Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Ever lost someone you really loved? Rush must re-live a personal tragedy to unlock Destiny and faces his own regret over past choices. Wonderfully written & directed, this is a sublime adventure into love and loss.

    I cant go on without SPOILERS...

    Truely heartwarming, we travel back to a time in Rush's life when he first meets Daniel Jackson and is told about the Icarus project. Disturbing at first, Rush seems despondant and removed from the reality he is in. His wife is dying and he, it seems, is on the verge of a mental breakdown. We find out that Rush is actually using the Ancient Chair Device aboard Destiny and that he chose these particular memories with a purpose.

    Tortured with personal guilt for choosing to work on the Icarus project while his wife lived the last of her days - Rush calculates the loss of these memories as an acceptable way to escape his guilt.

    The Ancients, however, have an enlightened surprise for Rush - the key to the puzzle of unlocking the Destiny lies with his dying wife and his most painful memories of all.

    At the other end of the known Universe an away mission goes awry when along came a spider...

    Although it was good to see the stargate in use the planet was too earthy, the Spider was too spidery (8 hairy legs, multiple eyes on its head) and the dialog too predictable. As for the Spider, it was the size of a dog but it could walk on the ceiling??? Also after they've been exploring the tunnels for a while they decide it's time to head back - spider comes - tunnel collapse and somehow they are just metres from the entrance. This lack of attention to detail is disturbing - i think they need a few more technical advisors on the show. While i'm making cat sounds - what is the purpose of the "steam clean" around the stargate. I can't imagine the relevance!

    Chloe assuming an anthropological role was dissapointing. I know that they need to give her character something other than a bikini wax but the way it was delivered was slap-stick. I do feel that giving Chloe the Jackson makeover will be great news for the show as it means we will start running into ruins in future episodes.

    So far Universe has been great with the questions and shy about answers. Such as, the only plausible explanation for the "earth like" planet the team are marooned on is that some Alterans (Ancients) were aboard the gate seeding ships and some got off to settle down. Otherwise the spidery Spider and Greco-Roman ruins are just going to bug me. All-in-all a wonderful episode and by far my favourite for the season.
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