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  • 6 years later and I still mourn the untimely cancellation of one of the best Sci fi Series ever

    Yes I am rewatching this great show and still can't believe such a high quality show with brilliant plot , casting and actors was cancelled. It's not surprising to me that the low IQ sg1 and sga fans hated SGU so much, and cried and soiled their nappies so much that SGU was cancelled.

    SG1 was infantile, made for kids and preteens surely? Am I the only person who thinks this? Richard Dean Anderson's attempts at humour were so cringeworthy and childish.

    On the other hand , David Blue's characterization of Eli Wallace was very funny and made a great contrast to the deep and emotional plotlines of SGU.

    The whole feel and atmosphere that the SGU creators made was brilliant and emotional.

    There was a magic about the show that is hard to describe, but I believe was the best science fiction series ever made. ( And that is a hard call because I loved STNG with Patrick Stewart ).

    Too intelligent for syfy to carry on with , they gave it's timeslot to wrestlemania !!!!!

    Can you believe that??? Really, what else can you say??

  • This IS my favourite Stargate series, I still hope they will pick it up again ...

    ... and judging from where they left off I think the series could be resurrected (that is IF they can get the band (actors) back together). Fingers crossed
  • Great show

    Its a show just as good as the other Stargate serieses, great acting, great story, it should have survived much longer than Atlantis, but thanks to "fans" of the other Stargate shows it didnt. What a shame, but they got what was coming when the producers said "ok you dont want any more Stargate, then alright, we wont make the planned Movies. Its Your own fault.
  • Stargate; A Mercy Kill

    It seems that after they announced its cancellation that creators Brad Wright and Robert Cooper placed the blame for its failure on disgruntled Stargate fans who sabotaged its chances, how petty.

    It didn't fail because Stragate fans were throwing a hissy fit it failed because it was a god-AWFUL show; it was bleak, depressing, gloomy and thought just because it had sex and shaky cam it was an "adult" show. The characters were flat, unlikable and underdeveloped which was unfortunate in a "character-driven" show because there was no plot so to speak of and even less momentum.

    I loved the stargate series and grew up watching it and admit I wasn't pleased with the crappy ending that Atlantis got but I didn't fly into a rage and childishly decide to boycott the syfy channel, I gave Universe a chance and found it genuinely painful to watch.

    This was a show that desperately wanted the Peabody-winning prestige of BSG but simply did not have the talent to back it up, put quite simply the writers and creators of the stargate franchise were hacks which was all well and good when they were paddling in the shallow end, the Stargate series is a pretty low bar; it's a formulaic, adventure of the week, black and white morality, unimaginative, flamboyant space-opera with silly, unrealistic characters and simplistic contrived plots but it's fun and easy to watch, like a western or a buddy-cop show in space "popcorn for the brain", much like StarTrek but less saccharine...

    Also I have to admit the way the creators treated their loyal fans of over fifteen years is nothing short of shameful and actually WOULD possibly discourage me from watching anything they would have a hand in, in the future. Cooper and Wright pretty much came out and said that they wanted to attract a, for want of a another term "better" audience, and were "moving in a different direction, away from stargate fans" and essentially that disgruntled Atlantis fans should basically suck it up and stop whining because they "didn't matter" and then as soon as this abysmal show tanked,

    They turn around and childishly point the finger at the decade-plus fans who apparently didn't matter to begin with

    Long story short this show was a plotless mess with lackluster characters, a dumb premise, crappy cinematography (I LOVED the "gritty" and worn design of destiny in stark contrast to the sterile and ascetic ships seen elsewhere in the franchise, but it was so DAMN dark, and that over-used "found footage" style, seriously?) and delusions of grandeur a show that wanted to be adult but didn't seem to know how to make that happen

  • Why Oh Why

    Still to this day I cant believe they cancelled this show, one of the best sci-fi shows out there, which was going to rejuvenate the Stargate franchise.
  • revivle time.

    Ok! This is gone to far now, they have been between universes long enough now. It is time to bring them back to finish the series off. This is ridiculous, a lot of very good Syfy shows come on and get going then a year or two into it they cancel. Sometimes it is about content not numbers. This is a classic and now it needs to be revived. Start now, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it,
  • How will I cope without my fav tv characters!

    When does SGU fit into the Stargate Universe chronologically? I've just started to re-watch the show and I can't remember. Is it after Atlantis (the city) returns to earth in the SGA finale?

    Whatever the answer, I was gutted that fan favourites from SG1 and SGA did not have more of a presence on the show interspersed with the new crew. Surely it would have made sense for Daniel Jackson, Rodney McKay and Sam Carter to be next to the communication stones at least once in it's run, especially given their experience and knowledge of Ancient systems and language. Dr Rush had the knowledge but none of the experience, Eli was a college drop-out who got lucky and everyone else went around without a clue and getting caught up in the machinations of the military / IOA / Lucian alliance etc. Maybe I'm selfish for wanting to see more of the fan favourites than a fresh-faced cast but I can't help but think that more appearances by familiar faces could only have helped with ratings etc.
  • Save SGU!

    It ended just when it was on its best. So sad.

    Please help to revive this amazing show on Netflix. You can visit a Petition under change. org

    We have almost 70.000 signatures, but need more!

    Sign the petition, we are close!
  • Michael Cr

    Michael Cr
  • Save Stargate Universe

    This Show Is Amazing And Should Never Have Been Cancelled

    I wanted to let you know about the fan petition to save stargate universe. I will include links to the pages mentioned so you may see for yourselves. The petition was started by Richard Dickenson in an attempt to unite fans and save a great show. The petition has grown to over 63,000 signatures and now has an official facebook page with over 3,000 likes. The signatures on the petition include members of the cast and members of the cast of stargate atlantis. Screen shots of this can be found on the facebook page. People from all over the world are signing this petition and creating a global movement in an attempt to save a wonderful show that was cancelled due to false ratings. All of the info and stats can be found listed in the petition. There are and stats that MGM did not have at the time when they decided to cancel the show. Thank you ~R

  • Please come back

    I watched the show again with my son and I really want them to revive this show. I forgot how much I love this show and miss it. I hope it can be revived into a few more seasons and not a movie where it ends. Please give us more Stargate!
  • It's really heavy

    While the show has its bright spots, it feels generally hard to bear. Sometimes it's just depressing and plain boring. I think they could have done better if they hadn't tried so hard to make it a dark version of Stargate.
  • It died before its time

    SGU was just starting to get good. I admit that I didn't really like the first season, but the second season was starting to groove. I really love the characters Rush and Eli. I was sad that it was canceled by a channel that chose to air a cooking show as scifi. Seriously????
  • I really wanted to like this show.

    Im a new fan to the Stargate fandom. I thought the original series was decent but outdated. I loved Atlantis. I came into this series knowing it hate its fans and it had hatred. I tried to keep and open mind but this show never really clicked for me. The story was there maybe just not moving forward fast enough. My problem was I never fell in love with a single character. I don't know if it was the darkness to the show or that the casting just wasn't good enough. Something was a miss for me.
  • why, oh why

    the only reason people like sgu, is that it was the last real syfy show of its time... compared to sg1 or atlantis, this show sucked... there is a reason it only ran for 2 seasons, and thats because compaired with sg1 and atlantis, this sucked.

    SGU killed the stargate franchise!!!
  • Magnificient Science Fiction Series. Science Fiction at it's finest. Ignore negative reviews, it's just people who don't like realism and drama.

    I've read a number of reviews here on TV dot com and it's clear that people either loved the show or hated it.

    First up, if you enjoy movies like Blade Runner, 1984, Soylent Green, Logans Run and perhaps THX1138, then I'm certain you will enjoy Stargate Universe. Some reviewers have compared it to the new Battlestar Galactica(if there referring to the first 2 seasons then I don't have a problem, the final 3 seasons of the new Battlestar Galactica however were utter trash).

    My main issues with SG-1 and SG-Atlantis where watching them in the first place. Why? Well I really enjoyed the first movie but McGyver(Richard Dean Anderson) replacing Kurt Russell had me waiting a long time till I finally watched the show(which by the way is not bad and I was glad I watched it for the great tech ideas etc). Also no James Spader further removed my interest from the show for a long time. It's also fair to say that the show did end up being the Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson show for a long time, this even continued into Stargate-Atlantis which was a negative for me.

    Stargate-Atlantis was superb in bringing more realistic characters to the show as opposed to jolly jaunters as Daniel Jackson would put it.

    Then along came Stargate - Universe and I'm ever so glad I watched all the previous incantations of Stargate(the animated is not counted as it's complete garbage and not worthy of the Stargate name), for had I not made the decision to watch all of those fun episodes I would never have tried out Stargate Universe and Stargate Universe is simply stunning.

    Something that a lot of people here need to know right now is that there are about 30 or so KENO diary entries that were made seperate to the series. To view them, fans and interested viewers had to go to the website and check them out as they were released. These are now available on the Bluray set for season one(that I now own and will be there for season 2 when it's finally available on bluray as well) and are a must if your even sightly interested in the show. The main reason is that they fill in the gaps which allow you to relate to the characters and where there coming from. It will give those who (just couldn't get into the characters because they were not instantly cool) something to provoke a touch more thought.

    This series has hit nerves mainly because in terms of characters, it presents us with people as they really would be. Reality always hits nerves because people often seek SciFi to escape into an imaginary world. Real SciFi however shows us both the good and the bad aspects of future concepts, technology and ways of thought. Stargate Universe presented characters which to me, felt real. A crowd of people forced onto a Starship they didn't intend upon being on, all being forced to work together. Did you honestly believe that would equal a happy situation? No way, in fact just the opposite for many episodes and this series is to be commended for capturing that fact extremely well.

    The 'Destiny'(The Starship for those who havn't seen it yet because your friends only wanted another formulaic series like SG-1 and SG-Atlantis but ignore them, this is the one to see if your prefer REAL drama in your SciFi. It's also a touch of SciFi drama. Exploring peoples emotions and feelings if they found themselves in this situation), is superb. I'm at a loss as to why people found some things unbelievable and aspects of the ship that didn't fit. I found it was explained incredibly well. The episode where there all searching to find some substance to replenish the oxygen system for example was breathtaking(excuse the pun), I honestly felt for those people and I'll admit opened a window when they got the air system working again.

    My only negative is the stones from the Azguard that allow the crew to switch bodies, placing there consciousness in someone back on Earth, while that person get's there body on the starship, was more of a distractor than an aid, however it does allow for some relief with the crew and the ability to contact there loved ones which gives them some hope. It was also a great way to explore another area of drama and the human condiiton.

    Overall this is mind blowing SciFi. Gone is the half hearted romps, replaced with serious well thought out science fiction, telling a life like story as opposed to a tongue in cheek everyone goes home happy tale. This is a series for the grown up and mature Stargate fan, or even anyone who prefers honest truth in drama from characters as opposed to BS that's for show on the screen to give a 'cool factor'.

    Finally as for the 'they just push buttons and it all works out pheww' that one reviewer mentioned. Ignore it. Everything is very well explained(in particular the bit about having control of some systems but others which are locked out and only a handful of people on the starship can actually read 'Ancient' as most of the people are not even supposed to be on a starship so everything is very slow going) and the truth is(I hope this isn't giving too much away), a lot of the moments are not 'oh pheww' moments at all. Alas many people die in this show, in fact very easily just like they would in real life if exposed to the vacuum of space or other harsh environments for any lengthy period of time.

    Terrific series, highly underrated and it really is a shame that previous fans of the other 2 series, simply failed to understand or get SG-Universe(they probably didn't even know about the KENO diaries which explain a lot of the sub plots and actions of the characters in the main series, well worth watching for those who havn't seen them yet but have seen the series and want some more SG-U, it's essentially over 30mins of new footage).

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for adults. Not a family/childrens show.

    PS. The soundtrack to this series is SUPERB. Again fans of Blade Runner are going to love the theme. That reminds me, the series title section was brilliantly non-pretentious and not over the top like the other 2 series(why waste valuable viewing time on a fanfare with every episode), no Stargate Universe gives you about 3-5 seconds and that's that. Actors names etc just placed lightly while the epiosde actually begins as opposed to the fanfare style that wasted 30 - 40 seconds of viewing time on each and every episode in SG-1 and SG-Atlantis.
  • Very good viewing.

    I find the characters in this show much more realistic than in the other SG's, although I love the entire franchise. A motley crew of flawed individuals thrown together and forced to work to overcome their differences, this isn't a candyfloss series, it's hard-hitting and sometimes even unpredictable. Why they left it where they did is unfathomable. Even a one-off, feature-length episode to finish off the story would have been better than the cliffhanger we've been left with. Bring it back, we need to know what happens! :(
  • Almost on par with Battlestar?

    Possibly the only other Sci-Fi series that could have been as good as Battlestar Galactica! rich characters! a smart story line and mysteries that i just want to be solved!

    To continue this into a third season? i think it is a must! this is just too good to leave it where it is! it needs to be continued!
  • Stargate Universe totally awesome

    This is one of the best Sci-Fi series ever watched : when season 3 starting to air?
  • THIS is what Sci-Fi should be like!

    This was The best TV Series i have ever seen in my opinion!!!!!!!!!

    I really enjoyed the 2 seasons that aired, i was so hooked on this show that even though it only had 2 seasons, I watched them numerous times. I really wish they didn't cancel it there, I would have loved to see where the destiny was destined to reach, they also left us (the fans) hanging in the worst possible way, with no conclusion.

    It didn't have the same feel as the previous Stargates did, but to great effect in my opinion. I loved the first 2 (SG1 and SGA) but this was more Sci-Fi where those were more action/Sci-Fi.

    I related to Eli Wallace as a smart but unsuccessful young adult (whom I thought was the true hero in the story) and saw the series from his perspective, the writers had a way of drawing me in in such a way that i wished that I was there instead.

    I wish they would bring this series back with a heavy heart.
  • Destiny..... The design is clearly ancient..... Launched hundreds of thousands of years ago.

    This isn't your usual getting saved at the last second, making jokes while being tortured kind of Stargate we are used to, and that's a good thing. The previous Stargate TV franchises consisting of SG1 and SGA which used the same formula and had the same tone, and don't get me wrong, I love these shows, but ratings had dropped and a change was required for SG to survive.

    Some compare SGU to Battlestar Galactica, it has more drama like BSG, it's set in space like BSG, they are far away from home like BSG, but other than that the show even with its darker feel has a completely different tone and is far less political. The show also has beautiful special effects with the gate opening procedure looking much better than previously. The special effects aren't in abundance, but when they are there, they're fantastic.

    This is a show about survival, with real emotions and fear coming to the surface throughout, people behaving irrationally with different agendas. But, it's the potential of the show that stands out, with a huge ancient ship to be explored, no doubt riddled with cool technologies, not to mention the galaxy they are stuck in, billions of light years from home with new aliens to encounter.

    The show has had its fair share of slower episodes. So What? What show doesn't? The haters of the showwould have you believe it's a soap, they exaggerate greatly and need to give it a chance. This show doesn't want to be an SGA clone, it's a serious scifi drama. The creators of the original movie weren't happy with SG1's light hearted tone, so folks saying SGU is an insult to SG need to remember that fans hated Star Trek: TNG until the Borg came along, they hated Voyager until 7 of 9 came along. With all this in mind and being a long time scifi fan, this show will only get better and with season 2 already commissioned it will be here for a while yet.

    This isn't a show to casually watch but one to savour, if you want burger and fries stick with the originals, if on the other hand you want something with more depth, give this a try, you won't be disappointed.
  • Destiny

    Following the mood, pace writing and general filming style of the wildly successful Battlestar Galactica reboot, Syfy tries again with Stargate Universe. I have to admit that I did not like the show when it first aired but on a rainy day started to watch it again from Netflix. I'm saddened now that I didn't give it more of a chance and that it eventually was cancelled.

    There are some opretty neat ideas, sets, and writing for the show its just most people couldnt get past the more dramatic character development instead of Jack O'Neil style pacing and sarcasm.
  • This show is so boring and uninteresting, I find it hard to believe it is from the same producers as the previous SG-series.

    This is the kind of show that makes me wonder why it is made in the first place and even worse why really good shows get cancelled.

    I have to admit. I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to tv shows and I love science fiction. As a huge fan of all the previous series in the Stargate universe, I can't figure out how they could get it so wrong on so many levels in SGU.

    Here is what is wrong with SGU in my opinion...

    First off, I don't like any of the characters. Even better, there is not a single character on this show I would hate to see get blown out of an airlock or drop dead of a massive coronary. Maybe the show would actually improve if it was just about the ship. Or better yet. Drop these lame dime in a dozen characters off at the nearest planet that can sustain life and pick up a cool crew. You know the SGA team.

    Second. The ship, that looks awesome by the way, is so damaged they can not explore it properly or get it to work. However flying through a star is no biggie if it needs to power up. I really hate it when they totally go fiction and leave out the science part. So there is enough power to provide this bucket of bolts through a star and dialing earth is out of the question?!? I just don't believe it.

    Third. There is something seriously wrong with the storyline and the problems they faced so far are just not that interesting. I want to refer to my previous statement of not caring who lives or dies. Even so if the ship simply knows the needs of the people on board, how come it hasn't stopped on a planet with food and supplies? How come the ship knows they ran out of water or that the airco needed fixing? It is weak at best. Fourth. I never liked the communication stones. Well let's say I can stand them for an episode or two in a twenty-four episodes series. But seriously every episode? Cut back on the meatsuit stories they are uninteresting to say the least.

    And finally. Did I mention I don't like any of the characters?
  • One of the few series worthy of a 10

    In characterization, ambientation, story telling, space travels, etc, few have reached the level of this series.

    Tragic was the day that was cancelled.
  • Writing was very good

    The show had promise from day one, but lost some direction by leaving some on another planet and having a god like event near the end of the shows. Needed more conection with the old Stargate SHows and more real look at where they went. People need to be able to attach to what they seen and show let that part of production slip away. Being different is not always better.
  • its amazing, has little to do with stargate, one of the best shows ive ever seen

    this is going to be short. i love sci fi. i loved the star gate movie. i really liked sg1. i thought sga was shite. i stopped watching and skipped some episodes it was so bland. this show is amazing. the script, the people, the few things that tie it to stargate. its a breath taking show. many episodes made me laugh and cry. im not dramatic and never cry while watching anything. a show about people(some that belong and some just get plopped in with no skills) that randomly are forced to survive on an ancient star ship while battling a reality that they can only vaguely understand most of the journey is such an incredible plot. the characters are amazing. this is utterly amazing. the fact that they cancelled it is insane. i hate the requirement for ratings. they should make 3 movies or another show to pick up where they left off at the end going into stasis sleep. omg what a show.
  • Worst of anything in the Stargate franchise.

    No likeable characters. Fail, and dull plots. The main story was novice at best.

    Basically, a ship from hundreds of thousands of years ago, they get stranded on, what happens next? Continuous pointless drama, no proper plots, at least not interesting ones, they removed the sci from sci-fi, and made it more dull-fiction.

    They changed it from what made Stargate loved, which is just stupid.
  • It's too bad people wanted this show to be the same old, formulaic, predictable, warm and fuzzy show that was the previous Stargate ventures. Apparently 15 years worth of SG-1/SG:A just wasn't enough for these dull, close minded people. SG-U WAS AWESOME!


    I know I gave this a prefect rating, that's based on what the show could have been had the writers not listened to the complaining of people who were just upset that SG-1 and Atlantis were canceled. The fact is this show was dark, edgy and realistic, it had great acting (with a couple exceptions) and the use of the vast SG background was very cool. I was a fan of the original shows, not a die hard fan but I definitely enjoyed the fun happy-go lucky feel of the shows, at least at first... After the 8 or 9th season however, it started to become forced, predictable and dare I say, boring. Atlantis was a fun idea but it really was just more of the same. I hope all the moaners and complainers are happy with themselves, because there will NEVER be another Stargate show or movie EVER again because of these ungrateful, close-minded, mouth breathers who wanted yet another team of people going through a stargate each week, getting into random adventures while the leader makes silly sarcastic wise cracks while the smart team members roll their eyes along with the audience. Give this show a chance, the 1st 3 episodes alone are worth checking out, & as long as your not a silly SG-1 fanboy who gets scared by dark places and surprising story lines I hope you will like the show as much as I did. I was very sad when they canceled it, it really was the best thing on SyFy, before or since.

  • My determination to give this latest spin-off a fair go did not get rewarded until half way season 2 where teh seemingly forgotten Stargate magic was refound (much to my relief) although ultimately it proved too little too late as the show was cancelled


    Having been a fan of the Stargate phenomenon from the very beginning I eagerly awaited this new season. Having being dubious about the first spin-off "Atlantis" , and being more than pleasantly surprised, I was determined to give this latest spin-off a fair go. However sitting through season one was a lesson in patience: waiting for those moments that had made Stargate the success it was. Gone were the funny quips and adventure and in its place was a show that was Hollyoaks-est in its plots then seemingly remembering there was a Stargate. While its predecessors did obviously delve into what made the characters real, this show seemed to be more concerned with who was bedding who, and simply handing over the back details in a rush leaving the watcher feeling oddly empty and apathetic towards the characters. The whole show was a lot like the Stargate :Atlantis character Ford- nice enough but no real interest to catch you

    However about half way through season 2 the Stargate magic finally seemed to be back! (Yay!) Characters suddenly came to life, and the sci-fi element came back into the foreground with that well known Stargate humour.

    However it came too late as the rates were too low to justify a renewal.

    But what an ending! If only they had started with those finial 12 episodes- the show might still be going.

    Still- hopefully this hasn't completely killed the Stargate franchise. I hope they come up with a new way round- or try for a renewal carrying on in the future from where Stargate Universe left off

  • This show has absolutley NO likeable characters in it. They are all the same, all react the same way, have the same sort of quirks, talk the same way, etc...

    This show has absolutley NO likeable characters in it. They are all the same, all react the same way, have the same sort of quirks, talk the same way, etc... Even though the show does show some promise mostly because it has "stargate" in the title, the casting and character writing has not shown much promise yet.

    Hopefully things will start happening soon... I've watched the first 8 episodes now, and I feel like I'm still on the first one!! Almost every episode so far has had the same basic outline: they're stuck on a ship, they don't know how to get back home, they are still exploring the ship, they get into a little bit of trouble every once in a while messing with the ships could be a three stooges episode with the right music in the background...
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