Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 7

The Greater Good

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Its taken 27 episodes to get to the premise of the show? That must be some kind of record!

    So we are told that Destiny is on a mission/quest for 'Life the Universe and Everything'. If only it travels far enough it will solve the mistery of an underlying structure to the background radiation from the Big Bang. Oh dear! Has nobody told the writers that the Big Bang THEORY is discredited? That the background radiation is just the energy being received from all the stars and hot gas in the universe. There is no expansion/inflation of the space between the galaxies. The Red-Shift is due to the decay of photons not a dopler effect. The universe is infinite in time and space. It has no underlying structure, at least not in the sense that was inplied in the show. Destiny would not need to go anywhere to find the source of the structure of the universe as it would be everywhere, it could study it while stationary.

    The writers have lost the plot.
  • A Greater Episode.


    Awesome episode. Young, despite his lecture and thinking he has been 'chosen' by Destiny is still very justifiably distracted. Once he finds out Rush's deception he flies off the handle quite naturally and only just stops himself killing Rush. I'm not sure if it's intentional, but I'd like to think while he's strangling Rush it brings back the memory of Riley and that's what stops him.

    Rush finally divulges what he believes Destiny's mission to be. Although his reason for not telling anyone was because he 'couldn't trust them' seems odd - even if he can't trust them, what's the worst would they have done? Turned the ship around to try and go home?! I'm sure if they did that he could have stayed onboard himself and gone to find the answer with anyone else who was interested.
    If this truly is the mission of Destiny (with Rush who knows?) then it's an interesting concept driving this show - not the usual Stargate Big Bad Villians - and more power to the writers. It begs the questions about what's really out there - I just hope the writers know and it's more than just "God" or some techno-babble.

    At least it seems that Rush might be trying to build bridges with Young, going out of his way to rescue him (although the situation was not quite as perilous as made out, seeing as they could just turn around and pick him up now they control Destiny). Rush tells Young he's not fit to lead and it's hard to disagree. The group is fractured in multiple ways and he's not been able to hold them together, so who else could lead?

    - Rush? He's now lost any semblance of trust, but everyone respects his knowledge.
    - Camille? She's the defacto voice of the civilians, but too much the politician.
    - Scott? While widely liked and respected by all camps is too inexperienced.

    I'd say probably the best system would be a triumvirate - Rush/Camille/Young, it takes some of the responsibility off Young, which he needs and allows him to concentrate on the defence of this ship. Plus, it finally gives everyone a voice and a balance to the factions. However SGU isn't about balance, it's about conflict (often tiringly so), so I don't see this being the solution.

    Additionally we get a cool alien spaceship - which may belong to the brown aliens we saw back in Awakenings (those aliens were a bit short and Young bumped his head on a low doorway), or might not - we've already seen they like to hibernate on derelict ships. Using centrifugal force to leave the derelict was awesome (extra science marks for Brody mentioning it's wobbling and would need separate calculations). Although the science in SGU is often a bit patchy, it's appreciated that they try and use some, you know, in a Science Fiction show. More.Like.This.
  • I'll say...a light in the dark for this series?

    I dont much like this series or, in particular, the network it airs on. The Stargate universe turned into an even more DRAMAtic adaptation of Battlestar Galactica, and the network changing its name into SyFy and setting it's sights on airing wrestling and other mindless activites...
    This episode however shines like a bright candle in the mental darkness that surrounds everything SyFy these days. In one simple line greatness arise: "How could I trust you when you dont even trust yourself?"
    I sincerely hope this isnt just a case of "A million monkeys with a million typewriters". I really hope this means someone, somewhere in the network is finally waking up.
    In the following episodes this hope will be more thrilling to me than any of the artificial drama this show, and network, tries to showell out...
  • Betrayals and truths

    Well, things are certainly getting interesting on Destiny! I feel terrible for Eli. He finally has a chance to move on from his infatuation with Chloe, and with someone who is arguably far more attractive, and things go horribly wrong. First, Rush puts the move on Dr. Perry while she is in Ginn's body, and then Simeon apparently decides that she needs to be silenced.

    Granted, Ginn's physical fate is left somewhat ambiguous, but there's no mistaking the menace in Simeon's body language. But it does bring up an interesting point. If Dr. Perry is the consciousness within Ginn's body, and she were to be killed, would Ginn survive in Dr. Perry's body? I'm not sure that rule has ever been firmly established.

    Whatever the case, this episode was full of betrayals. Rush's little scheme of controlling the ship on his own has finally been uncovered, and the consequences were as brutal as they were unexpected. An alliance between Rush and Young is a necessary thing, but can it last? Rush makes a passionate case for completing Destiny's mission, but if he has been under the influence of either the same aliens that infected Chloe or the ship itself, his goals must be questioned.

    But he's also correct in pointing out that Young is on the brink. He's been falling apart since the incursion by the Lucien Alliance, and his actions are getting them no closer to bringing the crew home. Whether or not fulfilling Destiny's apparent mission is the right course of action is, of course, a matter of debate. I can't imagine Young will put all his eggs in the Rush basket.

    One thing, however, is very clear: no matter how scattered the storylines appear to be, the writers have a direction in mind, and they are working towards that end. It's more apparent in this season than it has been in any other season of the "Stargate" franchise, and that may be why I'm enjoying it so much. And who doesn't like a little real-world science in their science fiction?
  • Pure epic!

    This episode was probably the best SGU episode so far(Time came close), this episode was written by Carl Binder, and after his medicore episodes "Life", "Pain" and "Pathogen" I did not ecpect so great episode. !SPOILERS!
    This episode was epic from beginning to the end. It started great with Ginn sleeping :D. And when Eli said to Ginn at stones "see you soon" I knew something will be wrong. The A story was story on the ship and it was fantastic. At first Rush tried to keep the secret about the bridge and it was nice to see Perry again. But when Young finds out... we can understand him, because of Riley's death and also Telford is missing because of him. Destinys mission is very intresting and clever because it's based on real physics.

    At the end of the episode we see Simeon walking into Perry's room, and I think we all know what this means for Ginn and Perry. :(
  • Good solid episode to buld the rest of the series from

    This episode was the climax to rush keeping everything a secret. Finally we know the true nature of destinys mission, however, is rush just lieing again? Some how I have a feeling that rush is still holding back some of the crucial information about destiny and its true power.

    As for the big bang. I am not totally sure where the last reviewer read that it had been completely discarded because it hasn't. The discreditation of the theory is mere opinion. Evidence actually is in favour of the big bang theory atm where as counter opposition to the theory is merely...thought. It is true there is unthought of mass miscalculations but then can you really blame the theory? No that's what happens when a civilization has never left its own solar system. Only so much analysis can be conducted from a satellite that is maybe 40 million miles away. So I will not go against the writers for using the big bang theory, it is still the only theory that has proved to have any measurable basis atm. Also good to see what NASA have been doing. They have been finding out about the big bang...strange that they should still be looking for it if it never existed.