Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 21, 2010 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Aboard Destiny, Rush is sleeping in his quarters and having what appears to be dreams of Earth, and people meeting someone near a warehouse by the shore. When he wakes up, he goes to see Young and tells him that in his dream, he was on Earth giving information to members of the Lucian Alliance about Icarus base. When Young wonders what he means, Rush explains that he saw himself in a reflection, and that he was in Telford's body. Young tells Scott about it, since he had a similar bleed-through of memory while using the communication stones. When Scott wonders if Young is projecting his personal issues onto Telford, Young explains that Telford spent a year infiltrating the Lucian Alliance, and they attacked another planet eight months into Telford's assignment. Telford knew about the attack, but didn't warn anyone so he could maintain his cover. Young suspects the Lucian Alliance may have used Gou'ald technology to brainwash him. Young talks to Rush and tells him that Scott doesn't remember anything similar. When Eli comes in, Young quickly sends him away. Rush then suggests that he participate in the next switch with Telford, and then find out who Telford is involved with. He remembers the number 314 from his dream memories, and insists that he'd need to be in Telford's body to spur the memories further. Young warns that he can't inform Stargate Command because he doesn't know how high the infiltration goes, and that Rush will be on his own. Camille meets with Young to ask why Rush is bumping the person assigned to the next shift on the communication stones. He refuses to explain and she wonders what he's up to, and Young says that she'll just have to trust him. At the Pentagon, Rush arrives in Telford's body, with no one aware that he's not Morrison, the original person. Staff Sgt. Graham introduces himself as his escort. On Destiny, Telford quickly realizes that he's in Rush's body and demands to see Young. Scott informs him that Young will be there shortly and they had to make a sudden change in the schedule so Rush could talk to some technical people. Telford doesn't believe him and asks to get a military uniform. Once he leaves, Young uses the stones to get to Earth and have a meeting with General O'Neill. He explains that Rush is going undercover and they need to have someone covertly trail him. Aboard Destiny in the mess room, the crew throws a baby shower for Johansen. Eli is taking photos and Volker and Brody talk to him privately to ask about Rush's unscheduled trip. Eli notes that Young kicked him out, and they figure something is going on. Telford enters the mess room and asks to talk to Camille in private about the schedule change. Young explains his suspicions about brainwashing to O'Neill and warns they need to keep the number of people involved to a minimum. He admits he took a chance by telling O'Neill, who wonders why Rush would implicate Telford if Rush were the mole. Young isn't sure, which is why he wants the tail on Rush. Rush ditches Graham, unaware that someone is following him. He goes to Telford's house, breaks in, and searches the place. He finally finds a key with 314 on it, and a bank statement. Young returns to Destiny and finds Camille and Telford talking privately on the observation desk. He calls Telford to his office and says they have things to discuss. Rush goes to the bank and uses the key to get Telford's safe deposit box. Inside is a cell phone. He calls the number and tells the person at the other end that he has additional information, and requests instructions. Later, the Lucian Alliance agents pick up Rush. Young pours Telford a drink from Brody's still and they discuss how Young attacked him after Telford uses Young's wife to get revenge. Telford points out that Young was sleeping with Johansen and is a disgrace, but Young figures that Telford is jealous because he was supposed to get the command after he went undercover. When Young wonders why Telford let 37 people die, Telford ignores the question and leaves. Young then orders Scott to follow him. The Lucian agents take Rush to the warehouse from his dreams and say that they're waiting. Meanwhile, Daniel Jackson is watching them and taking surveillance photos. O'Neill calls him and warns that the agents are using a jamming device, and the ground forces are standing by when Daniel calls them in. A woman, Commander Kiva, arrives and demands to know who Rush really is. He feigns ignorance but Kiva notes that she failed to use the proper codes. They stun him and uncloak their Gou'ald cargo ship. Daniel calls in the military but they're too late to prevent the Lucian agents from escaping with Rush. Chloe comes to see Johansen, who is crying privately in the mess room. Johansen wonders what chance her baby has of having a normal life. Chloe tries to reassure her, insisting that it's possible they could get back, and the crew will help Johansen with the baby no matter what. At the Pentagon, Daniel informs O'Neill and Young that Kiva is the daughter of a Lucian warlord. Young doesn't want to cut off the communication stone connection yet, and figures they can get Telford to tell them more. Daniel objects, insisting Telford still has rights, but O'Neill agrees to Young's plan. Aboard the cargo ship in hyperspace, Rush wakes up and Kiva apologizes. Rush agrees, saying they had to make it look good, and says that he deliberately gave the wrong code so Kiva would pick him up. She doesn't believe him and ask him for her name. Rush identifies her but she still doesn't believe he's Telford and asks who he is. Back on Destiny, Young accuses Telford of being a spy, and explains that they can get Telford's residual memories from the communication stones. Telford denies it and insists that Young is setting him up because of Emily. He says nothing and goes outside, and Greer asks for a shot at Telford. Young tells him to wait... for now. Kiva continues to torture Rush and insists she's just trying to do what's right for her people. She warns that she could brainwash him, but isn't sure what would happen when he's in someone else's body. Kiva demands to know who Rush really is and if he's of any use to her. As Scott checks on Telford, Young arrives and insists that he'll handle it on his own. He goes inside and demands a confession. When Telford learns that Rush is the one who had the memories, he's skeptical but Young admits that Rush's story has checked out so far. He shows him a photo from Icarus Base of a dead team of soldiers, and accuses Telford of killing them. Telford attacks Young and the two men fight. Greer comes in and beats Telford until Scott pulls him off, and Young orders them both out. Young then returns to his interrogation. Kiva continues her torture and figure that Rush is either Young or Scott, since a civilian wouldn't have withstood the pain. Rush wonders what happens if he talks, and Kiva promises that she'll keep him alive once she has the truth. Rush finally admits who he is. Telford demands that Young cut the connection so he can go back to his own body. Young refuses. Kiva brings up a data display and shows Rush the files on dialing the ninth chevron. They have found another planet with sufficient naquadria to open the ninth chevron. Young asks Telford about the 37 deaths on the outpost and lists the people that died because of Telford's betrayal. He suggests that Telford was brainwashed and they can bring him back, but they need Telford to take the first step by telling him where Kiva is taking Rush. Telford says nothing. The cargo ship arrives at the planet and Kiva shows Rush the Stargate that they've rigged up. The head scientist, Olan, expresses his admiration to Rush and Kiva figures that now they can make a connection. She leaves Rush and Olan to their work, and Rush warns that if the reports on the naquadria deposits are even the slightest part off, they'll dead. He tells Olan that it may take years for him to complete the work. Camille comes to see Telford and finds Greer and Scott outside. They insist that it's a military matter and she points out that's why she led a mutiny before. Camille warns Scott that they'll all have to live with whatever they're doing. Young emerges and Camille demands to talk to Telford, but Young ignores her and walks away. Kiva believes that Rush is stalling, but Rush insists that Olan is wrong in his estimates. She has Olan killed in front of Rush, who admits that he was stalling, and tells him that he's out of chances. Eli, Volker, and Brody continue to monitor Young, unaware that he's brought O'Neill to the ship. Young takes O'Neill to see Telford, who asks for counsel. Young points out that O'Neill is the one who authorized Young's actions. They demand to know where Rush is, and Telford finally admits that he's the traitor. He warns that they can't stop the Alliance's plans. Rush continues his work, and Kiva's assistant Varro asks what it's like to be aboard Destiny When Rush asks what happens if he doesn't make a connection, Varro admits that he'll kill Rush so Kiva can keep her word. Telford explains that he came to his senses and that he joined forces with the Alliance to deal with the aftermath of freedom from the Gou'ald. Unimpressed, O'Neill tells Young to do what he needs to do. Young cuts the connection to O'Neill, sending him back to Earth. He then leaves and finds Camille outside. She insists that they cut the connection to save Rush's life. Young realizes that Scott told her. Young ignores her request and has Brody vent the air in Telford's quarters. He tells Telford that he has five minutes. In the control room, Eli figures that it's a bluff but Brody follows orders. Telford isn't convinced that Young will sacrifice Rush, but Young insists that it's for the greater good.
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