Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 09, 2011 on Syfy



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    • Eli: We did it.
      Young: Fantastic.
      Camille: What'd they do?
      Young: I have no idea.

    • Johansen: Well, I know it seems unfair, but sometimes you have to play the hand that you're dealt.
      Chloe: Why do I get the feeling you're not just talking about Lisa. There's still hope, for her and for you.
      Johansen: ALS is a death sentence, Chloe. You know that. And it's not going to be pretty. It'll start with muscle weakness and cramping. Then I'll have trouble walking, talking, feeding myself. and eventually full paralysis will set in. But my mind will be unaffected. I'll be a prisoner trapped inside my own body. Like I said, you play the hand you're dealt.

    • Eli: Colonel, you have a minute?
      Young: I know it sounds like a crazy idea, Eli, but I was actually thinking of getting some sleep. So, unless you have some genius idea to solve all our problems...
      Eli: As a matter of fact, I do. But you're not going to like it.
      Young: Well, that goes without saying. I am notoriously hard to please.

    • Eli: I feel like I've abandoned you.
      Maryann Wallace: You haven't abandoned me. You're living your life. I mean, it was hard when i didn't.. when I didn't know where you were or what you were doing. But now I understand. You don't have to be here, Eli. I just, I just need to know... are you happy?
      Eli: In spite of everything, yeah, I am.
      Maryann Wallace: That's good enough for me.

    • Park: Don't even think about it.
      Greer: What?
      Park: Volunteering to be one of the eight. I know you are.
      Greer: Maybe I would if it came to it, but I wouldn't ask seven others to do it with me, and I don't think Colonel Young would either. I mean, the way I see it, we all came here together and if need be, we'll all go out together.

    • Scott: All right, Colonel, how about a toast?
      Young: Really?
      Scott: Yes.
      Young: All right. Right now. Well, uh, we've been through a hell of a lot together, that's for sure. I guess it'd be easy to dwell on everything that we have lost, but I think today I would rather think about what we still have, and maybe what we've gained. We're, uh, a family now, whether we like it or not. Sons, daughters, sisters. Even the slightly crazy uncle who, despite everything, manages to come through for you in the end. (everyone but Rush chuckles) You are the smartest, bravest, most compassionate people that I have ever had the honor to serve with. To family.
      Everyone: To family.

    • Rush: We're going to need you on the other side.
      Eli: Oh. I'll be there.
      Rush: You know, maybe I haven't said this often enough, Eli, but you do have... you do have tremendous potential. I'd hate to see you throw it all away.
      Eli: I'm not. anyway, what's the point of having potential if you're not going to step up when you're really needed.
      Rush: You've come a long way from that video game slacker I discovered a year ago.
      Eli: Thanks. You've been pretty consistent.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: May 10, 2011 on SPACE
      Australia: May 13, 2011 on SCI FI
      Germany: June 8, 2011 on RTL II
      UK: June 13, 2011 on Sky1
      Sweden: November 5, 2011 on TV6
      Czech Republic: February 20, 2013 on FANDA

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