logic but..

    So.. if thinking overall, some illogical decisions, little bit too much nativity but when comparing with other SGU episodes.. on my top 3, for sure..