Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 5

Light (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2009 on Syfy
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The crew are in close proximity to one of the three planets. Colonel Young tells everyone that only fifteen people can go in the shuttle and a lottery will determine their fate.

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  • Typical SGU episode. More: Tween angst, shaky cam, shouting, "big Brother" camera confessionals. Plot: Most of this weeks shouting was about who goes for a shuttle ride. New this week, Chloe picks a bunk mate.moreless

    Typical SGU episode. More: Tween angst, shaky cam, shouting, "big Brother" camera confessionals. Plot: Most of this weeks shouting was about who goes for a shuttle ride. New this week, Chloe picks a bunk mate. Not much beyond that. It is staying true to form in that most everyone is unrealistically incompetent and unlikable.

    There is a suspense-less crisis warranting a lottery for who goes for the shuttle ride, so this was the source of this weeks pointless shouting matches and stare downs.

    Chloe picks soldier boy to hit the sheets with, leaving nerd boy unhappy this week.

    Col Young, with decades of military leadership experience shows us he is just as incompetent as the rest when he fails leadership 101, by accusing Rush of knowing the ship would be fine, in front of everyone based on nothing. Idiocracy.

    What do we have to look forward to next episode of Tween Angst in space? Who will get laid next? what will the shouting match be about?

    Reviewing this pandering drivel is more fun than watching it.moreless

    With the ship on a collision course, Young conducts a lottery to determine who will escape certain death and try and find a habitable planet with the shuttle. In mythology the light comes after the darkness. In Greek myth a certain character flew too close to the sun and the wax on his wings melted causing him to plunge to his death in the icy abyss. It seems that the Destiny does that here. Only when it gets too close it recharges. As for the episode I Tracey K. Nameth say it's a gorgeous episode to look at from a special effects point of view.moreless
  • Destiny flies to the star...and the shuttle can only accommodate 17 people... Decisions, and another base for future (and further) conflicts...

    ---May Contain Spoilers---

    I was right on the money on my previous review (episode Darkness).

    Destiny slingshot from the gas giant to the star, to replenish its power.

    But nobody knew (or was it?) that the ship would be fine.

    Before that, people aboard Destiny are (again) surrounded themselves by mistrust toward one another.

    - Chloe made love to Lt Scott. Is this the start of having an awkward triangle love story (between Lt Scott, Chloe, and Eli)?

    - Did Rush know beforehand that Destiny fly to the star only to get its power replenished?

    - Sgt Greer decked one of the officer, who was not selected to take the shuttle. Is this a recipe for future rebellion/confrontation on the ship?

    Those and other subtle conflicts in this episode.

    After the shuttle got back to Destiny, Col Young express his joy by rubbing Rush's head the wrong way (see Rush face expression). I would imagine how people like Rush "enjoy" such immature treatment. And this after Col Young admitting his mistakes (not trusting/understanding Rush(.

    And the end, Rush gave ambiguous response when asked whether he knew Destiny would be fine.

    My take, he might, though he would not bet his life. So why, despite his uncertainty, he still lead on Young into thinking that he 100% knew?

    Perhaps his ego. :)

    All in all, this is the first time I witness the Ancient superiority in SGU. Destiny is a star powered, AI smart, deep exploration spaceship.

    I would not be surprised if (assuming its get 100% power back), that an AI (hologram or something) shows up later on.

    I mean, the Ancient built that wonderful looking city ship called Atlantis millions of years ago, and I am sure they would not build "crappy looking ship" with crappy facilities.

    That is the only reservation I have about the ship appearance.

    Ok, next adventure, water and food. I am hungry and thirsty already.moreless
  • Best episode sofar..

    SG-U is finally picking up the pace and getting better. This new SG franchise takes some getting into, it has more a BSG feel then an SG-x feel to it. Foremost I miss humor in it, like that of O'Neil looking for the "big guns"... Teal'C's " frowns while muttering "Indeed", Vala's naughtiness, the bickering by Rodney and Ronon and John Shephard teasing him. But then again, "U" has an added element gloom, a darkness Atlantis and good ole SG-1 missed. The BSG feeling of Doom, mixed with the vast dimensions a Stargate multi-verse can add, sure makes this franchise very promising... I, for one, will be following it, to see how it further improves and develops..moreless
  • The crew are in close proximity to one of the three planets. Col. Young tells everyone that only seventeen people can go in the shuttle and a lottery will determine their fate.moreless

    I have to say that this was one of my most enjoyed episodes so far of this series! Greer opens up the episode by giving his confessional via the Kino. I love his line about crossing over via the best blaze of glory there is...a star! The situation looks grim as Destiny continues its course toward the star.

    Everybody begins to deal with the impending doom in their own way. Lt. Scott and Chloe decide on a last day rendevous and another person pops pills to silence the torture of death knocking on their door. Eli unfortunately doesn't handle Chloe's love interest to well and you can see it on his face. Camelle then comes to Young to pressure him to pick and choose the names himself based off of skills and strengths claiming that he is dodging responsibility otherwise. Young outright refuses to go along with the idea and threatens Camelle with her name being removed if she persist in the matter. Young is determined to keep himself absolved of any favortism being involved in such a situation.

    The fifteen are eventually chosen which results in a failed mutiny by another Airman. He is quickly put down by Greer and was a nice little twist quickly defused...YES! This is the kind of stuff I love about Stargate's realistic drama without overkill to spike ratings. Some complain for some odd reason but this is a good mix of drama and realism so that you can become attached to the characters, feel their pain, and cheer for their survival.

    As Destiny edges closer to the sun Dr. Rush has an epiphany! Rush comes to realize that Destiny intentionally plotted its course toward the sun to use the sun's energy as a battery recharge! Destiny is capable of maneuvering right through the sun itself and regains all its power. After this short victory the shuttle is now in need of returning to Destiny before it's too late.

    After a short spell of drama in intercept calculations and a sling shot maneuver, the shuttle is able to land on Destiny and all is good again. Rush's reaction to Young brushing his head in celebration was classic! During the celebrations Rush brings about his usual negative air which has everyone pondering why he is so gloomy given the events.

    Young approaches Rush to praise him for all the good he has done in their survival but Rush deflects it. Young eventually wonders why Rush sacrificed himself via voluntary name removal from the lottery but Rush doesn't bother explaining himself. In the end Young wonders if Rush did it because he knew all along what Destiny was doing in plotting its course the way it did. No, there was no sci-fi weapons blazing all over the place with hostile aliens BUT one thing this show continues to bring is depth, a realistic atmosphere, and realism compared to SG1 and SGA.

    I'll continue to wish SG1 and SGA would've taken a more serious, military, and realistic approach to the Stargate universe compared to the campy, non-tension, no real threat, and lacking on realistic characters the way it did. Keep up the good work Stargate Universe!

    Read more at http://dailytoiletbowl.blogspot.commoreless
Robert Carlyle

Robert Carlyle

Dr. Nicholas Rush

Louis Ferreira

Louis Ferreira

Colonel Everett Young

David Blue

David Blue

Eli Wallace

Brian J. Smith

Brian J. Smith

1st Lt. Matthew Scott

Jamil Walker Smith

Jamil Walker Smith

MSgt. Ronald Greer

Elyse Levesque

Elyse Levesque

Chloe Armstrong

Dominic Zamprogna

Dominic Zamprogna

Dr. Boone

Guest Star



Camille Wray

Recurring Role

Julia Benson

Julia Benson

2nd Lt. Vanessa James

Recurring Role

Josh Blacker

Josh Blacker

Sgt. Spencer

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Young: ...the look on Telford's face when you put him down was priceless! Complete and total shock!

      Young suggests that the reason Greer was detained prior to the attack on Icarus Base in "Air (1)" was for assaulting Colonel Telford.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Greer: I can't think of a better way to move on from this world into the next or whatever comes, then to fly into the most powerful thing in creation: a star. Out in a blaze of glory. I like that. That's beautiful.

    • Young: In just over a day, this ship will fly into a star. Now, we have no power to change its course. We have no idea how to steer the ship. Even if we did, we are having another bad day.

    • Rush: Eli, I, uh, I'm sorry I got you involved in this.
      Eli: Actually ... I'm not. Yet! I'll probably be sorry at the end of the day, but... we don't have that long, do we?
      Rush: No.
      Chloe: How will it happen?
      Rush: Well, there will be turbulence from the solar wind, far worse than what we've previously experienced. Heat, obviously, and intense G-forces. I suspect the ship will be torn apart long before we reach the star. (trying to cheer her up) Hopefully it will be quick.

    • Young: And while I don't condone behavior of that kind in any way, shape or form, I-I've gotta say ... the look on Telford's face when you put him down was priceless! Complete and total shock!
      Greer: He was surprised, yes, sir!
      Young: I guess you can say you even got away with it.
      Greer: Just, uh, sorry that I... that I disappointed you, sir.
      Young: You're a good man, Sergeant, I know that. Besides, the bastard had it coming.
      Greer: Yes, sir, he did.

    • Rush: Oh, yes!
      Eli: Uh, what are we so happy about?
      Rush: We're gonna live, Eli.
      Eli: What about the turbulence and the heat and the death?
      Rush: No, all of that would have happened by now. The shield is protecting us.
      Chloe: But you said we were out of power.
      Rush: I was absolutely certain of that, and I've never been more pleased to be wrong in all my life.

    • Eli: You're right! The systems are coming back online all over the ship!
      Young: There's a rumor spreading that we're still here.
      Rush: We are.

    • Rush: Eli, there's many variables here. Are you sure about this?
      Eli: Math Boy. Send it.
      Rush: Okay, Math Boy.

    • Young: That's what you say, but I'm dead serious about it: that was like - that was the worst shuttle docking I have ever seen in my life!
      Scott: What are you talking about?! I barely even dented it!
      Johansen: Just the grinding noises!
      Young: At the very least there's a giant scrape along the bottom. I'm gonna make you put on a spacesuit and go out there and fix it right now!
      Young: Sergeant, we're gonna need some of that high-high temperature spaceship paint for Scott here.
      Greer: Yes, sir, I believe I've found some!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Dominic Zamprogna (Boone) previously played Aries in the Stargate Atlantis episode "Childhood's End."

    • The original title of this episode was "Fire." The director's cut ran over 20 minutes long and all the material was considered good so additional dialog that had been cut from an early version of the script was reinserted and the episode was expanded into two episodes and retitled "Darkness" and "Light."

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: October 23, 2009 on Space
      UK: October 27, 2009 on Sky1
      Australia: October 30, 2009 on Sci Fi
      Germany: March 10, 2010 on RTL II
      Sweden: March 26, 2010 on TV6
      Czech Republic: December 19, 2012 on FANDA