Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 09, 2011 on Syfy

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  • everyone wants to recreate battlestar gallactica

    Notice how every sicifi show and reboot tries to bring it BSG? The drama the politics etc etc. They took a perfectly fond childhood favorite memory and turned it into dramaporn. It is disgusting.
  • Anyone remeber the Pilot?

    In reference to the review titled "Egos, Egos, Egos!" by Rickgh:

    Did you watch the pilot?

    Were you aware that no one had ANY idea what the destination of the wormhole would be once the Stargate was activated using the final chevron?

    The "crew" of the Destiny were refugees of the base which was about to be destroyed. They had to go through the gate, or die. Written as a classic case of 'Didn't expect to wind up HERE when I got up this

    The Colonel was in charge because he is the ranking officer that made it through the gate. The rest are who they are, and would not have passed the screening for this type of mission anyway, most likely.

    Let the dysfunctional chaos begin!

  • Egos, Egos, Egos!

    This show had a lot of potential but what the heck happened? The characters that were supposed to be good were just the most annoying in science fiction history!

    Colonel Young: An unhinged, psychopathic, paranoid drunkard. Turning to drink when he should have been taking sensible command. Ruling everyone as if he were Saddam Hussein's long lost son and not above attempted murder on several occasions as well as engaging in breaking the Geneva convention on torture and the treatment of prisoners (And fellow crew members!). One can only hope he faces a Court Marshall and 25 years in prison on his return to Earth. How he got to be a Colonel I don't know - perhaps it was the enemy that promoted him? After all his cycle of vicious jealously and violence continued throughout the show and was most unbecoming of any kind of leader.

    Eli - What can I say? It's a good job he didn't go in a stasis pod - his over-inflated ego wouldn't fit in! I've never seen such a needy, self-centred, praise drunk character ever. Sycophantic to anyone that gives him the slightest bit of praise and assuming that when anyone ever says the word genius, they must be talking about him! God - get over yourself kid. The only reason you're there is because you solved a puzzle in a computer game! His concentration was lacking - you reckon you can fly the ship through one of the most dangerous stars and you want to hop out half way through to open a door because saving someone who was daft enough not to get out of a dangerous situation in time, will make you seem more of a hero. There are other members of the crew who can do more than you! His character's lack of maturity in the face of the situation really got irksome. As for putting footage of how he was a founding father in his documentary - Ooooh me, me, me!

    The majority of the soldiers seemed to be blindly violent with everyone and incapable of taking responsibility. After all it was one of the soldiers on Destiny's crew that ended up killing TJ's baby by attacking a gun toting Lucian and spinning him around while his finger was on the trigger! As well as their extreme violence to unarmed members of their own crew when they tried a, relatively, peaceful coup. Another round of Court Marshalls back on Earth?

    The scientists, all in all, seemed just a jealous, argumentative lot. Probably all trying to get Nobel prizes before the others.

    Chloe - someone who was pretty superficial, going for the 'pretty' soldier. She did, however, finally grew a pair. Everyone on the reviews was saying 'How could she side with the civilian coup when she should be supporting her boyfriend' but obviously missed the fact that she rightly realised that the psychopathic Colonel had beaten one of the most intelligent members of the crew to a pulp and tried to murder him by leaving him to starve to death on a barren planet and lying to the crew about it. The same one that was willing to hand her over to aliens to save his own skin. She rapidly became one of the most likeable characters for me.

    Rush - the only character I actually really liked. The anti-hero. Sneaky, behind your back, attempts to discover Destiny's mission and thirst for knowledge aside (Hold on, wasn't that actually the whole point of the mission to the ship?) he was the only one who actually had the grasp of the big picture. He saw that Colonel Young was in no condition to be mission commander and actually did something about it (And ended up being a victim of that trademark violence). He realised that if someone has been infected with an alien disease you may have to cut that person's arm off to try and save their life. He realised that the life of one person daft enough to get themselves trapped while you try to fly the ship through a dangerous star may have to be sacrificed in order to save the entire ship and the rest of the crew fighting for their lives on a planet below. He also calmly took a chance which saved that person's life. Plus he saved Chloe from the aliens. Not just saving a fellow crew member but also ensuring that those aliens did not get information from her. Plus going undercover and withstanding torture at the hands of the Lucians to help prevent an attack on Earth. Well he had been beaten up several times by 'Mission control' so I guess he could take it. Really he seemed more of a cool, calm mission leader with the ability to actually make the hard decisions, without trying to second guess himself, better than any of the military (Shouldn't that have been the other way round?).

    All in all a show of egos. Perhaps it should have been called 'Stargate: Universal Sized Ego'. What could have been a good show really missed the mark and that's probably why it ended after just two seasons.

  • Hmmmmm..............will it be contiune on some stage?

    I wrote down one review already about this series and it wasn't good one. As one of the reviewer said before - it took 27 episodes to make it good series. Some series don't even last that long so I don't know where writers find idea that they have some much time to waste. Good, old style Stargate type series started somewhere in the middle of this season. Just when they cut soap opera style, all drama and flashbacks. And exactly when it start becaming interesting, when You was able to attach to some characters they cancelled the show. Luckly it was made that way that there's a chance to revive it. An I hope someone will do it soon and exactly in the manner like last 10 episodes.
  • I guess i was looking for more being that this was to be the very last episode, but is it?.....

    I kind of have a feeling that they left it this way so that there is always a possibility of reviving the show or blending it into something else.

    After all the crew are off to sleep for 3 years and left us with will they drop back out of FTL on time before the ship runs out of power?

    Will Eli get another Pod working? That part is the worst part to leave a fan thinking about....what about Eli!

    Who knows... Even though Atlantis finished abruptly after flying all the way back to earth and into San Francisco Bay we still seen the likes of Mr Woolsey and Dr McKay in SGU....... Though it would have been nice to know what happened to Ronan, Taylor and others. Most fans were happiest when both SG1 and Atlantis were running sisde by side in Seasons 9&10 in SG1 and 1&2 in Atlantis....i'd vote that we have something like that back again, where you can get crossovers...happens in shows like CSI as well.
  • Did you Notice?

    Season 2 got it right, where season one failed.

    The bickering , backstabbing, bed hopping soap opera style drama, was ripped up and they started again.

    Just a pity they lost all the viewers from 15 seasons of previous stargates due to the drivel that was season one.

    Season two is spot on and to be honest for a cancelled show it was a better ending than i had expected.
  • In the thrilling conclusion to the Destiny's travels the crew make peace with their own Destiny as they say their last good bye's.

    In the thrilling conclusion to the Destiny's travels the crew make peace with their own Destiny as they say their last good bye's.

    * warning - spoilers ahead *

    In an episode that ended way too soon we see Destiny come face to face with her demons. The crew have no choice but to run the gauntlet and drop-out in a system to gather desperately needed food and water. Knowing that the Drones will be waiting for them a distraction is devised to buy them the time they need to gather their supplies.

    Meanwhile - preparations are made and goodbye's said as the crew decide to enter suspended animation in a risky venture to completely evade the dreaded drone menace.

    Touchingly we see the vulnerable side of many of the crew as they seek out their loved ones for a, perhaps final farewell. One beloved character is able to slip the bonds of her ailment in a magic moment and regain her lost sight.

    It is this side of SGU that made it exceptional and perhaps lost on the masses.

    Finally, a sacrifice is made by one of the main characters - their fate left unknown - as the remainder of the crew slumber for at least three years.

    This episode had me jeering during the first half and in tears for the majority of the last half.

    Left with so many unanswered questions this was most absolutely the finale it wanted to be, the only finale it could be... but it also conveyed the sense of hope of renewal for the series - as the story lines were not wrapped up - but merely frozen in time.

    I dont think anyone could have asked for a better story to close the books - not just for SGU but for the Stargate Universe itself.

    It was with an awful gut wrench that i watched the credits begin to roll and the realisations began - for not only was SGU over, or Stargate for that matter - but in a way this finale spelled the end of an era.

    There will be no more new trips through the gate for any of us and i started to realise with the mortality of the show - my own mortality. I guess when you grow up with something you start to take it for granted - and i feel it will be some time before the general population realise the absence, unfortunately for us fans, we all feel the pain now.

    SGU - for all its troubled first season became a true gem and regardless of the reasons and the blame - it is over. But, we should be grateful to have had SGU at all and i know this show will take a treasured place in my collection forever.
  • A decent episode but a pretty unsatisfactory series final.

    Ok I admit 5.5 is probably a little severe but coming off such an excellent run with the last three episodes I found this to be an abysmal disappointment. It contained elements of a decent finale but for those of us interested in something even approaching a resolution to the plot it was a complete flop.

    The same formula of over-dramatic, drama for the sake of drama, dull, slow paced and plotless drivel that caused the series to be cancelled came back full force in this episode. I genuinely enjoyed the end scene but it REALLY didn't need to take 45 minutes to get there, the fact that they are in space and "it's so hard on my social life" has been established and established and established, we don't need to see 20 minutes of earth visits!

    I have seen comments comparing this episode favourably to the final of Atlantis where the entire thing was rushed into a conclusion which was downright insulting. In that regard I agree, this is a much better resolution. But the producers of this show had ample warning that the series was ending, 10 episodes is more than enough to establish an appropriate and satisfactory ending. Instead we get RUBBISH "filler" episodes like "the hunt" and the entire series culminating in a perpetual mid-series cliff hanger. So I suppose I will ask that you excuse the rating, it is my opinion of the wrap up of the series rather than the episode itself.
  • Roughly fourteen years, not counting the movie, the stargate was part of television.

    Now, the most recent and probably last installment was cancled. Stargate: Atlantis was rushed in the end to get at least minimum closure of most story arcs and I am glad they didn't try it with Universe.

    The way they finished it, it doesn't feel like it is actually finished. Stories are still untold.
    On the other hand we are not leaving in the middle of action, it's just put on hold, waiting to be unfrozen.

    The really sad part; if this had been just a seasons final, I couldn't have waited to see how this unfolds at the new seasons premiere.

    Well done.
  • So many questions?

    #what dose eli do
    #dose he surive
    #how dose he survie
    #do they make it
    #do they ever run into the drones agian
    #do they ever get home
    #whats at the end of destineys route
    #do they ever use the naqudria planet to dial destiney
    #do they ever try any thing else
    #who where those aliens that made the soular system and returned the crew to the ship that then died
    #do they find a cure for 1st Lt. Tamara Johansen the way they left omg eli was stood there we did't see if he did it died or anything huge opening for it to start up gonna miss it but im sure there gonna do summit maybe one of the movies or start up one of the sesons maybe a new season but prity hard to compet with the name stargate univse i mean it has univse in it where else can they go?....
  • The SGU finale is not as sad as SyFy cancelling the show

    For a couple of seasons we got a different Stargate Universe and travelled with the Destiny through a very different concept that at the same time made many hardcore gaters mad as many Sci-Fi fans enthralled with it.

    I am not doing a recap on the finale, by the way, which I can say was entirely moving for all of us that have been following the series from the start. I just hope that the Sy-Fy channel take a look at what they have been doing in recent years letting down us fans of the genre by cancelling shows abruptly.

    If they are in for the filthy lucre they could as well entirely close the channel and dedicate to reality shows.