Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 1

Intervention (3)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Brilliant start to the season!

    This is my first review here and it's in response to the preview review which assigned this episode a 3/10.

    Whilst I agree that this show is not Stargate as we know it, I think after 15 seasons of the same formula something needed to change. And I, for one, love the new series just as much as the old ones.

    I instantly fell in love with the supporting and recurring characters from the Lucian Alliance. Former Prison Break star Robert Knepper made a subtle introduction but I'm looking forward to his story coming to light. The gorgeous Julie McNiven, who I recognised from the fantastic Mad Men, gave an excellent performance as did Mike Dpoud as Varro. The two former being the ones I hope stick around the most.

    The guest appearance by Ian Butcher as the psychotic Dannic was everything you could ask for in a one shot performance.

    As mentioned in another review the apparent Deux ex Machina of last seasons climaxes was a little disapppoining, I feel at least one major character should have been killed off, I hope that the reprocussions will be more interesting than simple shock value.

    The special effects, as always, were superb along with acting. The stand out performance of this episode must be given to Col Young. The exile scene was just a pleasure to watch and considering he spoke very little in the episode, I really felt like we went through an emotional journey with him and and can't wait too see how it plays out.

    The return of the characters from Faith was also a nice touch and Chloe's situation also keeps me waiting for answers.