Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Hostile aliens attacking the stargate center and may possibly destroy the planet...

    ... could be the headline if the Langarans were the narrators.

    This whole plot is something right out of a script for the original stargate series. Aliens taking over the commander of the SGC and the security chief by mind switching and then proceed to try an untested and very possibly catastrophic experiment with the stargate. But this time our 'heroes' are actually the bad guys. Driven by their need to reach the Destiny with supplies and fresh personal, the SGC under the lead of Woolsey and Rodney McKay try to negotiate with the Langarans. Even though McKay tries to convince them, that his new method is safe the Langarans refuse, fearing the destruction of their planet.
    Woolsey, Telford and the SGC suspect the Langarans to be under pressure by the Lucian Alliance and stage an attack on them by using the ancient stones to switch the stargate security chief and the commander with Scott and Young. The plan goes wrong when an acute security man finds the behaviour of his superiors suspect and calls for help.

    This whole thing was doomed to fail from the begining in my opinion. The idea was to establish a supply route to the Destiny but even when the dailing had worked I won't believe that the Langarans would grant them the right to use their stargate after such an attack.
    In addition to that our heroes tried to execute a plan that threatened the entire population of a planet and knowing McKay's track record failure was quite possible.
    Billions of lifes for a few supplies and the vague threat from the Lucian Alliance, which wasn't even one as was later shown. I guess SGC lost their perspective on right or wrong.
  • I think this is one of the best shows SyFy has. I enjoy watching each and every episode of StarGate Universe.

    The last episode was great like all the rest. I really hope this series continue. I think everyone would like to know what this crew will find at the end of the journey of Destiny.The introduction of old characters into the series it has been the best things that this shows has done. I like when each series bring aboard members of the original series and combined with all the rest. This makes the series more believable and interesting. One thing that will be great is to bring back a new force that will challenge the crew something like the Orai or the Ancient gods. It will be great if they can find a planet were all the Greek gods lives a planet called Creta in the Olympus solar system. This is an idea from my book SunGard Book of Firestorm. You can find my book at I wish I could become a screen writer one day if a network gives me the chance.
  • This is real science fiction. (spoilers)

    To avoid spoilers, I'll keep things as vague as I can, but read at your own risk. Personally, I don't think stories that can be easily transferred to other settings qualify as science fiction; they're just another arbitrary choice of props and backgrounds. Not only was the personality transfer thread not guilty of this, but it had real meaning and purpose, not like the hollow, random dream in a dream excuse for special effects ridiculousness of Inception. Admittedly it was rather predictable, since it's far from a novel plot, but it was done well and wasn't the episode's only draw. Using the transfer stones in such an inventive manner was extremely enjoyable; even if the technologies are fictional and black boxed, having consistent rules that allow new, logical possibilities is what separates science fiction from mere fantasy. The fact that their mission wasn't the success they had hoped for helped offset the overly aggressive tactics I found a bit unbelievable given they had other options. Overall a good episode.
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