Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 20

Incursion (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 11, 2010 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Kiva and her people wait in the Gateroom, and Johansen tends to the Lucian wounded. Young calls to tell them they'll be providing medical supplies as a sign of good faith. However, he wants to meet with Kiva to make the exchange, and she agrees. Young goes to the Gateroom with Greer, wearing civilian clothing, and tells Scott and his team outside to open fire. When Young arrives, Kiva meets him in the corridor outside and brings Johansen with her. Young claims that Greer is a medic and wants to exchange him for Johansen. Kiva has Johansen check the supplies and she confirms they are what Young claims. The power flickers and both sides draw guns, and Kiva and Young tell everyone to settle down. Young calls Johansen over to him, but Kiva warns that she'll shoot the medical officer if she takes another step. Johansen has no choice but to step back when Kiva informs Young that if she dies, her team will kill the hostages. Young orders Greer to stand down and Kiva retreats back to the Gateroom. She immediately kills one of the hostages, Rivers, over Telford's objections, and then has Johansen inform Young via radio of what she's done. Trapped in a distant part of the ship, Eli tries to keep Chloe awake. She wonders what Young will with the prisoners, and hopes that everyone is okay. Eli just hopes that it's over, and then picks her up and carries her onward in their search for a way back. Young goes to the control room and demands answers from the scientists. They admit that they don't know and he angrily tells them to get things fixed right now. He admits that Rivers is dead, and Rush notes that it had to be someone. When Young comes at him, the others restrain him and Rush notes that it could have been any of them. Young calms down and tells them to fix the ship. Koz, one of the Lucian Alliance soldiers, is sent to help Johansen operate on Varro. Meanwhile, Telford watches as Kiva's people haul Rivers' corpse away. Camille meets with Young and suggests that he surrender the ship. He refuses, believing that Kiva will kill anyone she doesn't consider of value to her. Kiva calls and asks to speak with Camille. She notes that Young can't be trusted, and asks why Camille let them plan an ambush. Kiva notes that Camille couldn't stop them, and warns that if she can't live up to her promises, she'll kill again. When Camille admits she can work with that, Kiva agrees to the prisoner exchange, four for four, and food and water for her people and the hostages. Camille has no choice but to agree. As they break off communications, the lights go out again for a few seconds. Young goes to see the scientists, who have determined that the crashes are occurring at regular intervals. They've confirmed that the ship is near a binary pulsar, which is giving off bursts of ionized radiation. The ship's shields are protecting them for now, but as the radiation levels increase, the ship draws more energy from the shields to protect itself. Their FTL capability has been compromised and they don't know why, and Rush warns that the shield will soon give out and they'll die. Camille contacts Kiva and tells her what is happening, and that they can only survive two more bursts. Kiva wants the trade first and then says they'll discuss the problem. She then asks to know what Varro's status is. Telford goes to check on Johansen, who is still operating with Koz. He tells her what's happening, and Johansen realizes that Kiva won't help. Telford says he'll convince her and leaves. Scott and his team get the prisoners ready for the trade. Johansen finishes operating and then staggers. Koz, concerned, checks on her, and she says that she's fine and has done everything she can for Varro. She updates Kiva and asks to see the other wounded, and the Lucian commander agrees. Scott goes to get Camille to help with the trade, and offers her a flak vest. She refuses to wear it, insisting it would demonstrate her lack of faith. Young is waiting for her and sees her, Scott and the others off. They enter the linking corridor and Camille tells Scott to stay behind. Brody seals the door behind them and Kiva arrives with her hostages. Kiva only has three hostages, and Rivers' corpse. She refuses to discuss returning Johansen. When Camille tries to negotiate, Kiva tells her to deal with the current crisis first or they'll have nothing to talk about. Once Kiva leaves with her people, Brody opens the door and Scott comes in. Both Scott and Camille wonder where Eli and Chloe are to be found. Eli continues to carry Chloe through the corridors, and she tells him to take a break as he starts to flag. She says he's a good friend and Eli jokes about her comment. He opens the next door and the section depressurizes from a leak in the corridor ahead. Eli manages to close the door before they're pulled out into space. Scott and Greer try to figure out where Chloe and Eli are, and Greer figures that Eli would take a bullet before letting anyone get hurt. Greer tells Scott to focus despite the danger to Chloe, and insists that Young will do the right thing when the time comes. Scott wonders how Greer can have that kind of faith, and Greer tells him to learn. Varro recovers consciousness and thanks Johansen for saving him. She notes that she would have saved him even without Kiva's threats, and tells him that she doesn't want to hear his thanks. With nowhere to go, Eli and Chloe sit and talk. Chloe admits that she used to think she had a lot of friends, but realizes that she didn't have anyone who really cared about her, and she doesn't care about them. She explains that until she met Eli, she didn't know what a friend really was. He's someone that will support her no matter what, and she insists that it's some kind of runners-up prize. Eli starts to talk but she already knows what he means. Looking around, Eli spots a console with power. He tries to call for power. The next radiation pulse occurs and Rush gets an idea. He suggests they only shield the top side of the ship that they are located, which will conserve enough power to maintain the shields and give them time to fix the FTL. However, it has to be done from outside the ship. As Scott and Greer prepare to go with less than 20 minutes, Camille explains the situation to Kiva. They need her to let them in so they can go through the hull breach nearest the shield array. Kiva agrees in return for control of ship systems. Telford goes to the damaged section to do what he claims is a security sweep. Once inside, he uses his hidden radio to contact Young. Meanwhile, Rush is complaining that they have no choice, and that Kiva will be glad to eliminate him first. Telford tells Young to surrender everyone but Rush and Brody, who should retreat to the auxiliary control room. He will then use the controls in the Gateroom and transfer control to Rush. Rush rigs it so that he can maintain control of the ship and make it appear that Kiva can control the systems. Telford figures that Kiva will put all of the prisoners in one compartment. Once Rush regains control, he can vent the atmosphere from the surrounding rooms. Telford then cuts off and returns before Kiva realizes something is going on. Young contacts Kiva and agrees to surrender. He asks for a guarantee that his people are safe and there is no retribution afterward. Volker reports that they've received a message from Eli. Rush has no choice but to continue with the plan. Eli gets a response from Volker informing him what's going on. Young transfers control and has his people surrender. Johansen realizes that Varro has torn his stitching. As she tends to him, he asks for a truce and warns that they'll have to get used to working together. The power flickers again as the next pulse occurs. Kiva opens the door giving access to the hull breach. With 46 minutes until the next pulse, Scott and Greer go out through the hull breach, while Telford slips away to complete his part of the plan. He's forced to shoot a power relay to free it, and the Alliance soldiers detect the disruption. Telford goes to the Gate Room where an Alliance soldier is monitoring the doors. He sends the soldier to deal with the power relay, and then starts control transfer back to Brody and Rush in auxiliary control. Scott and Greer get to the shield array and go to work. Kiva comes up behind Telford. He realizes there, and they both draw and fire their guns at each other. Rush realizes that the transfers have stopped. Greer is unable to lock the shield array. Scott contacts Young, who warns that they have only 14 minutes remaining until the next pulse. The two men work together to free the control and get the shield power transferred. Kiva's men find Telford and Kiva, both unconscious. Kiva's men take them to Johansen. Calvos, Kiva's lieutenant, assumes that Young has soldiers at large and takes him into custody. He takes command and refuses to drop the shield over the breach. Scott and Greer are trapped outside. In auxiliary control, Rush hears them on the radio and tells them he'll find them another way back inside. He checks the schematics and finds an airlock in an unexplored section of the ship. Rush tells them to head for the front of the ship, but Scott and Greer insist they don't have enough time. With no other option, the two other soldiers head for the airlock. Rush sends a message to Eli saying he has to go and get the airlock open. Eli tells them where Chloe is and kisses her, saying that she knows how he feels and to remember that no matter what happens to him. He then runs off. Young and Camille are tossed in with the others. Calvos then has the civilians moved to another compartment. Varro demands to know what he's doing and Calvos says that he's going to put an end to the situation. Johansen refuses to treat Kiva unless Calvos stops. The injured Destiny crewmen try to fight back, and Varro and the others are forced to shoot them. In the aftermath, Varro finds Johansen lying on the floor. Brody realizes that Greer and Scott aren't going to make it. Eli runs through the ship to the airlock. Chloe passes out. Varro examines Johansen and discovers that she's been hit in the stomach by a stray bullet. Calvos' men prepare to shoot Young and the other soldiers. Young looks up as the power flickers due to the radiation pulse.