Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2010 on Syfy

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  • finally an episode worth watching

    I must confess i was one of the many that liked Gin quite a lot. Her existence made things a little lighter and made Eli go back to the funny guy he used to be at the beginning of the series (not the heart broken idiot he has been lately). now, after losing her, I suppose he's going to become much worse. I felt Young was a little absent in the action part leaving more room to Scott (my least favorite character) which is depressing as i don't really like what they have been doing with Young's character lately. On the other hand this was a kick ass episode. Simeon killed a bunch of people and and put a bomb on dr. Park's back. i don't know why but the moments when Rush was trying to disarm the bomb seemed to me the greatest. Her emotions looked so real especially when she was saying 'it's ok, it's ok' that it caught me by surprise. of course she later returned to her emotionless self but that one moment made her much more human than before. Rush was also great, so angry but at the same time so smart. he also had a break down and even if it looked genuine I still have my doubts. after all he is almost a pathological lier... they had to scream the truth about the remote out of him, lol. I guess he was trying to make himself look more vulnerable and less of a threat in the eyes of Scott and Greer so, given the opportunity, he could get lost and kill the S.O.B. After all it did look like he let out some steam and that he would be more reasonable from that point forward. truth be told i was with Scott and Greer on this 'getting Simeon alive' thing until after the stampede when he said that he had information. that made me so angry that i changed my mind and hoped Rush kills him.

    I also liked the part with the wild animal they found. When Greer asked if it was something they could barbecue I half expected them to actually bring it on board. God only knows what hateful food they nourish themselves with. I feel sorry for Cloe. No one trusts her anymore. it's hard to live in a closed space with people who look at you funny and even prove them that they have reasons to. there is only one thing that I don't get. If I remember it right, when Daniel and Vala got transported with the stones in the bodies of those two villagers (SG1) and got themselves killed they returned to their original bodies unharmed. Was that different in anyway? I still don't understand why Amanda had to die.