Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Arriving at the devastated home world the crew of Destiny discover a bunker complete with supplies and medical information that could drastically improve the lives of everyone on board.


    Well, it seems that we are just about at the end of the stargate rope - and the only ones to blame are the creators of stargate - for trying to have their cake and eat it too.

    I read recently someone said the show probably would have survived if they hadn't called it stargate - and this is the real kicker - they're probably right.

    Calling the show SGU automatically got all the old fans involved and automatically alienated those who avoid scifi. My partner is the 2nd type - avoids scifi - but sat down and watched this episode with me out of boredom - and guess what - enjoyed it. But it was conditional enjoyment - the drama was what was enjoyed and the comment was made that the show needed more drama!!! OMG - i wanted to quietly throttle someone.

    For the first 12 months this show was all drama - and the audience they reached out to with the name SGU dont want the drama. So i conclude yes - the name of the show was its death warrant.

    If they had called it Destiny, just Destiny, people could have had the chance to give the show a go without preconceptions. I mean, have the stargate and all that but dont call it stargate. i.e. Caprica.

    Dont get me wrong - i would have walked away from the show earlier without the stargate name - but i wasn't the audience they were looking for. Instead, they did the only thing they could and brought more science to the fiction - further alienating the true audience the show was aimed at - the same audience that is obsessed with the WWF.

    But alas, this is all too late - the show is gone. And probably all hopes of US space based scifi for the foreseable future. Dont discount the Europeans yet - their currencies are growing stronger so investment from the UK could see us in space again soon.

    I digress, for anyone thinking about watching this show - skip to episode 7 - Time - and watch from there.

    I admit - it is a pity because the show has become exceptional in this last season - and this has to speak volumes about the ratings system and or the target audience - SGU dropped to 680,000 viewers at one point recently - even though the show is the best its ever been.

    Download and watch it in 720p and be amazed at the rich colour palettes and effects. It is beautiful.

    Oh and to the writers and producers of these shows - we like humour, science, action, adventure, complicated stories and meaning in our plots. What we dont like is random sex scenes or over dramatised interaction. Why did you have to do the sex thing? I have a large family and i know for a fact that most friday nights for members of my family with their own families is spent watching stargate with the kids solely because there is no sex in the show. Silly Billy's.

    Overall - SGU will be remembered as a failed experiment - but a noble one. The show is rewatchable and the shortness of its seasons means it will become a treasure to many, like Firefly, i'm just sad because it could have become a legend like TNG.

    Wanna save the show - tell everyone to watch the last 2 episodes - everyone - that's you America - switch over for one hour and make 1 million people very happy.
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