Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 1

Intervention (3)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2010 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Johansen is surprised to discover she's resting in a log cabin on a snow-covered mountain, and that she's no longer pregnant. She hears her baby crying nearby and picks it up, and Dr. Caine greets her. He warns that it's a lot to process and tells her to take her time, and then explains that the aliens who built the planet he and the others stayed on teleported her there. Caine tells her that her baby is safe. Aboard Destiny, Eli runs to the airlock and opens the door. There's no sign of Scott and Greer, and he calls Rush and Brody to tell them that the duo didn't make it. However, Scott calls on the radio and informs them that he and Greer took refuge on the underside of the ship to avoid the pulsar radiation. In the messroom, Dannic prepares to kill Young. Varro comes in and tells them that Kiva and Johansen are both wounded. When Dannic insists they couldn't trust Johansen, Young goes berserk and strangles him. Varro pulls him off and tells Dannic that they need the Destiny crew to use the communication stones to switch places with medics on Earth so they can get Kiva treated. Dannic reluctantly agrees. Greer and Scott enter the ship as Chloe arrives in the airlock room. Eli is surprised to see her walking, given her leg wound. She explains that it has stopped bleeding, and wonders what they should do now. Camille, Volker, and two other civilians use the communication stones and bring through a team of four medics: Doctors Brightman, Ziegler, Finch, and Tyman. Varro takes them to work on Kiva. Rush discovers that the countdown clock is working and tells Brody that the shields have protected the engines, allowing them to FTL jump. Brody figures that's good news, and Rush gets an idea. Scott sends Eli and Chloe to meet with Rush and Brody, while he and Greer scout out the enemy forces. Brightman stabilizes Telford but warns that Kiva's condition isn't good. She informs Varro that they've stabilized Johansen, but there's no guarantee she or the baby will survive. On the planet, Johansen holds her baby. Caine explains that the aliens provided them with building materials and furniture, and they couldn't have survived the winter without them. Johansen wonders why she was brought there, and Caine tells her that the aliens scanned them and knew she was pregnant. She was dying aboard Destiny, and bringing her there was the only way to survive. The Lucian technician, Ginn, informs Varro that the countdown clock has begun and they will jump in 30 minutes. Brightman calls Varro to tell him that Kiva has died. Scott and Greer approach the enemy forces, who are patrolling the halls. Scott figures they need some special gear and moves off. Eli and Chloe get to the control center and are reunited with Rush and Brody. Rush explains that he has enough control to reduce the shields. He figures that once the Lucian soldiers realize the radiation will kill them all, they'll have to cooperative. Varro discusses the situation with Dannic, Ginn, and Simeon. Simeon and Dannic are in favor of killing everyone despite the original plan. Varro has Ginn confirm that there is a planet at extreme Stargate range, and proposes sending everyone through except for the doctors and Johansen. They're unaware that Scott and Greer are watching them via a hidden Kino. The two men go to warn Rush and the others. Caine says that he knows what's going on aboard Destiny. Two of the others who remained behind, Pete and Dana, come in and are eager to see the baby. Caine then invites her outside to show her something in the night sky. Telford wakes up and finds Simeon standing at his bedside, asking for an explanation. Telford says that several crewmen attacked both of them. Simeon notices that Telford and Kiva were both shot in the front, and Telford claims he tried to turn around. Seemingly convinced, Simeon informs Telford that they are going to dispose of Young and the others. Varro tells Young that he'll be left on a planet with his people, and recommends that he accept the situation. Young has no choice but to agree, and the Lucian soldiers escort Young and the other prisoners through the Stargate. Once there, Young starts to get them organized. A storm appears on the horizon and they start looking for shelter. Aboard Destiny, Eli paces nervously, waiting for Greer and Scott. Dannic's men arrive first and capture them, and inform Dannic. Ginn realizes that the countdown clock has stopped, and Dannic chokes her for her failure, until Varro stops him. Dannic tells his men to bring Rush and kill the others. Before they can shoot, Scott and Greer arrive and subdue them. Rush then tells Dannic to surrender or he'll keep the shields from activating, killing them all. He insists that he'll die rather than give up control of the ship. Dannic smashes the radio and then has Varro arrested as he takes command. Rush figures that the situation is perfect, because the planet is out of range of the pulsar. Brody confirms that certain areas of the ship are protected, including Hydroponic. The damage to the ship itself will be minimal, but Scott warns that Johansen and the doctors will be killed. Scott and Greer go to them and tell the others to meet them in Hydroponics... and seal the door if they don't get back in 15 minutes. On the planet, James finds a series of caves that can shelter everyone. As they start to go, the Stargate activates and Varro and his men come through. Young ignores them, but Varro insists that Young owes him because he stood up for them. Camille is back in her own body, displacing Brightman, when Greer and Scott find her. They take out her guard and tell her what's happened, and she tells them that Johansen is okay. However, the baby died. Caine shows Johansen an aurora in the sky, and says it showed up just before she did. She has no idea what it means. Caine then thanks her for going back with Young so he wouldn't take the rest of them. The aliens knew as well, which is why they brought her daughter there. However, Caine says that she's made her choice and has to go back, but they'll take care of her baby. Johansen runs back to the cabin. As Greer and Scott prepare to move Johansen, the Lucian soldiers arrive and open fire. Body prepares to seal the Hydroponics chamber, including the air vents. The 15 minutes have passed and Rush tells Brody to seal the door. However, Scott calls them on the radio and warns that they're pinned down and unable to get there in time. Dannic has a captured radio and hears them talk as Scott tells Eli and the others to stick with the plan and seal the door. Johansen gets back to the cabin and confirms that her baby is fine. Caine comes in after her as she insists that she's not leaving without her daughter. He warns that the aliens can send her back whether she wants to or not, but he assures her that she'll know that the baby is being taken care of. As Young and the others shelter in the cave, the storm continues outside. As Young and Varro argue, a lightning bolt strikes nearby, injuring James. Back in the Gateroom, Ginn confirms that the next pulsar blast will penetrate the shields and kill them all. Dannic's men find Rush and the others in Hydroponics, and Dannic orders his men to blow the door. Telford staggers in and warns them that any sufficient blast will kill Rush, and they need him to restore the shields. Rush tells them to surrender, but Dannic figures he's bluffing. Ginn admits that Rush's plan is possible, and Telford warns that Rush is too cowardly to sacrifice himself. When Dannic warns that Scott and the others are unprotected, Rush says it's a necessary sacrifice. As Eli and the others watch via the hidden Kino, Telford disagrees and Dannic clubs him down. In Hydroponics, Rush apologizes for having to sacrifice Scott and the others. Dannic tells his people that he won't let the ship go no matter what the cost. Telford warns that he's crazy, and Dannic prepares to shoot him. However, Ginn guns him down from behind, admits Telford was right, and tells Rush that they're surrendering. On the alien planet, Johansen tells Cairo that her daughter's name is Carmen. Caine insists that the aliens will eventually help them get home, but Johansen wonders why they are waiting. He warns her that when she gets back, no one will understand because they won't realize she was gone. Caine says that she'll have to decide if that's a blessing or a curse, and says goodbye. Johansen wakes up in sickbay with Camille tending to her. Camille informs her that she was there the entire time, and that she lost the baby. Young and the others return through the Stargate, and Young tells the soldiers to lock up Varro and his people with the others. Young then leaves to see Johansen, but Scott tells him what happened. Young goes to see Johansen, who turns away from him. Varro and his men are locked in with Simeon, Ginn, and the others. Rush goes to his cabin and tries to sleep without success. In Scott's cabin, Chloe examines her leg wound, which is totally healed. Scott sleeps beside her, unknowing. Young drinks alone in his cabin. The ship comes out of FTL as originally intended. Brody scans surrounding space and confirms that they're good. Johansen gets up out of her bed, ignoring Camille's objections, and walks unsteadily through the messroom to a view port. Outside is the aurora from the aliens' planet.