Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 14, 2010 on Syfy

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  • A hostage situation and a possible parasitic epidemic sends Destiny into a paranoid and dangerous spin.

    A hostage situation and a possible parasitic epidemic sends Destiny into a paranoid and dangerous spin.

    Pain finds the Destiny infected with parasites that cause hallucinations in their hosts, with only limited persons infected.

    A dark and enjoyable piece, SGU is the best sci-fi around at the moment.

    Exploring our deepest fears and greatest pain, we see the depths that people can go to in extreme situations.

    Chloes' time with her father raised a few questions for me - about how long i would try to hide my own infection if i were in her shoes.

    The exploration of loss seems the motif of SGU.

    Greers' paranoia and his investigation of Camille is fantasticly combined with the Alien hallucinations of Rush - climaxing in a bloody and frightning showdown.

    This is the sort of episode you have to watch twice to pick up on everything and to understand what was truely reality.

    Overall one of those off-beat eps that you'll either love or hate because it is a stand alone ep and many will find it simply frustrating.

    However, it is one of the very few stand alones we're likely to see so just try to enjoy the ride on this one.
  • Quite filler

    I hoped this episode would be something major but it wasn't. It was not too new idea either: there have been the water poisoning etc before. This time some bug and even if it started quite intriguingly and I was wondering: what Scott is doing, after the moment third illusion was shows, it was sure what is going on.. Ok, it was sure before that Scott would not die.. so.. it was little bit blur road to go but great acting by Lt James part.

    And I did loved Greer vs Camille vs Rush too. Their paranoia was great and that Rush attacked Camille. Mmm.. will that affect their plotting together later? And Chloe's illusion. Ok.. she just seems to get all the crying parts. I liked more those storylines what gave her the change to so her strengths like Justice and Divided etc.
  • Another filler episode

    The second half of the season has certainly been better than the first but then we come to an episode like this...essentially just a filler to make up the required order of episodes.

    It isn't that this episode is necessarily bad or boring, it's just that it really doesn't contribute much. I'll say it again: if you have to have dull, filler episodes you might as well reduce the size of the season and have maintain quality.

    The season is almost at an end now and I hope that they make more of an effort with next season. About half of season one has been disappointing and had it been Fox, I am sure the season would have been cancelled.
  • the only pain is that of the viewer/fan

    It think this episode was very poor/boring... Am I not up-to date with the news, has this show transformed into star TREK combined with doctor house? I really looked like I was watching a mid-season star-trek episode.In fact I think that there really were some star trek episodes where everybody hallucinated. I think EVERY show can have an episode where everybody hallucinates... This was by far the worst episode by now, there were some "attempts" on making a bad episode before, but this one confirmed to me that there were not like that by accident. Please, stargate director,when you are about to do such an episode again, just cancel it and make the next one, I think we can wait 2 or 3 weeks for a real stargate episode.
  • Awful :(

    OK I have been following SGU every week.... Each Saturday morning I look forward to downloading (as I'm in the UK) the latest instalment with excitement. But that excitement's nothing to do with the last weeks episode having been awesome, its simply because I'm still in a state of denial and think this show might actually one day excite me as Stargate, BSG, Carprica, Star Trek etc have done over the years.

    Instead I watch the episode and find myself fighting the urge to keep hitting the skip forward 10 seconds button, its so damn boring, been here before etc.

    I agree absolutely with previous comment "The writers should be shot", the main problem with this show is one HUGE misconception on the writers part, that people are interested in these characters personal drama's, past lives etc, that we want a melodrama in space. Notice whenever they go back to earth using the stone's. Instead of some exciting story we get a wollowing personal story/tragedy played out. Add to that the music they play in the middle of the shows, where they feature people crying in their rooms, it reminds me of the cheesy music they used to drop in the middle of an episode of neighbours, when something life shattering happens like Harold Bishop going missing.

    I'm not heartless, I just wanted a sci-fi show, not a soap opera and if it is as it seems a soap opera, I'm certain I could find a far better one, with better acting if I looked outside of the sci-fi genre.

    I like others, were perhaps a bit confused, for a while I figured this was simply character development, a chance for us all to empaphise and understand our cast. But its gone on and on to the point I actually am certain the writers are making a drama in space.

    The stories are LAME. they waste so many oppurtunities in this show to make this exciting, seat of your pants, sci-fi with some action and adrenaline. Its just boring and I'm sick of watching it unfold.

    Unfortunately, I'll remain in denial again, next saturday and download another episode, thinking It all might change, or that indeed, someone does shoot the writers and someone new comes in and says "guys, this has to end, people don't want this crap, they want sci-fi and that means a little more than stars and stargates amongst dribble & depression, it means EXCITEMENT for the viewers"

    If not I guess I will have to wait on Caprica coming back, because that is AWESOME and five minutes of that show, i'd take over the last 17 episodes of SGU in a heartbeat
  • Space tics cause the crew to "see things that aren't there".

    First off, I like SGU. Second, I hated this episode. The pace was horrible. It reminded me of one of those crappy flashback shows where they clip pieces of previous shows and run them together to make another. All in all it was 42 minutes that i'll never get back. I'm also tired of the ineptitude of Destiny's scientists. I mean get control of the ship already. McKay or Carter would have had it figured out after a few episodes. Now that I've vented, I have real hope for the last few episodes as we will see the Lucian Alliance. In my perspective they've played the "humans trapped in a sub" card too long. Ya, Grier is a head case, Scott is a slut, whatever. Bring on the aliens, If I wanted Desperate Housewives I'd watch it.
  • The crew of Destiny hallucinates, a decent episode.

    If I recall correctly, there was a similar episode like this in Stargate Atlantis, where the characters hallucinate in a certain way. It feels a little bit recycled, but there is a little bit of good to this episode. The end is fairly solid, but it takes a while to get into. Hopefully Stargate Universe will return to what it was doing before this episode because it was really beginning to get amazing, and this is just a little bump in the road compared to the previous episodes. Not much happens in this one, but hopefully this is just a fluke right now.
  • Great acting, but...

    This may be the episode with the best acting in season 1 of SGU. But the story is unoriginal and has been told many times before. I also think that this episode ruin the opportunity of alien invasion on Destiny. Two actors in this episode has also been nominated for Leo award in supporting role, Julia Benson and Patrick Gilmore. I also think Robert Carlyle and Jamil Walker Smith were amaizing. This episode was written by mr. Carl Binder. He also wrote episode Life wich has been bad recieved by viwers. I am hoping for more gate travel oriented episodes in season 2.
  • Not so painful

    I keep reading these bad to mediocre reviews. I loved this episode. Not much keeps happening in previous episodes, but it keeps me wanting to watch it anyway. This episode was absolutely better that the ones before. Maybe it's been done before, but who cares. Not many series are origional anymore.
    I'm beginning to care for these people among the Destiny. Let's hope it won't get cancelled like so many shows I watch.
    I loved the opening scene where Scott got killed. I didn't know what was going on and I also wondered why he would betray Chloe. I thought this episode was well done.
  • Another low-key episode.

    ho-hum, another bottle episode to save up some cash for what will hopefully be an action-packed season finale. It's going to need to be to keep the viewers.

    We've just seen it all before - "crew goes crazy because of 'X'" - it's a story every SF show does at least once and usually more than once. Not that it's badly written or acted, there's just nothing new here. Oh and the ticks apparently came from a planet they just visited - is it just me or weren't they traveling in the void between galaxies? So which planet was it - Continuity?

    Something else that has been bugging me (pun not intended) for a while is the 'pre-episode recap thing,' it telegraphs what will be happening in the episode far too much. In this episode we see the hallucinations begin, if you paid any attention to the re-cap it showed Rush in the alien ship and Chloe's dad, it made their hallucinations utterly obvious and no surprise at all. Dump the re-cap please, or save it for episodes it REALLY matters on.
  • Stuck in space with nothing but your thoughts to trouble you

    I guess when you are stuck in space, with no where to go, nothing better to do, the best way to pass the time is to have sex. It pays to be good looking; too bad many of them are just hallucinations.

    It would seem that whatever personal problems the crew of the ship have; phobias, fantasies, jealousy, anger is brought out as the crew suffer from some sort of hallucination. This whole idea would be interesting if the show was only 10 minutes long but when it isn't and three-forth of the episode is used just to establish that, that is just plain lazy writing from the writer's part. This show really needs to make its episodes more exciting.
  • More pain and suffering for the Destiny crew

    Lame, Lame, Lame, Lame, Lame, Lame, Lame – and in case I wasn't clear for anyone reading this; this episode was lame.

    The writers have already clearly established that being on a ship stranded billions of light-years from Earth with the wrong type of people is stressful and taking its toll on the people – we get that, its stressful, it sucks – let's move on now shall we?

    The second biological contaminant crisis of the season, and inexorably, of the series strikes Destiny. A "tick" like creature was brought back and is making people see things that they fear, personal tragedies, phobias, emotional concerns etc.

    SGU is reminding me of movies that start off slow and then get really good, so far the series has been pretty slow and SGU has already been renewed for a second season…lets hope this slow pace is leading to something really good.