Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Ever lost someone you really loved? Rush must re-live a personal tragedy to unlock Destiny and faces his own regret over past choices. Wonderfully written & directed, this is a sublime adventure into love and loss.

    I cant go on without SPOILERS...

    Truely heartwarming, we travel back to a time in Rush's life when he first meets Daniel Jackson and is told about the Icarus project. Disturbing at first, Rush seems despondant and removed from the reality he is in. His wife is dying and he, it seems, is on the verge of a mental breakdown. We find out that Rush is actually using the Ancient Chair Device aboard Destiny and that he chose these particular memories with a purpose.

    Tortured with personal guilt for choosing to work on the Icarus project while his wife lived the last of her days - Rush calculates the loss of these memories as an acceptable way to escape his guilt.

    The Ancients, however, have an enlightened surprise for Rush - the key to the puzzle of unlocking the Destiny lies with his dying wife and his most painful memories of all.

    At the other end of the known Universe an away mission goes awry when along came a spider...

    Although it was good to see the stargate in use the planet was too earthy, the Spider was too spidery (8 hairy legs, multiple eyes on its head) and the dialog too predictable. As for the Spider, it was the size of a dog but it could walk on the ceiling??? Also after they've been exploring the tunnels for a while they decide it's time to head back - spider comes - tunnel collapse and somehow they are just metres from the entrance. This lack of attention to detail is disturbing - i think they need a few more technical advisors on the show. While i'm making cat sounds - what is the purpose of the "steam clean" around the stargate. I can't imagine the relevance!

    Chloe assuming an anthropological role was dissapointing. I know that they need to give her character something other than a bikini wax but the way it was delivered was slap-stick. I do feel that giving Chloe the Jackson makeover will be great news for the show as it means we will start running into ruins in future episodes.

    So far Universe has been great with the questions and shy about answers. Such as, the only plausible explanation for the "earth like" planet the team are marooned on is that some Alterans (Ancients) were aboard the gate seeding ships and some got off to settle down. Otherwise the spidery Spider and Greco-Roman ruins are just going to bug me. All-in-all a wonderful episode and by far my favourite for the season.
  • Fantastic!

    This was one of my most anticipated episodes for the season. Mainly due to Michael Shanks guest starring and being able to see into the mind of Rush. I must say that Robert Carlyle did a fantastic scting job in this episode, the man really can't do wrong. While most of the focus was on Rush we did get a little adventure with Scott, Chloe, Eli and Greer which will set up the next episode. I'm not sure if it was just me but did anyone else notice that Young seemed to have more of a sense of humour? He was smiling more in this episode than any other I've seen. Which is good you may as well try to joke around a bit. The only thing that seemed missing was Wray, whether or not she was on earth I'm not sure but if she was there you'd think she would have some input to the Rush situation. ANother great one, next week looks awesome with the Alien Dinosaurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I Think SGU is finally living up to its name

    This show had a rough start for sure and since the 2nd 1/2 of the season its been kinda hit and miss but this episode finally nailed it. What they were lacking was some real off-world excitement. This time they finally put together a 4 man team and cut the bull#$%@. Thats what theyre out there to do is explore and learn regardless of their situation on destiny, and i think they finally realize thats what the show needs. Besides finally getting some excitement on the planet we got to see some nice past info on rush. It really shows how hes a good person but has just been consumed by his work. Overall i would give this episode a 9.5 but i rated it 10 to help the show out ;P .. Also chloes moment when she just went all nerdy and pulled a dr jackson was just epic i cant wait to see what happens next week.
  • Solving...

    I had very high hopes toward this episode and I am not even sure why they failed.. as I expected more.. but looking back.. it was good episode.. but I hoped for great one.

    I loved the choice of music and the elements. I mean.. it had beautiful scene building techniques.. those simple things that put emphasis on certain things. I totally adored the visual and symbolic side of Rush reliving his past. I loved that classical music there. I loved the little crazy look he had and those conversations with Daniel but in the end.. where it all lead? Quite dead end.. That was thing I did not liked. Maybe I missed something or..

    The things on Destiny. I do not know.. little contra versa feelings. Young acting weird but.. I am already expecting him to do all the different kind of things.. change his mind.. But am I the onlyone or.. I think they maybe.. went too far with Chloe. How did she ended up being so "educated" so quickly? I know, they want purpose for her.. but..
  • Hopefully one small step towards a better SGU.

    While all the stuff on the planet is fairly entertaining stuff, it's typical Stargate. Even if the end leaves them trapped on a planet, we've already seen how simply and unambitiously SGU tends to solve interesting problems.

    The main focus is Rush (Robert Carlyle) getting a chance to act more than his usual moody and shifty, with a trace of conscience.
    While what he is doing helps drive the plot on somewhat, it gives us some idea why he's the way he is and actually allows you to feel some sympathy towards him. Whether this is used in part to begin to turn him around and make him more than the show's 'Doctor Zachary Smith' is yet to be seen.
  • Rush transports back in time to the death of his wife, and learns a clue that may help gain control of the ship.

    While Rush is trying to learn how to gain control of the ship by reliving the tragedy of his wife's death, some of the other crew members explore a planet which has remnants of an ancient civilization that look like something from the Roman era. The crew members are trapped in a series of tunnels that they are exploring when Sergeant Greer fires his weapon to kill a very large spider which causes the tunnel to collapse. Colonel Young sends a detachment to aid Sgt. Greer, Chloe, Eli, and Lt. Scott to escape from the tunnels, but the blockage is too severe and there is not enough time to get them out. Consequently the ship moves on leaving the four stranded in the tunnels. Meanwhile Rush returns to consciousness aboard the ship and may have gained a valuable clue to the control of the ship, which they will need if they are to save their crew members that were left on the planet trapped in the tunnels. **The shows since the break have been great. Seems like the series is starting to find its rhythm.
  • way to go! nice job!

    Yeah: that's the stargate fans would like.
    I'm still far from loving it but this was definitely a good episode.

    Sorta reminded me of the Daniel Jackson's episode where he's dying but also ascending and learning about himself.
    I really appreciated rush's character on this episode. It's really a breakthru since I hated him so far...and not because his character is bad...but because of the acting.
    Jackson's cammeo was entertaining as well.

    Also very nice action/drama on the planet.
    Nice that they got a team and nice dialogues.

    I did not go higher on the score for a few things that bugged me

    1. They're on the other side of the universe and yet we keep seeing many too familiar things. As for instance the ruins which look very earth-like. supposively Ancients never got here and it's a little far-fetched to think that they managed and even built a civilization...something more "alien" would have been better.

    2. the bug (spider), although very nicely done was not a good choice. Still better than some sand...but little oerused in horror and sci-fi. Also here something more "alien" or uncommon would have been better.