Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 09, 2011 on Syfy

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  • In the thrilling conclusion to the Destiny's travels the crew make peace with their own Destiny as they say their last good bye's.

    In the thrilling conclusion to the Destiny's travels the crew make peace with their own Destiny as they say their last good bye's.

    * warning - spoilers ahead *

    In an episode that ended way too soon we see Destiny come face to face with her demons. The crew have no choice but to run the gauntlet and drop-out in a system to gather desperately needed food and water. Knowing that the Drones will be waiting for them a distraction is devised to buy them the time they need to gather their supplies.

    Meanwhile - preparations are made and goodbye's said as the crew decide to enter suspended animation in a risky venture to completely evade the dreaded drone menace.

    Touchingly we see the vulnerable side of many of the crew as they seek out their loved ones for a, perhaps final farewell. One beloved character is able to slip the bonds of her ailment in a magic moment and regain her lost sight.

    It is this side of SGU that made it exceptional and perhaps lost on the masses.

    Finally, a sacrifice is made by one of the main characters - their fate left unknown - as the remainder of the crew slumber for at least three years.

    This episode had me jeering during the first half and in tears for the majority of the last half.

    Left with so many unanswered questions this was most absolutely the finale it wanted to be, the only finale it could be... but it also conveyed the sense of hope of renewal for the series - as the story lines were not wrapped up - but merely frozen in time.

    I dont think anyone could have asked for a better story to close the books - not just for SGU but for the Stargate Universe itself.

    It was with an awful gut wrench that i watched the credits begin to roll and the realisations began - for not only was SGU over, or Stargate for that matter - but in a way this finale spelled the end of an era.

    There will be no more new trips through the gate for any of us and i started to realise with the mortality of the show - my own mortality. I guess when you grow up with something you start to take it for granted - and i feel it will be some time before the general population realise the absence, unfortunately for us fans, we all feel the pain now.

    SGU - for all its troubled first season became a true gem and regardless of the reasons and the blame - it is over. But, we should be grateful to have had SGU at all and i know this show will take a treasured place in my collection forever.