Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 20

Incursion (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 11, 2010 on Syfy

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  • What an end to this season! Very annoyed that they left it as such a massive cliffhanger! But not too long to wait for Season 2

    Wow! So many plot lines left in the balance! Maybe too many...

    It seems as though they had so much they wanted to get into the Season, the crammed in a tonne of stuff and then realised they didn't have time to conclude anything. Perhaps this was the plan from the outset.

    It is a shame the didn't add some of this tension to some previous episodes! Some of them felt like fillers to pad out the series. I think they need to have a big review of the way they decide how the next Season pans out.

    One the whole, a great Season! Can't wait for the next!
  • Action, atmosphere and tension building up for a grand... credits roll.

    Will SciFi (I refuse to spell it SyFy) never learn? You do not leave cliffhangers on the season finale. By the time the conclusion comes out at fall (if at all), the whole momentum of the arc is quite gone, a lot of things are forgotten and all that a 30 second recap at the start of the episode can do is just stir some murky memories. Just when the whole Battlestar Galactica personal emotional touchy-feely started working for Stargate. Just when Young is at his best, Grier developed a brain and Eli is something more than the show's fatboy stereotype filler - all this will be gone. And when the conclusion comes, the viewer is thrown into the action with the ever so slight feeling that they missed an episode. This is not a way to make sure fans will watch the next season. If this one ended well, they would still eagerly expect the next one. But no, let's resort to chea parlor tricks that not only spoil the meal, but leave a bad taste in the mouth.
  • Very enjoyable!

    Despite a glaring plot hole (just vent the atmosphere until they pass out...) and the pulsar coincidence, this episode was very entertaining. The investment the writers made in characterization are beginning to pay off, allowing a level of complexity in the decisions being made that the black and white oversimplified Stargate shows of the past couldn't rise to. If not for the sloppiness of the aforementioned plot holes that could've been eliminated with a little more creativity, I'd have given this episode a perfect score. By Syfy standards, these oversights were trivial. Often a show takes a while to find its rhythm, and I'm hoping that the balance will not swing too far back to some of the earlier "saying goodbye" episodes.
  • Not the best but definately worth the stargate name

    This episode, to be honest, started out...okay. But then as time went on it just got better. The ending was a real "Titanic" moment as well just showing young looking up as, so it seemed, the lucian alliance were gonna kill them. It really showed a part of him too, a proud but defeated individual who has been beaten by the trials of Destiny.

    I liked how things didn't go to plan how nothing became simple. That is probably the biggest change I like in this show is that the outcome to problems seems realistic. I.e. they don't suddenly in one episode defeat 30 replicator ships and an entire planet and it's not as simple as a-b-c.

    I thought this show was just another BSG but tbh I think it's more of plausible version of it which makes it unique not only in comparison to BSG but also to other sci-fis. The storyline is believable and the characters show a different facet each and every episode. In this particular episode (and the one before) we saw many new facets of "the big three" but that's also the good thing is that these facets build on the initial character not divert from their personality back at the beginning.

    I was just like everyone else at first saying why stargate has taken the route of drama but I see now. When you watch the show you really feel there. And with this episode I felt as though I was there.

    I also liked the cliff hanger. It was not an obvious one, very rarely do you see "the good side" down and out.

    This episode is also a lot rougher and tougher than many stargates before it, this is a facet I have seen of the series in general. Some say it's bad, I personally like the "not so perfect" world they live in...reflects our own.
  • Great moments, but can we get on with the story?

    Spoilers ahead.

    So the finale doesn't really do that much except push the SG group further into the mess. Then it tries to leave us hanging over the fate of the main characters - who we're all 100% sure will be back next season. After the last few episodes I was hoping for more resolution seeing as this is the 3rd part, so I was a little disappointed.

    I still like how well the Lucian Alliance are being portrayed, not the usual "all talk, no threat" type of villain and for the most part they are a good match of the SG crew. Kiva's simple execution of the hostage after Young's ruse was all the more shocking as SG and most SF shows usually aren't that realistic and brutal. The pulsar being the cause of the disintegrations is wonky science, but it lends an extra factor to the episode that without, might have been too simple.

    The split second Telford/Kiva confrontation was awesome and loved the misinterpretation of it. The fleeting image of Destiny silhouetted by the pulsar also gave a great sense of awe - we need this kind of stuff more often. SGU has moments like these two, I just wish it would stop worrying about alienating those who came just to see Stargate they're used to and give us this more radical show we keep seeing glimpses of. We still look on course for some kind of SG/Lucian Alliance team-up, especially as we actually begin to see some of their group developing characters beyond cannon fodder. I hope they hit the ground running in the new season.
  • Growing tension

    Ok.. This episode really was building the tension as high as it can. It looked like 30 minutes in, that now will come the cliffhanger ending and it.. but it still went on.. it still build more tension and got stakes higher. The thing that bothers me with the way storylines went, is that I see the storylines going for second season as division between Lucian Alliance people vs Earth people, so quite similar to season 1, only with tension between each other.

    I loved the whole thing with Rush, sending him away, giving him the change but I am sure, Eli will be the saver.

    And the last scenes.. everyone in danger.. and poor Telford. So much of him. Now everything Young did to keep him alive, seems pointless.
  • The Lucian Alliance foothold is in stalemate. Destinys FTL drive is down & her shields are failing as she looms near a deadly pulsar. Will Destinys crew find a way to repair the damage and repel the invaders - or is their time aboard Destiny up?


    The finale for the season leaves us with the following questions - will TJ and her baby survive, will Grier and Scott make it back inside in time, what will happen to the crew of Destiny & how will they retake her?

    Rush, in his usual role of Devils advocate goads Young into making the declaration that he will save all the hostages and retake the ship - in a surprising turn-about we've already seen the death of at least one hostage and the complete surrender of control of Destiny to the Lucian Alliance.

    Typically stargate has given us technological miracles and unspoken pre-planning that more often than not is the undoing of the bad guys - and it was great to see all the SG plans fall apart. Although - the timing was annoying that the pulsar always affected them at the most critical moment.

    However, with plenty of tense moments and the trip through the unexplored parts of the ship this episode was exciting and intriguing. The final scene with Young watching the lights flicker is a good image to carry us into the next season. However, the slow motion running at the end wasn't my favourite part of the show - sorry, but it was almost laughable watching Eli run in slow motion and really broke the tension for me.

    The quiet moment between Eli and Chloe when they discuss their friendship is a credit to the new direction of this show. However, I really dont like the fact that SGU is looking backwards to old enemies (from SG1). With Kiva likely to die - it feels to me that this episode was geared specifically to introduce new characters (from the Lucian alliance troops) that will eventually become part of the Destiny crew under SG command. Lets face it, the ship lacks any real Hunk Factor (in the Indiana Jones sense) But this sort of plot transparancy is getting annoying. I'm laying odds that the Lucian Alliance guy T.J stitched up becomes a regular next season and probably at least 5 of his mates.

    Overall this is a fantastic end to the season and discounting the first 7 episodes - SGU is actually quite engaging and i'm eager to see the next installment.

    Why haven't they covered Fire yet? We've had all the other basic elements. Bring on the Fire.
  • I'm just not sure this plot works...

    I liked some previous episodes where we got to meet actual aliens (well crafted too!).
    Last ep. when we find out the lucian alliance is interested in destiny I got little suspicious about this plot but wanted to see the end to find out what happens...before I judge it.
    I'm just not sure why the lucian alliance is interested in Destiny. I mean: what do they get out of going on a trip with no return? And why is this ship so important?
    The premise of the 9th chevon being used was exploration: something SG teams would do. But I'm sure had they known where it would take them they would have hesitated on embarking.
    So why would the lucian alliance go to destiny? Exploration? I don't think so. Wait: maybe they knew how to get back? nope: they didn't even know how to get in (had to be helped by Rush).
    So I don't get the premise of this plot. A nice "aliens found us again oh-my-god-what-do-we-do-now" episode would have been a better cliffhanger. Even though I admit it would have been more usual.

    It doesn't even feel like much of a cliffhanger to me. Sure young's execution would be sad, but we know he's going to make it. I also get the feeling the doctor is not going to make it and neither the Lucian alliance's leader. Instead we're probably going to keep on board Telford and the Lucian alliance's officer who killed the others.
    eli's going to save the day (but someone else is going to help him). Chloe probably will have an affair with him. I think it's going to be more platonic love.

    If none of this is going to happen next season, I'm going to be surprised and probably will update this review...but I get a feeling...

    Overall it was not that bad. the action was well protrayed and there were some really crude and well acted scenes. but the plot didn't convince me.
  • Where do we go from here? Welcome to the drawn-out saga that is SGU.

    The story continues to allude me. You went from pretty cool looking aliens a while back, "don't know why they didn't expand on that". To an enemy alliance from our own galaxy.

    More mental pressure on an already nagging lot of who has the most power!

    Why o why would anyone want to get involved with a ship that can't get you home. I am sorry writers but it's pretty dumb sending the Lucian Alliance to the ship. It brings so many wrong questions and so many unstable answers.

    Season one was miss-fire.

    This last episode was fun, guns blazing, people getting shot and die! More meaningless bloodshed and a lack-luster performance by some. Most acting is not bad, the lack of music doesn't really add, tensions could of been increased with the right sounds and music.

    At least you got Eli to save the day... we hope... Renewed for season two, lets hope they get it right! Sadly for season one, so much went wrong.