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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2009 on Syfy

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  • The Essence of Stargate

    Since SGU started i've watched with anticipation waiting for something, anything remotely interesting to happen. When will something happen?

    Justice, like every other episode, (except Time) is too slow, too disorganised and visually depressing most of the time. I get the feeling they're trying to depress the viewer.

    They've forgotten the essence of stargate - to Explore. SciFi is about the unknown, the fantastic, the impossible, and stargate made it fun... but now, now you almost want to make it that show you put on in the background when you want to go to sleep because you know nothing special is going to happen.

    Justice sees Rush marooned for being a bad boy. Obviously, he finds a way back to the Destiny but does anyone really care? Not that all the actors aren't brilliant, they all are, they just are in a situation that is not all that interesting to watch. I know it's all about money - we all want flashing lights and SFX to keep us interested - and these guys dont want to spend it on CG anymore - they've raised us on sugar and now it's cold turkey, steamed carrots.

    Its not too late - the show can be fixed but in its current state, for the first time in my life, i recommend viewers dont waste your time, grab a good book or get out those Atlantis dvd's as this show is truely uninspired.
  • Spencer is found dead by Greer and even though the evidence points toward suicide the gun used is missing. Lt. Scott had an alibi so he runs the investigation until the gun is found in Young's cabin. Camille takes over on Earth's orders.

    Actually a pretty entertaining episode with a number of huge surprises most of which I won't mention so you'll have to watch it.

    Young's whole guilt seems to be trumped up, but he steps aside and allows Camille to take over. Of course the military are reticent to take orders from Camille. Rush immediately takes the opportunity to go after the tech using the chair. Which personally I found rather predictable. He didn't tell anyone to use the chair, but he did point out to everyone involved it was the best and probably the only way to get the technology to get them home or to at least be able to control the ship.

    I'm sure you can gather what happens. Interestingly enough things become even more complicated when the Destiny drops out of light speed and a suitable planet shows itself and has a stargate. Camille sends a team minus Greer and Lt. Scott to the planet and puts a researcher in charge. While on the planet they find something that causes Rush and Young to need to check it out.

    We have a huge surprise to the end of this episode and with it being the first half of season one cliffhanger. I guess we won't find out what's what until at the least a few months from now.

    There was an ad for the first season 1.0 DVD during the show so they will be selling this show in half seasons like quite a few shows these days. Ten episodes plus an extended version of the Pilot episode. Interesting episode with quite a few special occurrences. You'll have to see it to believe it. Thanks for reading...
  • Good episode; hope to see more like it. :)

    It was extremely refreshing to see that this episode was more about Sci-Fi than about Drama. Up to this point it the show has been more about Drama & it's been a real disappointment. If there are more episodes like this one the show might not be short-lived. I think the majority of Sci-Fi viewers watch the TV show for action-packed episodes that pertain to the storyline in a meaningful way. While this episode was a little less on the action-packed side of things, it was a lot better than what we've been given thus far & character development was definitely portrayed.
  • As much as I hate to say it: after watching this episode I can't conclude anything but that this series doesn't deserve the name "Stargate".

    It's a small portion of it's former self. It's lost all identify and characteristics. All the fun is gone, all the inspiration is gone, all optimism is gone. Humanity reduced to back stabbing unworthy human sacks of flesh who depict a future which I, personally, do not want to know.

    This episode deals with a suspected murder which in the end turn out to be (or looks like) a suicide. After finding the body the crew is confined to the mess hall and all their rooms are searched for the murder weapon, eventually found in commander Young's quarters. Eventually Young is deemed innocent because somehow a recording shows up with on it the victim killing himself (????). This recording is found because Eli downloads the data of the sphere to his laptop of the past two hours so he can do his documentary and edit the footage (That's so weak!). Young finds out that Rush planted the weapon in his quarters (we don't know how) and confronts Rush on a planet with a spaceship (finally!) and then he leaves him behind after a confrontation, WTF. Leave a men behind?? When he's still alive? That doesn't sound like "Stargate" to me!! How about never leave a man behind ?(e.g. SG1 S02e16: "A Matter of Time"). Un-Stargate like to me, or am I missing something? The last 10 minutes of the episode where as engaging as the prior 35 minutes. It's a big shame. I wrote a review after the first two episodes of this series and my worst fears, described in my initial review, have come true. And I quote myself 10/03/2009 "In previous SciFi series the characters seems to have reached a higher, or better, level of understanding and seem to be better people than inhabit the Earth today. That has always seem to be a defying character aspect of all SciFi series (BSG excluded) and it's characters. There first two episodes seems to depict more "Survivor"-like characters then the I'm-always-righteous "James T. Kirk"-like character. I'm not yet sure what I think of this. Science Fiction has always been a glass-is-half-full kind of genre and I wouldn't like it to turn into a glass-is-half-empty kind of show." And this is a "the-glass-is-half-empty" show. Maybe there are viewers out there who can appreciate this level of scepticism but I personally am more of an optimist. Especially when I want to flee in a realm of Science Fiction. Although our current reality is a depressing one, I for one, would like to be shown an optimistic view of our future (how ever unrealistic it may be). Isn't that Science Fiction? One of my favourite qoutes about SciFi is: (SG1: I think the 200th) "Science fiction is an existential metaphor that allows us to tell stories about a human condition. Isaac Asimov once said: "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinded critics and philosophers of today; but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all." And although I love the Stargate series, where is our salvation when we are nothing more then back tabbing human sacks of flesh? It's a big shame. I hope the second half of this first season is better then the first half.
  • This isn't really a review as much as a summary of SGU so far.

    Another watcher has stated that this show doesn't deserve the name Stargate. He's right; to insult this original, well acted, we'll plotted and intriguingly unpredictable piece of Sci-Fi by lumping it in with the, mostly formulaic, nonsensical, fun at all costs TV shows that came before it would be grossly unfair. There are times when you watch this and remember what ST: Voyager could and should have been. The Shakespearian elements of Robert Carlyle's Dr. Rush are excellent and the sprinkling of other very talented actors serves to bring the standard s of the show up several levels. I'm sure it may seem more fun if we had some caricatured aliens to shoot at every week but too many of us having a decent plot thread and good "genuine" stories is much more desirable. As Different as this show is it does feel like a much more natural successor to Stargate the movie than either of the previous shows; especially in the interaction between civilian(s) and soldiers.

    In fact the only downside has been the hideous ease with which people stuck on Earth are supposed to be jumping into bed with the host bodies of their far away lovers. The next episode cannot come quickly enough for us here.
  • I am still not bought that..

    I most say, for my surprise, I did liked this episode. There was, for sure, quite many things I did not liked, but.. I liked the way this episode made me think.. to figure out what really happened because, no way, I am bought with the solution they came up: was it Rush? There were just too much controversy in some things that happened and the way Young acted just made me think: it was suggested that it was Rush clever schema to get someone on the chair. What if it was all Young's clever schema of getting Rush out of the picture? I mean, we never saw the footage. If he have had the proof, why wouldn't he have gone public? He seems to be "by the book" guy and I am quite sure Eli, if not anyone else, would have protested of taking things to their own hands? So.. I may be wrong but there was so much things talking against each other.. in the episode.. before we knew what we learned, after it. It felt like one big puzzle and I love puzzles, so.. I think there came the reason why I loved the episode. Usually I feel this show does not make me think, but this time it really made.. it created some very complex atmosphere where I cannot be sure who said truth.. And I loved that.. I only hope we get no more of those Earth episodes.. get more to the depth of the story.. and who knows..
  • urgh

    why....why...why i keep asking myself did they cut SGA for.... THIS! i mean i have been trying my hardest to like it and 75% of the ppl who do like it are ppl who diddnt like the previos SG's. I'm not going to winge aabout how much i hate the show but i will say this. WHY?? There must be a way to get SGA back and we can watch our real SG and whoever wants to watch SGU on the side go ahead but in my view its not a real stargate feel sorry. This isn't what Staragte is about! I watch the show becuse i love the fact of exploring new worlds. I DONT watch it to see some guy ------- some other guys wife, Or throwing out there only chance to meet new life through the stargate. If Daniel Jackson was on that ship he would be hanging by a rope somewhere. There have been a couple eps that I have been able to watch like the ones where they loose another member of the SGU cast like this one. They should hit the self destruct on this one i rekon. (soz for the typos but meh)
  • I didn't see that one coming... Great episode!

    I didn't see that one coming...
    Great episode! I love the way they film these series.

    This episode had me sitting on the edge of my seat again. I thought this would be an episode where everyone stayed at the ship but it had a great ending.

    I hope to see what happens to those two in the next episodes. It gives a new twist to the series.

    I loved it from beginning till the end. I couldn't believe it at the beginning and believed it at the end.

    I loved the way Greer fooled everybody and mostly the keno footage. That is awesome.
  • Absolutely superb.

    The original plot, to this episode is a But the first scene with the alien potatoe and the end with our good scottish doctor waylaid.. and great way to end the first part of the season, hope it continues in this way.

    The last scene with himself sitting there and mathboy walking out, with the obvious thought that there was no landslide and who's next? This might give himself something to think about before making up stories, it's gonna be a great comeback when the good doctor returns!

    Maybe ship in tow...who knows.

    Would like to see more intelligent conversation as it's beginning to lack. But keep up the great work. And ignore those who quite clearly...aren't SGU fans.
  • Where have all the Brilliant Stargate Episodes gone

    I am hoping with each episode that SGU will get better and better, but alas there is still no sign of the brilliant TV series we have had in the past. We are not seeing much of the ship (isn't it supposed to be the biggest ship arround)) with each episode we are seeing the same old view every week. Would be great to see more interaction with the planets isn't the ship supposed to stop near other stargates and let us see other beings or humans that the team come across. I feel like I am stuck on the ship with the actors and going nowhere fast. At times I would like to boot Msgt. Ronald Greer out through the nearest airlock his attitude is way off and doesn't feel right for the part he is playing. Maybe a dose of some of the old characters with flitting roles to get the team up to Stargate speed again might help. If things don't get better soon Season 1 will not be in my DVD collection when it comes out.
  • In previous stories of Stargate episodes, (SG1 and Atlantis) there were always power strugles beween politicians and scientists. But this one is between soldiers and scientists!!!

    The essence of Stargate is in the concept of giving priority to scientists compare to politicians and soldiers, whatever the circumstances be. These episodes in the new series (Stargate Universe) are somehow ambiguous. In one side they have no option but to listen to scientists and on the other hand they will beat the crap out of them!

    That's ture that at the end of the day, scientists had to follow orders made by soldiers for their own safty, in an alien environment, but when sensitive issues came up (in other versions of Stargate SG1 and Atlantis), comments made by scientists usually had a weight. In these series (SG-U) this is mostly not the case. Or may be this is just a begining of a long long journey like SG1.
    Anyway, the line has to be drown somewhere. Apparently this episode has done the work on leaving the fate of scientists on the hand of soldiers. Well, let see what will happen next.
  • While the series may be slow some might see at as a novel.

    This is more a summary of the ten episodes than this episode.

    My opinion is that the series will only get better from here as now the characters are becoming more fleshed out. We pick up little tid bits here and there and when you go back and watch the episodes again there a quite a few subtle scenes in there that makes sense now. One could see this as a novel as the first five episodes were the introduction and now we are entering the meaty -middle section.

    However, that is not to say this show doesn't have flaws, every show has them. While the writers do constatnly state that they want to develop fully organic characters it is their technique of delivering us that development that is hindering the show. To show what I mean: Look at lost, a show where the episode centres around one or two characters highlighting their weaknesses/ motives. This works as the characters' weaknesses we learn are tested at some point in the episode. SGU doesn't test the characters enough. The best episode in SGU, however, was Air part 3 with Lt. Scott where we got a clear indication of his past and how it effected him to behave in the second half.

    This is one area I believe SGU can really build on in season 2 and we might see in the second half of season 1 - which by the sounds of it will be more action oriented.
  • OK - finally an episode where you felt you didn't waste an hour of your time for nothing.

    This episode finally delivers a little on what it has promised from the start. Yes I would have liked the little Scottish git flushed out the airlock sooner but I cant say I am unhappy with his fate.

    Now if the directors and writers think they are bring him back to forever harass destiny, episode after boring episode, then they are mistaken. You cant take his character and turn him into a homicidal psychopath in one episode. He wasn't abused by his parents OK. That would simply be more lame than most sci fi, just like another "Rodney saves the universe" episode. God how tedious did they get. But we can all see him coming back and being a nuisance. As for the suicide - pleased to get rid of that character. The whole trial I skipped anyway. Like you cant see whats happening about 60 minutes ahead of when it happens in the show already.

    But nice touch to finish - will watch the next mini season just to see if they take the series forward or drag it down with endless Rush against the universe episodes?
  • A good drama episode. Stargate is growing up.

    A lot of people have been complaining about how we don't get to see as many aliens, or "big honkin space guns" etc. in this show. I agree with this point, but I don't think this is what the show is trying to do. Someone else compared this show to the new Battlestar Galactica, and I think that is a decent comparison. Personally I don't think anything will quite match BSG for a long time, but all the same, I feel it may have lead to what could be a revolution of Sci-Fi. Because the truth is, that even if we are surrounded by spaceships, and hovering video cameras, and Stargates, and Alien technology, we are still human, and when you stick a large group of humans together, stuff happens. Anyone who believes that sticking a bunch of humans on a ship, and completely isolating them from home, supplies, etc would not cause massive drama is fooling themselves. I have yet to see anyone accuse Asimov's "Foundation" of not being Sci-Fi, yet that series is all based on the inevitable patterns that humans en masse will follow. The point of that book is the predictability, and at the same time the lack of predictability of human beings.

    What they seem to be attempting in this show, is to make the characters more three dimensional, and play out human interactions more than their other shows. I am not saying I disliked either of the original Stargate shows, but the character development was never really there as much. And personally what has always been of interest to me is HOW humans would handle these "Sci-Fi" situations. And yes I do consider being stuck on a ship as enough of a Sci-Fi situation. Yes I am interested to see where the alien space ship that Rush is stranded with leads to, but if it is simply a way to find an alien race to follow them and shoot them every once in a while for a battle scene, I will not be impressed. New technology, and new knowledge of how the Universe works however, would be interesting. Also interesting would be how the humans deal with these discoveries. This episode was a good examination of Justice, as indicated in the title. Humans have ideals about justice, but it never quite manages to live up to those ideals. It also set up some interesting developments in terms of the chair, and the alien spaceship.
  • If SG-U series tell the story of mankind trapped in a spaceship in some distant galaxy, I would like to see more of their struggling with their environment, not with themselves.

    This won't be a recap of the story but more of the situation about the Stargate Universe. There are some spoilers down below, if you haven't watched it yet.

    Although this episode had some elements that I like about Stargate series, it does not cover how it should be exactly. The Time episode (Season 1, Episode 8) was fantastic, the story telling, events, action, all was in their pace and I believe it was the single best episode of the Stargate Universe for now, at least for me. As you may have guessed, I have been watching this series for a very long time just for the Sci-Fi part of it. New worlds, new encounters, alien technology, mystic events and their revealing, especially the ancient technology and its inner workings, some cool stuff here and there, etc. pretty sums up the things I would like to see as part of new Stargate episodes. The "Time" episode had a lot of these. I can't see much of these on the other episodes including this one. The interaction between the charcters and their backgrounds are given a lot emphasis, I believe more than what is necessary, and more than I am interested. The alien ship on this episode is a good start, it would be better if we could see more of it, instead of seeing it as an element in the background. The usage of the "brain enhancing chair" would be another good example, if we could see more of it. Deletion of a file from the computers is another sci-fi element, which is handled ok I believe. And these three were the only references to "sci-fi" elements (as I call it) in the whole episode, at least for me, and even these would be ok if they would be given more emphasis and time, instead of seeing them in two or three scenes.

    I know there were some background build up episodes in SG-A and SG-1 (I was not fond of them too), but they were sparse in number. In SG-U, we have been dealing with political conflicts, background wierdness, arguing and fighting people most of the time. If I were to suggest, how this episode should be written, I would say something like this: Destiny gets out FTL, they gate into the planet, they find an alien ship. They investigate it and find something interesting (by interesting I mean something out of ordinary), maybe turn on the ship, or even destroy, I don't know, just show more of it. Meanwhile Rush and his team investigates the chair, they would find something else, thats also exciting, which would make me to look for the next episode. But instead, we have been waiting for a few episodes and probably we will be waiting for more (that would make a couple of months) just to reveal what would they do about the chair. And probably a couple of months after that, we will see whose ship is that. And between these episodes, we would probably only watch their conflicts between each other. If these series tell the story of mankind trapped in a spaceship in some distant galaxy, I would like to see more of their struggling with their environment, not with themselves. That was what I liked about previous SG series. I believe in Stargate Atlantis, nearly every new episode would uncover or reveal some information about the technology, rules of the gate travel or physics, their environment or their relationships with aliens. I am still trying to see what is uncovered in this episode, there is aliens out there? we already know it. The chair makes you crazy and can be harmful? we already know it. Destiny gets out FTL every now and then? we already know it. A file can be deleted? we already know it. Young can leave a man behind? I don't want to know it. IOA wants the control of the ship&crew? I don't want to know it. I would like to watch this show as a stargate show, otherwise I would be watching battlestar galactica. I believe the target audience of this show has been shifted. And these are my ideas as a fan of Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. Anybody, who liked this episode a lot, or the previous one, I highly suggest you to watch the following episodes of previous series: Stargate Atlantis 101 Rising(1), 104 Thirty Eight Minutes, 209 Aurora; Stargate SG1, 406 Window of Opportunity. These were some of the examples of the best episodes in Stargate series, from my point of view. Something inside me tells me that the next episode would be a good one in terms of sci-fi, but even that won't cover all the mediocre episodes so far.
  • This was actually the first episode which was really great and shows the potential of this series. I hope the show will keep up the pace.

    In the beginning of this episode I thought it would be another lame episode which is only playing on the ship without any interaction with alien species.

    Well, unless the end of this epsiode, the last part with alien interaction did come true.

    But the rest was spectacular and really unexpected from my side. I would realy like someone to go amok on the ship an kill some more unimportant people of the crew.

    I am pretty sure we will see Dr. Rush again, I love his middle-england accent even more than the scotthish accent of Dr. Backet from Stargate Atlantis.

    Best regards.
  • Justice. The title of the episode has more than one meaning to the actual story. We begin with a mystery of a potential murderer on the ship and end with the... well without giving too much away, let's say "justice" was dispensed to the "gu


    The title of the episode has more than one meaning to the actual story. We begin with a mystery of a potential murderer on the ship and end with the... well without giving too much away, let's say "justice" was dispensed to the "guilty". Being Stargate and a mid-season finale, we, the audience, KNOW it won't end there, though.

    The good: this is NOT previous incarnations of Stargate. We have a show with greater character depth and less predictability. These elements combine to give us a slice of realism which is not often found in sci-fi shows. Nowhere is this shown better than the cliffhanger ending to this finale. Of course, if you're looking for a Stargate show where everyone gets along and the team works smoothly solving galactic problems every few episodes, then you should watch a DVD. Those who like to see people dealing with (not necessarily overcoming) problems in an unknown universe will find this show and this episode very entertaining.

    The bad: this is NOT a previous incarnation of Stargate. A lot of people do and will continue to compare this show to the previous ones just because of the title. They do themselves and Stargate: Universe an injustice (pun fully intended) by overlooking the acting, the layered drama, and intriguing writing of the show. Just because the title is similar doesn't mean it should or must be similar anymore than two people named Smith must be similar. Is the show Stargate? Yes. Is it Atlantis or SG-1? No, but try not to disregard or discredit it just because it doesn't resemble what you have already seen.

    The ugly: this is NOT a previous incarnation of Stargate. In previous shows, we had the cast up against some race bent on their enslavement or destruction. Predictable, but it worked. This cast is alone and adrift and having to find themselves. This can create some ugly images as the writers show us aspects of each of them. With the possible exception of Eli, I'm not a fan of any of the characters but I find each of their stories intriguing enough to want to continue seeing them interact and grow. They aren't perfect. That can be a bit difficult to watch as this episode touches on issues of depression, murder/suicide, ethics, and desperation. It's a roller coaster... sometimes you enjoy the thrill... sometimes you just wanna get off so you can hurl. I liked this episode, though. It's a story of the varying shades of gray to be found in justice and leaves us wondering if justice has been served... or is it even done? I like that I can ask that question and wish for an episode next week to get my answer. I suppose I'll just have to wait, though. I WILL wait.
  • A murder aboard the Destiny gives cause for an investigation and an opportunity for the I.O.A.

    This episode is another example of how Universe has lost the Stargate elements that proved so successful in previous iterations of the franchise.

    Gone are the days of humourous jaunts to extra solar planets, instead the creators want to mimic the confined clostrophobic feel of Battlestar Galactica complete with a largely political narrative and even the nausiating 'wobble cam'.

    Stargate used to be fun and awe inspiring, looking out into a fictional universe filled with awe, fun and charismatic characters. 'Universe' is proving quite a let down for fans of SG1 and Atlantis.

    As far as this episode goes, why they didn't think the communication stones could give an opportunity for the murder to be done using a sleeping host body within the first 10 minutes is beyond me.
  • The Season finale...(first half)

    The season finale starts off with Sergeant Stevenson being found dead, and unclear as to whether it was a suicide or murder. Since no gun is found at the scene, it is suspected that it is a murder. In case you have forgotten who Stevenson was, he was the bald white dude that was always blowing up on everyone and had been hording water as well. It is suspected that someone had enough of him, maybe even Colonel Young, and they offed him. The main suspect becomes Colonel Young after the gun is found in his quarters. But later kino footage reveals that it was a suicide and we later find out that Rush planted the gun in Colonel Young's quarters to frame him so that he would no longer have control of the ship. Later in the episode Rush, Young, and some others explore a planet where they find a wrecked spacecraft. The others return through the stargate leaving only Colonel Young and Rush together. Young confronts Rush about framing him for Steveson's death and a fight ensues. Colonel Young puts the beat down on Rush and then leaves him on the planet as Colonel Young enters through the stargate and back aboard the ship with just seconds to spare. Rush is apparently stranded on this planet with the spacecraft. Can Rush get the spacecraft running in order to catch up with the others? I liked this episode, I thought it was in the top 2 or 3 episodes of the season, but as I'm not a fan of Colonel Young I didn't really enjoy the ending, though I'm quite certain we haven't seen the last of Rush.
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