Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 12

Divided (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Stargate Universe continues to show it is simply a collection of ideas stolen from other Sci-Fi shows without any of the craft that made them great - this week's theft...mutiny

    I had high hopes after the episode from last week that we would start to see larger story lines from this show. However this episode was a giant leap backwards.

    For anyone watching this show who also watched the excellent Battlestar Galactica it is very clear that the writers have no fresh ideas of their own and are simply going to steal all of their plots. Added to this is that fact that they have no idea how to provide any real tension and that characters seem to change their motivations without any reason and you have one enormous mess.

    Chloe continues to annoy as she is quite happy to side with the civilian team rather than her military boyfriend. This is the same guy who has always supported her and comforted her when she was crying about her earth boyfriend moving on (at the same time she had...why is she so morally superior?).

    The part about the tracking device in Rush was good but why did this plot element only last 15 minutes and not span over several episodes. Plus suddenly a field medic is perfectly capable of removing said tracking device even after the doctor they brought on board didn't think it would be easy to remove...

    The mutiny itself was almost laughable and again unlike Battlestar this show seems desperate to end everything after 45 minutes (and fail to provide hard hitting endings to the characters involved). This lack of depth is one of the worst things as nothing is ever developed properly. What if the mutiny had lasted several episodes - or even been allowed to brew for longer?

    Again Battlestar along with many other and older sci-fi shows has done this much better and it feels like this show has already run out of steam only 2 episodes into the second half of its debut season.

    Flat characters along with dynamics and plots stolen from other shows will not last for long. Without a new showrunner and writer with something fresh to offer it would be the humane thing to simply allow this show to die. I hope that I am wrong and next week something will happen. But I doubt it...
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