Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2010 on Syfy

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  • For me the most lackluster episode of the show so far.

    SGU gets a lot of hate, I can see why it bothers some people, but I still find plenty to enjoy. However this one stretched my affection for the show to near breaking point.

    This episode is completely made of 'B' story plots - all the stuff that's usually going on either as a counterpoint or respite from the 'A' story. I assumed the Chloe mystery was going to go somewhere, but nope, That's all folks! Tune in next week!

    I certainly can't describe it as bad, it's kind of like someone got all the deleted scenes from the last few weeks and stuck them all together so that you get a whole load of character moments. The time passes ok but instead of a real plot we get to see:

    - Eli making his mum take her medicine and in the best moment of the episode, finally show her the ship.
    - Camille's relationship hit the skids a bit.
    - Rush still trying to make sense of the control room and enlisting 'Zombie Chloe' to help. It's a little hard to accept him still keeping it a secret, but enlisting a possible enemies help? My disbelief is stretching pretty far here. Plus, has no one thought keeping an eye on Rush too might be a good idea? He was on the Alien's ship far longer than Chloe.
    - The Lucian's getting parole and rubbing up against Greer.

    The acting was as good as usual and the overall arc is incrementally progressed, but were I to tune into SGU for the first time and see this, I'd continue to channel hop. Plus we get another weak montage! Thankfully without some crummy indie band this time.