Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 14, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Awful :(

    OK I have been following SGU every week.... Each Saturday morning I look forward to downloading (as I'm in the UK) the latest instalment with excitement. But that excitement's nothing to do with the last weeks episode having been awesome, its simply because I'm still in a state of denial and think this show might actually one day excite me as Stargate, BSG, Carprica, Star Trek etc have done over the years.

    Instead I watch the episode and find myself fighting the urge to keep hitting the skip forward 10 seconds button, its so damn boring, been here before etc.

    I agree absolutely with previous comment "The writers should be shot", the main problem with this show is one HUGE misconception on the writers part, that people are interested in these characters personal drama's, past lives etc, that we want a melodrama in space. Notice whenever they go back to earth using the stone's. Instead of some exciting story we get a wollowing personal story/tragedy played out. Add to that the music they play in the middle of the shows, where they feature people crying in their rooms, it reminds me of the cheesy music they used to drop in the middle of an episode of neighbours, when something life shattering happens like Harold Bishop going missing.

    I'm not heartless, I just wanted a sci-fi show, not a soap opera and if it is as it seems a soap opera, I'm certain I could find a far better one, with better acting if I looked outside of the sci-fi genre.

    I like others, were perhaps a bit confused, for a while I figured this was simply character development, a chance for us all to empaphise and understand our cast. But its gone on and on to the point I actually am certain the writers are making a drama in space.

    The stories are LAME. they waste so many oppurtunities in this show to make this exciting, seat of your pants, sci-fi with some action and adrenaline. Its just boring and I'm sick of watching it unfold.

    Unfortunately, I'll remain in denial again, next saturday and download another episode, thinking It all might change, or that indeed, someone does shoot the writers and someone new comes in and says "guys, this has to end, people don't want this crap, they want sci-fi and that means a little more than stars and stargates amongst dribble & depression, it means EXCITEMENT for the viewers"

    If not I guess I will have to wait on Caprica coming back, because that is AWESOME and five minutes of that show, i'd take over the last 17 episodes of SGU in a heartbeat