Stargate Universe

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 21, 2010 on Syfy

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  • when did SG become all pro-torture? why are they killing the good parts of SG?

    This is not the Stargate I rememeber. And not just because they lost their sense of humor and tried to be a boring replay of Battlestar Galatica. It was nice to see Jack & Daniel but both were out of character (since when would Daniel the scientist be the super spy they send out to track Rush??) Sure I can see them having one of the bad 'guys' *claim* torture is effective, but there is no way that General O'Neill would condone it - TWICE in an episode.

    This might be it for me. First the show is boring, the long break midseason didn't help. Either explore planets or find an enemy to fit. This sittinng around on the ship with the existential crises is forced and uninteresting. I don't like any of the characters except maybe Eli and sometimes Rush & the Doctor. Chloe is annoying and pointless, I keep hoping she'll die. Scott is annoyingly religous and a slut. Greer is creepy, annoying and boring. They are killing anything I loved about SG (the exploration of new planets, the interactions between characters, the humor).
  • Details of Colonel Telfords betrayel of the SGU come in flashes to Rush as he sleeps, information Rush has unwillingly absorbed after using the communication stones.

    Details of Colonel Telfords betrayel of the SGU come in flashes to Rush as he sleeps, information Rush has unwillingly absorbed after using the communication stones.

    With suspiscion already cast toward Col. Telford for previous transgressions, Col. Young and Rush formulate a plan to flush out the Colonel and uncover the Lucian Alliances agenda.

    Rush tried to infiltrate the Lucian Alliance by pretending to be Col. Telford while Young interrogates Telford aboard destiny.

    A great episode and although a large proportion is filmed on Earth, it doesn't seem to matter with the story line being so engaging.

    Cameo's by R D Anderson and Michael Shanks are actually digestable (so many of the SG1 cameos are wooden and horrid!) but this was a refreshing use of Daniel and Oniell and i think they were given enough airtime to really feel the part.

    I found the interrogation of Telford a little over-cooked. Only because most viewers, i feel, know that Young is moving ahead under the assumption that Telford is brain-washed and that means Telford must die and be revived to be himself again. With this knowlege i dont think many of us found the closing scene that dramatic at all.

    Thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Enjoyable episode.

    Spoilers ahead naturally.

    A good episode for the most part. It was interesting to see Young trying to decide who he hates more - Rush or Telford, then being pleasantly surprised Rush was telling the truth. The threat implied by the new 'Icarus' planet gives a nice opportunity for many rivals to attempt to board Destiny as long as they can find the right planet. Telford really is someone you love to hate, now even more so, hopefully he's just a traitor and not brainwashed as that makes him much more fun.

    As for the SG1 elements, I'm a bit conflicted. It's nice to see General O'Neill and Dr Jackson involved as it's hard not to miss their characters, but I don't really care to see the Lucian Alliance or the other races from the older SG shows getting involved, Destiny is many galaxies away - can't we have more threats from there instead? This might be an attempt to keep the SG-1 fans satisfied and interested, but personally I'd rather they kept the ties as thin as possible.

    I'm still not sure why Rush blabs his own name rather than someone else, couldn't he have pretended to be Greer for example just as easily? Then he wouldn't have to have helped the Alliance with the 9th chevron problem. It's not as if they said "you're a soldier and no use to us, we're going to kill you." Then you could understand him saying it to stay alive and understandable in the situation.

    The tension on the ship between the civilians and the military is going nowhere and getting annoying. I kind of hope this isn't just leading up to a finale with the Alliance boarding Destiny as that just sounds too predictable. I'll still be tuning in to find out though.
  • Okay, let's just start by saying I love this show; it's stargate but of a different flavour. I loved the scenes with Jack and Daniel, but there was just ONE thing in this ep that messed it up for me

    Yes this show focuses more heavily on characteisation and their relationships than it does space battles etc. And it works; great, splendid, that's what SGU has become renound for. It was also a nice thing to see Shanks and Anderson back again (I can only assume why Jack asked Daniel to spy was because he was one of the few he was 100% sure he could trust) but the ONE thing that messed it up was the painfully obvious part of scrimping on the budget. The hyperspace cargoship bit was recycled and the only thing new was the cargoship decloaking which they recycled in the episode. But what really rubbed that in was when the troops ran in and, as opposed to actually seeing the ship leave with rush being bundled into it and being taken, you just had a rushing sound effect, some soldiers running round a corner and Daniel looking into the sky saying 'yeah, they got away' and we're all like "umm, yeah, I guess we'll have to take your word for that" Now I know I'm nit picking because i really do like this show and it has so many brilliant scenes (Rush asks why she killed the scientist and she replies calmly 'you said he was incompitent' and he bluntly replies 'I WAS STALLING!)so yeah, great ep with great characters and great to see some of the old SG1 gang back, but please don't taint that with painfully obvoius attempts to scrimp on the budget!
  • Traitor inside..

    Ok.. I just cannot help to think that parts of the episode just reminded me 24. I mean. Rush undercover? Young holding his friend and thinking about torturing him?

    Ok.. but this episode was good. I most say, very good. I loved whole Daniel and Jack input and to see few familiar faces. Also the whole Rush undercover thing was quite enjoyable. He was good on it but it ended bad for him and he trying to solve the same problem again.. Other's storyline.. The whole thing with Telfrod. I most say it was little shocking that he was involved and the way the episode was shown, it let us believe quite long that we can think for the end, was Rush really the traitor or is it Telfrod. It was clever and even with the whole mindwiping explanation.. it is quite hard turn on Telfrod char.
  • Finally something a little more interesting then hallucinations

    Whoever thought of bringing those ancient stones along with them when they were escaping the Lucian Alliance should be commended, because without them there would be very little for the characters in this series to do. That said, somebody high up in Stargate Command is leaking information to the Lucian Alliance about Destiny. Whoever the Lucian Alliance is, they want Destiny because they believe the ship is for "everybody". A bit contradictory isn't it?

    Using the stones, and going back forth a lot (Destiny and SG command) they are able to pin down the traitor. Just one problem; he is somebody else's body. Normally that wouldn't be a problem except that the civilians on the ship catch wind of what is going on, and demand to be let in the loop. There was a two part episode (if I not mistaken) dedicated to the civilian uprising, and you would think that the military would have learnt something from it. Yes conflicts do create interesting story lines but it just doesn't make sense to fight one another when you are stuck in a tin can millions of light years from home…that's just my thinking.

    By the way has anybody noticed the bed covers and comforters on the ship? I have nice stuff but its no way close to what these guys have on the ship. Was all that on the ship?
  • Low on action, but high on drama

    A pretty solid showing for SG:U. It looks like we're finally finding a use for the communication stones other than household drama back on Earth. While there have been a couple of missteps, so far this has been a good second half for this Stargate series, and it's starting to really grow a bit on me. This episode revealed a bit more about the Lucian Alliance, and we find that Destiny is not quite so disconnected from Earth as we might think. You almost knew there had to be another Icarus type planet out there, so now we will see how the writers incorporate that into the rest of the story. It's a pretty good assumption that at some point, SG Command will find out about the planet, so will it get blown up as well, or will this be a way to send a few re-enforcements and supplies to Destiny?

    And of course, there is the problem with Rush being in Telford's body at the new planet. From the little there is to be gleaned from the summaries of the next episodes, it seems Rush will be able to complete his work, and Kiva will be invading with her forces. Also, will the eventual resolution of the invasion change any of the civilians feelings towards the military?

    Since this is the lead-in to the two-part season finale, the episode leaves us with more questions than answers. However, it does a petty good job of the setup for the finale, with a slow but steady ramp-up of the drama. The conversations between Young and Telford are one of the focus points, and we go from an amicable conversation over alcohol, to an interrogation, to a brawl, and then to draining the air from the chamber after Telford finally admits to willingly being a spy for the alliance.

    Here's hoping for a good finale.
  • If the other episodes were more like this, the ratings for SU would probably be much higher.

    It was awesome to see Oneil and Daniel Jackson again, but aside from those thrills, this was my favorite episode by far. I rated it a bit higher just because it was SO much better than the other episodes. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the show. They flip-flopped my guessing as to which one was the spy (Rush held up pretty good to torture at first, then all of sudden sang like a bird, but I was impressed by the acting while he was tortured), as well as whether the actual revealed spy was a willing or unwilling participant until they revealed it with the spy's smirky admission.

    I would have liked it more if the sitting engineer/geek guy would have shown a bit more personal conflict before obeying the order to release the atmosphere though. It's not like he's military and under obligation to follow military orders.
  • Interesting idea, but the whole thing felt "Rush"ed!

    Though the whole conspiracy/traitor thing has been used a lot in the shows it seems (Chuck - Shaw, Bones - Zack etc) it could have worked - COULD HAVE being the operative term here.

    But they made the mistake of rushing into it. I mean: I don't like Telford. Or better yet: I like to dislike him. Ever since the first episode he seemed to have some kind of agenda. So no surprise here that he is a traitor. But they never even lost one word about the Lucian Alliance before in SGU. It just popped up the second they wanted to use it.

    But it all fell into place just a bit to neatly. C'mon: Rush has the important risidual memory and he has been the most valuable scientist on the Ikarus Project. Plus he's the one who understands Destiny the best. NO ONE would send him undercover. He's way to important and him falling into the wrong hands could mean a lot of trouble. The outcome of the mission is to unclear to take that big of a chance.

    That's the thing that bothers me the most about this episode. But that's not the only thing.
    Apart from that the whole interrogation thing was weird too: Why give us so much evidence that we don't even consider for a second Telford is innocent. Ok ok, the Colonel would have to convince the General otherwise he would never allowed it. I get that much. But it makes the decision to torture Telford to easy. And all the aspects of whether or not torture can damage the democratical structures we live in or not step aside because we don't care about the traitor anymore. The second we have enough proof it's just a question of how fast we can get the information out of him. The question whether or not torture can be justified at all is never raised.
    And before anybody starts complaining: I did get the part about the Lucian Alliance wanting to dial to Destiny. But that would have been a long shot if they hadn't send Rush right into their lab in the first place. So that wouldn't have been a real danger for a while.

    Another thing bothering me: When is the last time we used the Stargate anyway. For a show that has Stargate in its title, it sure as hell seems very unimportant. All they seem to use are these stupid communication stones. There are so many problems ON SHIP (food, water, the differences between civil and military command) but on some days it all seems less important!
    Speaking of Camille: Why didn't the Colonol tell her at least something. I really don't get it. They made progress - and that's something he shouldn't jeopardize that likely.

    In the second (smaller) aspect of the episode TJ had a baby shower (which is a cute idea, kudos for that) and they told us once again how absurd the idea is for TJ to have a child in a place like that. We knew that already. We knew that from the moment TJ told Chloe she's pregant on that planet. So unless they want to do something to her in the next episode that part has been kinda pointless since we did not learn anything new.

    In my opinion they should focus more on the following:
    1. The Stargate
    2. The relationships on Destiny:
    Eli - Chloe - Scott, TJ and the Colonel, Camille and the Colonel, ...
    3. The new alien race endangering the crew of Destiny

    The stones are a nice toy but often it feels like they are used to write stories that have nothing to do with Destiny at all. And that's a mistake in my opinion.
  • Let's talk

    Rush experiences residual memories of Col. Telford. Convinced that Telford is an Alliance spy, he uses the Stones to go undercover on Earth, while Young deals with Telford on Destiny.

    This episode is interesting right from the start and keeps a high pace all along the way. It has some action scenes, but the focus is on the dialogues between Young/Rush and their Alliance counterparts. Now even though those dialogues aren't Shakespeare, they are interesting to watch and work well.

    This episode was so much better than episode 12, "Divided", which also had a lot of opportunity for dialogue, but wasted it.

    The episode is just a little disappointing in that it brings back Jack and Daniel but does not give them anything to do.

    And of course there is the plothole that Young risks too much by not cutting the connection between Telford and Rush when it is very likely that Rush's cover has been blown - after all, Rush knows everything about Destiny, so this was just too risky.
  • quite boring

    I skipped some scenes. When I skip scenes it means I'm bored. It's not so much because of the whole lucian alliance thing which might even be an interesting shift in this more because of the usual switching bodies. I liked seeing general 'O Neill again...but his character just doesn't fin anymore in this show. I mean he's SG1...when sci-fi was fun. SGU is not fun...ergo when he talks he souds like a clown just because everyone is damn serious next to him...just makes me miss SG1. They should replace his character. I also liked seeing daniel Jackson again...even if I wonder exactly what was he doing spying all by himself. I mean: after all he's just an archeologist.
    Then the torture on Rush was carried a bit too long and it got boring. Ok I got it you'd prefer not torturing but you find it effective, Fine: let's move on. Also the whole situation on board with people trying to find out what the military is not telling them is kinda boring...I mean: we've already seen enough of this since the beginning of the season.
    I probably haven't processed this episode well...but why is the military not telling them? I mean: it's not like they're going to tell anybody soon. Whatever: it's not like I care much anyway.
    This episode didn't have a slow pace. It actually had quite a fast one. I just don't care much for the topic. I've never have been a fan of big conspirancies of spy games and all that jazz. In fact I always skip those SG1 eps that taolk about the trust.
    It'd be more interesting knowing what happened to the alien race...and if they're working on how to get back home. I mean: aside from the 3 first episodes I haven't seen much of an efford to get ack to Earth.
  • As a sci fi show it is great BUT....

    I understand the whole military ruling the ship by force, which they basically are, this is what would most likely happen in the absence of any elected government or system or rules to stop them. . . . the strong survive, might is right etc etc.

    BUT, it is beyond unbelievable when you have Jack O'Neill condoning torture and murder, I am sorry but we saw Jack in 8 seasons of SG1 and there is no way he would ever behave in such a way, Hammond wouldn't have done it either so the argument that he is different because of his responsibilities as a general is silly.
    If they wanted to go down this whole darker, more thrilling path with universe then that is fine, but they should not have characters from sg1 in it because what is happening goes against everything we know about the characters from that show. O'Neill allowing young to torture and now maybe even kill or at least endanger the life of telford and young is just ridiculous based on what we know of o'neill from 8 seasons of sg1.

    Sorry but they went from darker and more thriller/scifi as opposed to drama/scifi, from that to just unrealistic and far fetched.

    Even if you ignore the whole conflict with the character development from sg1, the show is still unrelaistic, supposedly trained soldiers acting like city slum thugs. a civilian pressing a button that as far as he knows will end a person's life without having any explanation as to why.... all because what? a man he doesn't even like and mutineed against a few episodes ago told him to? it is silly