Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Ghost in the shell ...

    Both, Rush and Eli lost their love interests on the episode Malice earlier this season and now they are both back, kind of.

    After falling asleep on duty at the transfer stones Chloe switched places with Ginn who died after her body had been killed by Simeon in Malice. As we learn later, Ginn hasn't really switched with Chloe but has overtaken her consciousness and they begin to switch back and forth until later Amanda Perry joins in as well. In the end, Rush finds a way to remove both Ginn and Amanda and uploads them into the ships computer core.

    This episodes gives us an explanation what happened to Rush after he gained access to Desiny's bridge. Apparently the 'ghosts' of his wife and crew member that appeared to him over the time is actually the consciousness of the crew member who died in the ship's chair in season one. Why he appeared as his dead wife and how he knew what form to use is still a mystery.
    What I liked is that Eli kept to his own principles when he stopped himself kissing Ginn in Chloe's body even though it must have been like chrismas for him kissing his dead girlfriend in the body of a girl he has a crush on. In Malice he stopped Rush from getting too intimate with Amanda Perry in Ginn's body as well.

    In the end, Rush and Eli both get their loved ones back even though they are now only part of Destiny's computer. Let's see if the last few episodes are enough to get them new bodies again.
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