Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 12

Twin Destinies

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Once again stargate universe does the impossible

    This was an awesome episode.

    First off I wish to start back to front this week and talk about the ending. A real hollywood ending or what. I am sure that if they make a space version of Titanic they will just copy and paste the ending of this episode as their own. It was so dramatic and the way the Destiny just fell into the sun and how it looked as it was being smelted down into its core elements was absolutely stunning.

    This epsidoe was full of intrigue, despite using an already used plot (time travel) it seemed to actually fit better in this episode than the original one they used it in.

    We saw yet another aspect of Rush here, his ability to die with his dream. It also says something about how he feels about his life back on Earth (maybe he considers that existance dead?).

    The shock on Elis face as he saw the other destiny and the big gaping hole in the back gave the moment a lot of atmosphere (they really paired it well with the music and the camera work).

    This episode had some more ironic humor and twists in it, for example when Rush turned around after the initial conversation and said "well at least now there is some one to have a meaningful conversation with" That line made me laugh a little and it made me laugh because I knew Rush and I knew him well (thanks to the boring character building at the start).

    The confrontation between the other Rush and the Col was to be expected, Young had made allowances but he hadn't. Everyone knows that when you push Rush into a corner he pushes back. The look of grief on his face really told a good side of him, that he can do sly things but he could never kill someone (unless they kill his girlfriend :P).

    Overall this episode was just as good as last weeks. Loving it, going to miss this show :(.
  • wow i had to change my pants!

    i have to say that twin destinies stands out as some classic startgate. it was all what we wanted from season 1 its a shame that its to late now...

    and oh what a cliff hanger on the end... what was that all about.. time to get on and rebuild the ship with some angry looking faces..

    i think the past 2 episodes have been good but i think i like this one better as i feel the story line was better the last one was mostly sfx which is good aswell i think this one had the better balance. lets hope it keeps up the pace now until the end!
  • Greatness all around...

    Twin Destinies will go down as one of the best episodes of the series. This is one that delivers on all accounts. Great acting, story and visual effects. I'm a fan of the time travel plot device. If used well we can get some pretty amazing stories and this time around it was used in that way which still leaves you with questions at the end.

    Seeing Rush interact with himself was really quite a treat. You get to see two devious snakes in the same nest. Each knows what the other is thinking and they can predict certain thoughts and moves. Robert Carlyle stepped up his acting here and considering it's usually phenomenal anyway, you can guess how great he was. I loved the look of shock on Other-Rush's face when he accidentally killed Telford. So genuine. The Telford thing is pretty neat as well. For a littl bit we had two and then when the one died it really reminded me of a Star Trek: Voyager episode where almost the same thing happens to Harry.

    When you see episodes like this it just makes you depressed it isn't coming back next year. We had some beautiful visuals and lots of questions raised by the end. I look forward to the rest.
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