Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 6

Trial and Error

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2010 on Syfy

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  • This meant to be Stargate???? Please!!!!

    This is my first review ever on this webpage and English isn't my first language so I hope You will forgive me all mistakes.

    I managed to this point of this series mostly becuase it takes a lot memory on my satelite box and I have to delete this crap to make a room for some good series.

    First of all itsn't Stargate. Stargate is exploring new worlds, meeteing new races, finding new technologies. Personal drama of individual characters was there (SG1 and SGA) as well but just somewhere on the side and use only to explain individual decisions in present time. And it didn't take all series - was only in few episodes. In here seems that personal drama is only thing show to us by directors/writers. It's seems to be "The Bold and the Beautfiul" just only in space.

    There was few comparisons made here to Battlestar Gallactica and I can see them as well but it wasn't good direction to go. Battlestar is different type of sci-fi movie/series and it has his own fans. Most of Stargate fans were waiting for something else - not for antoher BSG.

    This constant fight about power on the ship is pointless. First of all no one really deserve it. Second of all when it happens in SG1 (military vs NID) you knew who was good one and who should rule. In here it is too cloudy - and we don't need to watch who knows how many seasons to solve it - as I said it's not BSG.

    The characters - it was mention in one of the first episodes that people aboard Destiny are completly random and they are not expedition, more likely survivors after planet explode. Excuse me, what??? Does really writers/directors want to convince me that in Icarus Base, one of probably top secret location ever in history, you could find random people? It wasn't tourist resort for God's dake!!!!

    My personal opinion about characters: Young - the worst commander ever. Amount of changing decision without any reason, hesitation and inconsistency is unbelievable. Example - do not trust Rush, cannot find him in key moments when ship is leaving high speed and not trying to solve the mystery where Rush is disappearing? it's not even funny - it's stupidity for which every commander should be shot. Lt. Scott - first time I can see someone who is lieutenant and still challenge every single order his was given. Dr Rush - strange that his obsession about Destiny, all the secrets he's keeping and his belief that he is the best one didn't kill all aboard yet. All that makes him so repulsive that any time he shows I want to turn off TV. Chloe - have no idea whatsoever why this character was put there. For whole first season she didn't nothing. Now writers try to give her some meaning by changing her into alien or something else but it is so not convincing that they shouldn't try anymore. Remaining scientist seems to be so stupid like someone took them from some small school in the middle of nowhere. And you would imagine that on project such important like nineth symbol it would be only the best one working. Only characters worth to watch are, in my opinion, MSgt. Ronald Greer and 1st Lt. Tamara Johansen. And Eli Wallace isn't bad at all too.

    It's pointless to talk about this specific episode - second in row with dreams and flashbacks. No, thanks.

    Summarise: when I first time heard about SGU I was happy that Stargate journey will be continue. I was bit sad when I noticed SGU was cancelled after two seasons (comparing to 10 seasons of SG1 and 5 of SGA). After I watched all this episodes I'm suprise that it last that long - should be cancelled after first season if not after pilot. Definitively this series don't deserve to be part of Stargate brand.

    PS. The only real and true part of this series is that bit chubby geek can be only friend with not so bad looking senator's daughter but someone else will be spending nights with her. Life.
  • Poor at best

    we are being forced to watch people wallowing in self pitty. We are being asked to care about charetors who have done nothing to grab our attention.

    This is not syfy if it is then its PIGS IN SPACE. SG~U is meaning less its as empty as a polatitions promises, its as bland as whole meal bread, it is as mind dumbing as an injection of novacane. Where is the adventure, where is the excitment, where are the thrills and spills, could this be what we can expect as our weekly dose of escapisam. For god sake the star wars cartoon clone wars is more entertaining than this. Surly there is not going to be a third series of this dross, each week I tune in hoping and preying this is where it starts to become one of the true Star Gate show we all know and love, It's like being forced to watch a wounded animal die slowly. If things do not buck up very soon then sadly it will be RIP Star Gate.

    MGM is about to close down, I can not say I am surprised if this is the best they have to offer.

    Good bye SG1, Good bye SGA, good riddens SGU
  • Groundhog Day, without humor or imagination - had to force myself to finish it.

    Another hokey "dream", two in a row? When will writers realize the majority of viewers HATE "dream shows"?

    When they figured out the the dreams had a scientific reason, I groaned, because that means more horrible dream shows in the future.

    I'm just guessing, but I suppose the writers were hoping for some kind of psychological horror/thriller, which are great if done correctly - which includes being interesting. So far the writers have failed miserably, IMO.

    As much as I enjoyed SG1 and SGA, I'll probably stop watching this drivel.

    Only enjoyable part of the show was when Greer encouraged Eli to make moves on the pretty hostage. I'm kind of surprised as distrustful as Greer is that it was his idea to leave Eli unguarded with the enemy, even if she is cute and hot, but everyone loves Eli like a puppy, so of course that applies to Greer too LOL. Hopefully this will lead to future tension when she does what enemies do, and hopefully there won't be any boring dreams about it.
  • This is better.

    Many of the previews for this kept on mentioning 'Groundhog Day,' and while there's a few elements of that movie, it has it's own spin. Instead of a do-over of each day, the timeline progresses, but every time Young falls asleep (or passes out from drinking) he sees the blue Aliens attack Destiny to take Chloe. Each time he dreams he sees the outcome from taking different actions, none of them good.

    We've already had the slightly-GHD-esque episode 'Time,' which was I felt one of the strongest episodes of the first season - creepy, brutal and tense. So I was glad this was a little different, Destiny getting in Young's head. Whether a test, a warning or something else entirely is not clear by the end of the episode. The somewhat trite conclusion that Destiny has 'chosen' Young as the leader is completely subverted by the revelation of Rush having simply turned off the program. It's unfortunate we don't see Young 'solve' his dilemma, but then maybe that's the point of the episode and either this situation or something similar is going to happen soon and Young remains unprepared.

    As with all these types of shows we get the guilty pleasures of seeing characters get killed in interesting ways, the ship blown up and how people act when the chips are down.

    We see Young finally spin out of control and drink his cares away. I hope he's still not completely ok, as apparently all it took was a stern lecture from Scott. Chloe is slowly turning blue, as we all expected from last week's episode. Great to see Eli get some love interest after pining after Chloe like a puppy, but have a horrible suspicion she's playing him, lets face it, she's way out of Eli's league, maths nerd or not.

    New problem - I can't stop thinking of Scott as 'Scatt' now. Someone pointed out he tends to refer to himself as this on the radios - "Is anyone there? This is Scaaatt"

    All in all a very solid, intelligent episode after the last couple of duds. Plus no montage!
  • A good episode.

    The episode provided plenty of action and drama with the attacks from the aliens. Even though none of it turned out to be real. (That seems to happen a lot in this series.) There were also some good lighthearted moments with Eli and Ginn. In the end though nothing much actually happened in this episode. However, there were some small developments that have possibly set the direction future episodes may take. Maybe the cryptic statement to Rush from Jeremy at the end of the episode was a hint that the alien attack will actually happen. Also, the alien takeover of Chloe is turning out to be an interesting storyline.
  • One of the best so far

    This episode was great because young is finally going to be a good commander again and stop whining, this episode was destiny's version of a kick in the pants, and young needed it. The fact that destiny can get into people minds is great and disturbing, destiny would only do it for good intention though, unless of course some sci fi element comes along and maybe infects her and she starts killing crew members or something or the blue aliens hack into her, bad things could happen. however i was disappointed to learn that destiny doesnt have a personality, but then again it was rush that said that right? cant remember, but if it was, rush has been known to lie. overall important episode that was well delivered
  • Best episode of the season, so far!!

    First review of anything to do with Stargate Universe, so ill start by saying that I LOVE THIS SHOW!! I used to say and even wrote that SG1 and SGA were great but not enough character development or character flaws. This show has that and a great story! Now im going to shoot myself in the foot by saying is there just little too much focus on the characters. I Dont know. What makes SGU great is how events in the series affects the crew, the characters change, evolve and adapt. This episode is a fine example. *Spoilers* Young is beginning to break under the pressure of command and the decisions hes made has taken its toll. Scott refuses to relieve him and take command, instead pulls Young out of his depression. Slap in the face to all those who said the series lacked "camaraderie" However we seem to have lost focus on the main story. Getting home, figuring out the ship and fixing it. Then again the crew is the story, and I like that everything isnt fixed with a switch.