Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2010 on Syfy
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Destiny stops near a planet with an abundance of food and water but its countdown clock isn't running.

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  • So the doc is pregnant, what next?

    Yes what next? So the ship comes out of FTL. I understand the stop, the move around the sun, but at what speed? Impulse is far faster than that, maths? What maths? On to another exceedingly slow episode where yet again hardly anything happen, character development has been over done and done to death! All plot has been lost, all that is left is a boring bunch of messed up people travelling in space on a ship which has been battered by a few aliens from previous episodes, where have they gone?

    Shoot the creators and higher some new ones please.moreless
  • Better episode, but disappointing show alltogether.

    I don't understand what happened to the SG franchise. SGU tries to be like a BSG, but fails miserably. This story line has so much potential, but the episodes are so slooooooooooow and boring. It needs a little more life and excitement in it. What about exploration? They might as well be trapped aboard a submarine. Either the show is starting very slow or this is what we can expect for the following seasons to come, in which case, I don't anticipate it will be around much longer. I hope the producers of the show see all the feedback and do something about it.moreless
  • it was ok...

    Yeah this episode was entertaining enough. overall there wasn't really any moment when I was bored: therefore thumbs up for that (huge improvement since 1st half of the season).

    Also noticed no use of the stones: thumbs up for that as well.

    Good ol' SG1 has had planty of canadian woods and so we get them here as well. It's ok because science fiction is about imagination too. I don't need to see painted trees to feel I'm on another world.

    Nonetheless I wouldn't have minded some.. huh.. adventure. I loved the whole idea of the solar system created by an alien race. It's too bad that they decided not to talk much about it or even explore. But I guess that takes more budget (?).

    I liked the interactions among the characters but I wonder: they're on another planet and they saw a piece of tech: how about some research? Even to find out there's a shield that doesn't let them through.

    In fact towards the end Young tell Rush he's sorry he missed "the aliens". I am sorry too, since a great idea for a good episode has gone wasted.

    some things that, as usual, bugged me

    1. things look to work out little too smoothly since last ep's "almost mutiny".

    2. Destiny drops out of FTL for a reason we probably will never find out

    3. there are no animals on the planet. There's no way even if this planet has been created artificially plant life similar to Earth's woud exist without animal life as well. 4. a large amount of people is sent on this mission. Why?

    5. when the shuttle lands on the planet, the grass doesn't move (hehehe)

    6. people seem very efficient at fixing ships but if I was one of the tech guys I'd be more pressed on making the stargate work to dial back to earth.

    Been bothering me since the beginning: they almost never work on getting back.

    7. there is a shot made by the kino-camera of them playing soccer on a grass field. How come they didn't use the kino to explore the obelisk? That would have been safe...

    8. they show a beam of light coming out of the obelisk and yet they only speculate.

    9. who remained on that planet?moreless
  • Destiny drops out of FTL into an unchartered and mysterious solar system. A strong and emotional addition that is light on action, but in no way boring.

    Faith or Family - i can't decide which would have been a more appropriate title for this installment.

    Harking back to its earlier story telling style we see a slower paced episode that is full of emotion, hope and wonder. And i'm not complaining.

    Pleasantly surprising this epsidoe reigns home the need for connection between people and the planet that usually sustains them.

    Of note is the use of original music - they seemed to have found their volume control and the use of music is delightful.

    It occurs to me that SGU is a lot like firefly and that is the biggest compliment for any sci-fi show.


    Revolving around T.J, the resident medic, we see the toll of living on a spaceship and its effects on the inhabitants of Destiny. No sunlight, no fresh air, no fresh fruit or water, and especially no day night cycle. Physiologically and psychologically the challenges the crew of Destiny face are sinking in. It is revealed that TJ is pregnant with the Colonels child but the motif of the episode was actually about family - how the military are trying to be less authoritarian and how the civilians are responding to something they've not been given before, a voice.

    Talk about God & a planet put before them as a life-line gets lost in the stir of emotions as we see both sides of the crew (military and civilian) bonding.

    Once again the cgi aspect was fantastic, in particular the shuttle landing and when it is flying to the obelisk was a treat.

    An unexpected twist for me was the Ray and Eli combination. Moving Eli away from Rush was a nice change and seeing Eli and Ray on the couch discussing those on the planet gave me faith that the show has finally found its footing.moreless
  • finally it`s getting better

    everyone is back in character. rush is rush again and so is Young and i`m happy. furthermore i feel like Camile, the third stabilizing force in the show, has really emerged and things may go the right way as now she is closer to all the action and is able to better grasp the situations. i don`t think she`ll be fooled again into rushed decisions. the feel of the show was a nice change of pace. the scenery was amazing...i totally understand those who didn`t want to leave but still i hope to see them again (running from some flash eating aliens or maybe implanted with some mind control device coming after our guys). the doctor`s story came out of nowhere just like Scott`s which is not the best idea from my point of view (you can`t get that anemic from one day to the next)it seemed a little fake. i almost forgot about the two scientists repairing the shuttle. loved how one said terrible while the other great and for the same reason(glass half full half empty). Also i liked seeing them repair the ship and explore, it made it look more real. despite what others said i like Young just as he is. i don`t see why he should be tougher. this is not a normal situation he can certainly cut some slack to people when needed and he also needs to live on board of the ship with those people so it`s not the best option to turn them into enemies. except for that Rush thing (so out of character i can`t even understand) he always seemed to be the good guy looking out for everyone and everything. well we`ll watch and see.moreless
Robert Carlyle

Robert Carlyle

Dr. Nicholas Rush

Louis Ferreira

Louis Ferreira

Colonel Everett Young



Camille Wray

David Blue

David Blue

Eli Wallace

Brian J. Smith

Brian J. Smith

1st Lt. Matthew Scott

Jamil Walker Smith

Jamil Walker Smith

MSgt. Ronald Greer

Julia Benson

Julia Benson

2nd Lt. Vanessa James

Recurring Role

Patrick Gilmore

Patrick Gilmore

Dr. Dale Volker

Recurring Role

Jennifer Spence

Jennifer Spence

Dr. Lisa Park

Recurring Role

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    • Young: Listen to me. The civilians aboard this ship didn't try to take over because they thought I wasn't doing a bang-up job. I get that.
      Rush: Well, good for you.
      Young: I also get that I have to make this work. So I've ordered my people to make a special effort. I would like to do the same, even with you.
      Rush: Wow. That must have taken quite the effort.
      Young: You have no idea.

    • Johansen: It's like a kiwi. I'll take it back and do an analysis.
      Greer: I'll do one right now. (takes a bite)
      Johansen: Greer!
      Scott: What the hell are you doing?
      Greer: Oh. That is nice.
      Johansen: We don't even know if that's poisonous.
      Greer: We will.

    • Camille: You think it's, uh, possible to create a star?
      Eli: No way. Now, being transported to a ship on the other side of the universe is... that's totally different.

    • Young: I'm sorry you didn't get your wish.
      Rush: What wish was that?
      Young: Aliens advanced enough that they could build a star system. Finally, someone you could have a decent conversation with.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Eli: Like the Genesis Device. Ah, the end of Wrath of Khan.

      Referencing Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982). The movie features the return of a villain from the original series episode "Space Seed", Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban) who both seeks revenge on Kirk for his imprisonment, and desires the Genesis Device, a prototype capable of remaking a planet's surface in an extreme version of terraforming.