Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 16

The Hunt

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Nicely shot with good character moments, just don't think about the plot too much.


    SGU sort-of does "Predator" and while not a bad attempt it's derailed by a badly thought-out ending. Hunting the creature and finding the crew is well shot and paced, but the underlying logic is broken.

    The creature (imagine a giant, furless mountain lion) lets them go because it "realizes" its prey was intelligent. This makes almost no sense on multiple levels:
    1. Once the creature sees that they can create fire it takes that as a sign that humans are intelligent - so coming through the Stargate, wearing clothing, firing automatic weapons and letting off explosives meant nothing?
    2. The creature recognizes fire as the sign of 'intelligence' - how and why? It shows no sign of having any intelligence (beyond animal instinct) or technology of its own - so why should it care if some other creatures can make fire? Recognizing a species has intelligence doesn't make them benevolent!
    3. We get some vague reason about "it was defending its children" - we've seen them blow up one of the predator's pups, the predator must have killed some of the crew... but that's okay, it was a misunderstanding, everyone goes their separate ways.

    Despite the half-baked story, at least we see Greer showing signs of actually being human and the Lucian Alliance folks doing something productive, although it's never made clear just how many Human's and Lucians die in this rescue operation.

    Back on the ship we get Rush teaching Eli and Brody a lesson without them knowing it and enjoying it immensely, which is fun to see. The statis tubes could be an interesting development (if SGU ever comes back), although why they are only now being discovered is frustrating - anyone with any sense would have the entire ship mapped out by now. It's also sad to see poor old Volker hoping to show his affection for Park but finding out she's with Greer (definitely an odd couple).