Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 16

The Hunt

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2011 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The team lands on an alien planet and checks out the local wildlife. Most of them are interested in steak, but Park warns against it since they don't know anything about the life forms. Greer and Scott go off to shoot some of the deer-like creatures, but they run off when something spooks them. As the two men go after them, a large beast snarls in the woods. Scott sends the kino ahead, and a creature grabs it and then knocks aside Scott. It runs past Greer before he can shoot it attacks the camp. Back on Destiny, Young and the others review the kino footage. Greer and Scott that the creature abducted two of the crew, Johansen and Reynolds. Scott insists on going back, but Young tells him to stay on the ship. Eli goes exploring through the cargo hold and Brody finds him, and notes that Rush ordered them to go elsewise. They go to meet Rush, who is exploring one of the last few closed sections of the ship. Inside the room they find stasis pods. As Vanessa prepares to leave, she suggests to Scott and Young that their teammates may be dead, but Scott insists that must still be alive. Young orders them to meet him at the gate, and then asks Greer why he didn't take the shot. Greer admits that he doesn't know, and Young tells him that if it's a problem, he needs to figure out what it is and fix it. Brody confirms there are multiple rooms with stasis pods, and Eli is intrigued. Rush says that it's time to go, saying they can check the ship's databanks for more information rather than risk experimenting with the controls. Young and his team follow the creature's tracks but lose them in the woods. Young wants to double back, but Greer warns against it. He insists that they're up against the clock, but Young tell him that he's overreacting and may need more time to recover after his recent surgery. Greer disagrees, and Young sends his people on. On the ship, Varro approaches Scott and volunteers his people's help search for the missing crew. Scott says they don't need his help, but Varro says that his people have the experience in hunting. When Scott hesitates, Varro says that he'll want to do everything possible to find Johansen and Reynolds. Volker comes to the infirmary to check on the injured Park, while Morrison moans about his injured foot. Chloe says that there's nothing they can do for Park's cracked rib, and Morrison continues to complain. Chloe finally goes to help him, while Volker watches over Park. On the planet, Reynolds wakes up Johansen. The two of them are in a cave. They've lost their guns and Johansen's radio in the struggle, and Reynolds' radio is damaged. Reynolds has broken his leg and can't move, and Johansen finds a pile of bones and realizes that the creature is saving them for food. Varro and his fellow soldiers, including Tasia, arrive on the planet. He explains that the lack of blood at the campsite means that the creature captured the crew members and is keeping them alive. However, he warns that it could soon become a recovery mission. Tasia finds footprints and they follow them. Eli complains to Brody about Rush's newfound conscience, and Brody says that Rush has learned caution since being tripped in the computer systems. When Eli finally has enough and goes to check on the stasis pods, Brody goes with him. Johansen looks outside the cave and sees the creature guarding the lair. She refuses to abandon Reynolds, who is starting to panic, and tells him she'll need his help when the time comes, and then starts working with the radio. Chloe talks to Volker and hints that he should appreciate the people they have. When he doesn't take the hint, she asks if Park knows about his feelings. Volker insists that his feelings are entirely platonic. As Eli and Brody go over the stasis pods, Eli complains that Rush isn't the one who should be in charge of the scientists. On the bridge, Rush spots them working on the systems. One of the stasis pods activates, trapping Brody. Gas starts pumping in and Eli realizes that Brody is frozen. As night falls on the planet, Varro talks about how he and his brother learned how to hunt, and warns against underestimating the creature. The footprints end, and the creature suddenly attacks the group, attacking and injuring them. Greer gets to his feet, opens fire, and then runs off after it into the woods. Varro grabs him and tells him to calm down, warning that it is trying to draw them off one at a time and pick them off. He warns that the creature lured them to the spot and set the entire thing up to hunt them. Greer and Varro return to the others and tend to the injured. Vanessa asks why Greer didn't pull the trigger, and figures that something got into his head. Greer says that he thinks he briefly died while he was recovering from surgery, and that now all he knows is that darkness. He says that he doesn't want to go back, but Vanessa says that it was just the heavy sedatives Johansen gave him. She insists that whatever death is, she knows it isn't what Greer went through. Varro stitches up Young's wound, and insists that he has to go back to the ship since his injury will slow them down. The colonel reluctantly accepts the logic of the situation, and Varro promises to get her back. Young tells Varro to bring Johansen back safe. On the bridge, Rush calls Eli and asks where Brody is, and why they aren't in the control interface room running diagnostics. When Eli claims that they're eating, Rush tells them to get back to work as soon as possible, well aware of what has happened to Brody. Come morning, Varro and the others come to a halt and Tasia sets up an ambush, realizing the creature will come after them. In the cave, Johansen starts a fire. She confirms that they have six hours until Destiny jumps and goes back to work on the radio. Volker brings Park some food and realizes that she's asleep. He watches her for a minute and she wakes up, catching him at it. Volker insists that he wasn't watching her and gives her the food. Rush comes by to check on her and get the calculations she was working on. Volker objects, but Park explains that she asked for the work to keep her busy. Rush tells him to take his time on his visit and leaves. Greer warns Varro and the others that they're making a mistake, and the creature is spending the time to escape. Varro disagrees, figuring the creature will eliminate them to protect its lair. Greer says that they're risking everything, and warns Varro that whatever he expects to happen between him and Johansen won't. The creature moves in and Greer yells at it to come. It lunges out of the woods and sets off a booby trap. The creature is killed and they start to head for the lair, but more creatures emerge from the woods and grab one of the soldiers. Varro and Greer follow the creatures' trail, and figure they are being lured into a trap. They discover that the tracks are smaller and realize that they're babies, which means the odds against Johansen and Reynolds surviving are slim to none. Greer offers to do it on his own if Varro thinks he can't handle, and Varro warns that even together they may not be able to handle the creatures. In the cave, Reynolds asks Johansen to finish him off rather than be eaten. Johansen snaps at him and tells him to suck it up and get some pride. Reynolds reluctantly agrees, and Johansen then gets the radio working. As they go through the woods, Varro talks about a fearless soldier he knew that reminds him of Greer, who got himself killed when he refused to act on his fear. Greer picks up Johansen's signal and she tells them where they are. Volker arrives on the bridge and apologizes for being late, and Rush notes that it's clear Volker enjoys Park's company. Volker denies it and wonders if Rush thinks he couldn't have a woman like Park. Rush explains that Volker seems like the trusted friend type, and they all have predestined roles. However, he admits that a life free of romantic entanglements benefits the pursuit of science. Eli brings Chloe to the stasis pod chamber and shows her what happened to Brody. The monitoring systems show that Brody is okay, and Eli insists that he's not going to tell Rush until he solves the problem on his own. He wants Chloe to use her residual alien knowledge and she if she can release Brody. Greer and Varro spot the cave, and Varro offers to go in on his own. When Greer refuses to let him go alone, Varro says that Greer is too busy second-guessing himself to be of use. Greer insists on going, and gives Varro some plastic explosive to create a diversion. In the cave, Johansen and Reynolds watch as one of the creatures enter the cave. They prepare to hold it off with pointed sticks, but it studies the fire that Johansen created. The explosion goes off outside and the creatures close in, while Greer gets to the cave. Johansen explains that the creature is intelligent and defended its family, and Greer tells them to get out. He then declares that if the creature is intelligent, it can recognize that he could shoot it, but won't. He lowers his gun, and the creature backs away. On Destiny, Rush throws a switch on the console. In the stasis pod room, Brody's pod opens, releasing him. On the bridge, Rush views the results with satisfaction. When Volker asks him what he's doing, Rush says that he was doing a diagnostic on the stasis pods, and gained some interesting information. Greer and the others find Varro, who explains that he lured the creatures away and circled around. They spot one of the deer creatures and Greer studies it. Later, Destiny jumps into FTL. Johansen comes to see Varro, who is aware that he's now a free man. Varro knows that Greer is the one who vouched for him with Young, but figures that Greer would deny it if he asked him. Johansen expresses her condolences for the people he lost on the planet, and tells him that he doesn't need to feel alone. As they start to kiss, there's a knock on the door. It's Young, who is there to accept Varro's offer to help prepare dinner. Once he leaves, Young asks Johansen if she's okay. She says that she is and Young leaves. On the bridge, Rush tells Eli and Brody that it's time to check the stasis pods. They hastily suggest that they should proceed with caution, and Rush agrees, smiling. Volker goes to the infirmary with flowers for Park, but sees her and Greer talking. He turns around leaves before she can notice him. The crew enjoy barbecued alien deer.