Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 11

Space (1)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 02, 2010 on Syfy
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When the communication stones malfunction and transport Young's consciousness to an unknown alien vessel, the crew of the Destiny reveal themselves to a powerful race.

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  • A fast paced and enjoyable epsiode that delivers on humour and great science fiction.

    A refreshing departure from meloncholy, this episode is face paced, well lit, generous with CGI and interesting. Reminiscent of Enterprise, Space gives us plenty to think about while distracting us with action, drama and adventure.

    I feel that Space has the right balance to make SGU work - giving us the polictical drama and realism while mixing it in with all the greatest elements we all remember from previous serious. This was the first episode that i laughed with the show and not at it.

    Plotwise, and possible spoilers, Space made me think about the relationship between Young and Eli and the multitude of consequences that will arise if he were to ever betray Young. Ray and Rush seem to have formed a temporary alliance hinting at more drastic measures to change leadership.

    As for Rush, he is so obsessed with his quest that his morals are blurred - but i cant help but support him regardless. The first half of the SGU season (except Time) seems to me to have been stretched out and filled in... and this episode was definately the opposite - it was cut for enjoyment - hopefully its not the exception but the rule from now on.moreless
  • impressive

    First off, I can understand that some people were pretty annoyed that Rush returned so quickly; the creators could just as well have turned this into a longer arc. But on the other hand, since Rush is a major character, the question "will he make it back to Destiny" isn't all that rivetting, so why not bring him back right away after the 4 months hiatus.

    The idea to have aliens pick him up who are following Destiny around is at the same time compelling and original.

    (The fact that Young did not leave Rush on the alien vessel to die made up for the one big idiocy of the last episode: even though Rush provoked Young till his blood boiled, Young would never have attacked the one person he depends on so much, no matter what. Ely is good, but he isn't Rush.)moreless
  • How much more lazy can the writers get ... ?


    I didn't like SG-U from the very beginning, yet, as many others I hoped that it would get better with time. I guess I now know for sure that I was wrong.

    There were so many things just wrong in this episode that I don't even know where to start!

    The cliffhanger stopped somewhere with Dr. Rush being stranded on a planet and the crew not believing Young's explanation. "Space" starts right here - nothing wrong with that.

    Young gets 'bad feelings' about knocking down Rush and leave him on the planet - at least that is my assumption from his 'flashbacks'. More drama needs to be added and generated, so, the writers need Wary to confront him and let him know that she does not believe his story ...


    the above is rather in line with the previous episodes of SG-U, so, not much complains on that; even not after Wray starts to plan taking over the ship - civilians against military. Still, I wonder how likely that would have been under this circumstances? The entire crew got screwed by earth's chain of command, so, why filing plots against people if you haven't even tried yet to work together? There is no reason for it other than creating - once more - artificial drama and moving SG-U more into the BSG direction ...

    Young uses the stones ...

    ... to inform earth, yet, there is a glitch and instead of swapping the body with an earthling, Young finds himself in the body of an alien on another ship.

    The writers don't provide any explanation on how this glitch could happen. Instead, they use it again just a few minutes later, so, that Young can go back to that alien ship. The same glitch happened ... twice??? Wow!

    It did not surprise me that Young found Rush in a water tank on that ship. It was very convenient for the writers to put Rush on there. This way they shortened the story and they did not have to show us how Rush came off the planet in first place. (thumbs down for that one!)

    Here I have a question:

    Why would the aliens stick Rush (and Chloe for that matter) into a water tank? Wouldn't it have been more efficient to just chain them on a table? That mind-reader device could have beeen attached and removed miuch easier that way! (again: thumbs down for this!)

    With the help of the stones, Young goes back to the alien ship several times. After his body-swap-amigo-alien gets killed by Rush, the stones don't work anymore. Shouldn't the stones should have taken him to earth instead? No explanation from the writers ... (again: thumbs down for this!)

    Rush's (and I assume also Chloe's) mind had been probed by the aliens, so, they knew already everything they needed to know about the current situation aboard the Destiny. If they really wanted to take over the ship, they would have had easy game ... !

    BTW: Why did they make the alien's eyes glow? Did they want the aliens to be as scary as Go'a'ulds?

    Eli ...

    ... was all of a sudden an expert in ancient tech! He knew how to activate / launch the Destiny's weapon system; he knew when systems got critical; he knew what to do about just anything. When did he learn all that? (again: thums down for this!).


    I could go on with examples on why this episode sucked, yet, I would say watch for yourself if you haven't done so already!

    My closing comment:

    This episode was - action-wise - the opposite from the previous episodes, yet, the writers failt in packing it in a story. Instead they simply arranged a couple of events, so, they could have a lousy animated space fight with one puddle jumper against a dozens of alien ships.

    The acting wasn't any better, dialoges were as stupid as in previous episodes: everything 'designed' to build up artifical drama. Nothing really was unique nor without the 'I have seen this already' feeling. The action didn't keep me excited because the lack of a story has not been overcome here. It might have been more interesting if we would have seen how Rush got taken by the aliens ... that way it would have made more sense.

    My biggest complaint:

    I am tired of 'getting Stargate Physics rewritten' on an as needed basis. What sense does it make to redefine the functions of the stones? I mean, 1 glitch would have been ok but several glitches in a row? Why didn't the stones transport Young's mind to earth once that alien was killed?moreless
  • One of the best, if not the best episode...

    This was a great episode, with action and a compelling story. I mean how cool is it to further create drama by bringing back Rush onto the ship, knowing that the Colonel tried to kill him. It set up a wonderful dynamic of tension on the ship. Action scenes were good, the aliens looked familiar yet original at the same time. Rush choking out one of the aliens was awesome! When the series first began, I found Rush really annoying - probably the accent mostly. But now I really like his character and I'm glad they returned him to the ship straight away after the long break in the episodes.moreless
  • Overall not bad. There was more than 1 weird scene but it was entertaining.

    Hi! New member: first review! I hope I don't screw up because my English might be a little rusty (Italian here).

    well I've been watching the whole season so far but never posted any comment (I read them all) because people were getting so aggravated to SC1 SGA fans that I thought it was better not to add oxigen to the fire...I indeed (indeeed!) would have almost always rated SGU 4...maybe 5.

    But I don't want to indulge on that. This episode was not bad.

    I mean: space! And we do have humanoid aliens! I'm a 2001 space odissey fan so I don't need aliens to have fun with sci-fi, but I was getting bored of having just drama with some sci-fi. So good! Very nice. A couple of things that really bothered me and also the reason i didn't give it more than 6.5.

    1. Rush's explanation wasn't enough. After such a cliffhanger I needed to SEE what happened to him. this is the kind of show that's supposed to tell you things little by little but this time I really needed to see it.

    2. The "attack" of Destiny's little combat ship with...what's their names...the two young dudes. I think one ship against all those crafts would not have had much of a chance. 3. Rush finds Chloe (is that her name?) and magically escapes the mother-ship without any encounters besides the alien he kills in his cell. Well: at least these elements distracted me from the usual drama and confrontation that goes on in the ship! that's very nice! so in the end I'm satisfied and hope this show will go on this way.

    One last thought. It's really too bad Rush got back in destiny. I would have liked to see Eli become a more responsible kid and Rush eventually go on a crusade for vengeance. Now all we probably will get is more useless artificial drama and stupid crew-fights. But you never know. Fortunately I still kling to those old SG shows and the writers are still the same, no?

    see ya!moreless
Robert Carlyle

Robert Carlyle

Dr. Nicholas Rush

Louis Ferreira

Louis Ferreira

Colonel Everett Young



Camille Wray

David Blue

David Blue

Eli Wallace

Brian J. Smith

Brian J. Smith

1st Lt. Matthew Scott

Elyse Levesque

Elyse Levesque

Chloe Armstrong

Rukiya Bernard

Rukiya Bernard

Airman Richmond

Guest Star

Julia Benson

Julia Benson

2nd Lt. Vanessa James

Recurring Role

Jennifer Spence

Jennifer Spence

Dr. Lisa Park

Recurring Role

Patrick Gilmore

Patrick Gilmore

Dr. Dale Volker

Recurring Role

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    • Young: (darning his socks) You know, I always figured that limited resources meant that every day would be a struggle for survival, but I never thought it would come to this.
      Camille: Is that supposed to be a hint?
      Young: Yeah, it's a hint. If you're wondering what to get me for Christmas, I need socks.

    • Camille: You know, I find it interesting that the device just happens to malfunction just moments after we had our conversation this morning.
      Young: I guess it's kind of coincidental.
      Camille: That's one word. Another is "convenient."
      Young: And another is "surprising." Okay, your turn.

    • Camille: When the time comes, let's hope that those who sit in judgment of you grant the mercy you denied Dr. Rush.
      Young: I believe you mean "allegedly" denied Dr. Rush.

    • Young: Eli, come on.
      Eli: Hey, hey, first real space battle over here.

    • Scott: For the record, I think this is a very bad idea.
      Young: Yes, but it's the best of the bad ideas.

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