Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Okay, you're being too deep again.

    While I thought the episode was aiming for a profundity it didn't earn or deserve, it seemed to have an actual science fiction concept to sell. And a downright creepy one at that: watching people relive their deaths, particularly deaths by exposure and dehydration. It beats Rush and Simeon going all Die Hard and The Lion King on each other.

    I'm also not sure what the point of the others leaving and getting killed was. So we got a faith vs. science debate. It was almost like Remi Aubuchon was trying to point out how stupid the idea was for people to leave the ship in the first place.

    And I'm still not sure what the heck is going on with Johansen's baby. So she fantasized the whole thing? Or the planet aliens gave her a projected fantasy? Or some other aliens? Or what?

    But I'll overlook all that for writer Aubuchon actually making me care about these people. Everybody including the recurrings except James had their "moment," and there was the impression that these people actually had come together and were working for a crew. Young and Camille were back to a much more civil working relationship leavened with bits of humor. Rush was just enough of a jerk. Volker, Brody, and Eli should start a comedy team. Eli is back to doing kino recordings. And Johansen while not great, came across as the soul of compassion. Scott was the weak link, but he usually is.

    What stood out was Greer, who for the first time seemed like a human being. He was still a gungho jerk sometimes, but whether he was talking with Park, or actually daring to insult Scott, or asking Chloe to forgive him in advance for killing her, it was a great performance by an actor more often that not asked to play soldier-psycho.

    Chloe was a close second, and for the first time I actually cared that she was about ready to transform into something alien. It helped that she didn't mope, something else that the actress and Scott's often do. She knows what's coming, she deals with it. And... scene.

    Overall, get Remi Aubuchon back to write more episodes. He came on as Executive Consultant this season, and judging from his writing in this episode, I think we can now figure why the show has improved in its sophomore season.
  • Very depressing episode.

    The crew that chose to remain on the monolith planet had way more faith than survival skills, so they died. But somehow their dead bodies reanimate when the shuttle is mysteriously transported back to the main SGU ship. But there's a time-limit on how long their reanimated bodies will survive, then the main SGU crew gets to watch them die a second death.

    Lt. Johansen learns that her baby wasn't on the planet, so whatever comfort she got from that dream is now squashed.

    It appears Chloe will soon mutate into the enemy soon. Chloe and Greer speculate that it'll probably be him that kills her once the mutation is complete. Even though that scene is as depressing as the rest of this episode, I still thought it was a great performance by Greer.

    I just don't understand why SGU's writers want this much despair and angst!
  • The crew members left behind on an alien world return to destiny but not all is what it seems

    Personally I thought this episode was pointless; sure it tied up a loose end but in no way did it progress the SGU storyline. Once more I feel the writing has let this show down with long drawn out speeches, and more religion than science fiction. If the flagship franchise that is Stargate has nowhere else to go but to copy Battlestars one true god storyline than I weep for the future of science fiction. These two concepts science fiction and religion have their own audiences and mixing the two into one just never works well i.e Caprica. Having those crew members returned to destiny wasn't the fault with this episode it was the religious overtones thrown into the mix. The pattern/signal/message that is apparently the goal of destiny's mission was enough but to then entertain the gods will story arch was a bit too much for my liking. The writer need to truly return to what made SG1 and SGA popular with the fans and leave the one true god story with BSG.
  • A slower, more thoughtful episode.


    After the last few crazy episodes we get a far quieter episode. Some reviews have decried the episode as another SF show going 'all religious' and copying BSG, I think they missed the point.

    There is a central mystery in this episode - how and why the colonist group were returned - annoyingly this is never fully explained, but it looks a lot like the planet-building aliens did it. There is enough left unexplained to begin with to allow Kane to insist it was a miracle, at least until as his friends start dying and even he realizes that it was probably the aliens. This framework allows intelligent discussion from multiple viewpoints about higher powers, faith, miracles, souls and such without stating outright that these things exist in one form or another (which is where I and many others feel BSG and Lost have tripped up recently). THIS is how I want religion and spirituality handled - no absolutes. Most SF shows get this right - Star Trek, Farscape, Babylon 5, even older Stargate has gotten this correct.

    It has to be said that this is not a happy episode. As well as the colonists sucumming one by one, we also have Johansen's baby not being on the planet (althoguh with SGU, who's really to say this was definitely the colonists and not some misdirection?) and Chloe recording her last goodbyes as most people begin to accept her change as inevitable. This reaches a crescendo where Greer, Yes Greer, has the best, most emotional scene of the episode as he asks her forgiveness for what will have to be done.

    SGU has had trouble with some of these smaller, more thoughtful episodes (see Cloverdale), but here it uses the cast of characters to perfection and that the crew seem to be acting more like a cohesive group every week is a welcome change from all the constant bickering of the first season.
  • alien set up??? new shuttle or old bad shuttle

    i have that the visitation episode is an alien set up with clones of the abandonned crew so the destiny crew have no regrets but we gain a shuttle and it seem better than the last one. finaly in the stargate saga it is recurrent that a planet population or a human colony is wipe out to end or close its case. a shuttle seem to be a necessity to the survival of the crew so its return is a good new and may help in battle. in syfy it is common to make a RESERVE: a crew member (not the generic crew) who disappear and reappear for a special episode (a sideshow side show) and it arrive just before the mid-season crisis who is less catastrophic than the end of season crisis.did i say crisis or i may had say cliffhanger, who know what will happen, the writers i hope.
  • pretty sad but great at the same time

    remember the movie A.I. where the robot boy wishes to become human, and in the end the aliens clone his mother (who could only live for 24 hours) to see her for the last time? well, that's the vibe i got from this episode. I don't know whether the aliens could or couldn't have done a better work of reviving those people but at least they offered them a chance to say good bye. on the other hand, now, Destiny has a shuttle again (which I think was the main goal of the episode)...

    I'm not sure if I got it right but by the time Johansen had her baby those people were already dead so I guess her baby must be in heaven with the souls of the other crew members. In the end Cain said that he knew he wasn't the real one anymore and believed that his soul had long departed. At least that's the only logical explanation I found aside from her dreaming the whole thing. Or maybe the aliens kept their souls in a happy place till they figured out how their bodies worked and got the baby too but as the baby's body remained on the ship they couldn't send it back... and i guess I'll stop with the theories here before they get too wild. I felt sorry for Johansen, you can see that the character is broken, awkward and hard to follow but I think it's normal in her situation. yet she did see the cloud (gas) formation, at the end of the episode her baby died, and it was identical to the one in her dream (she couldn't have known about it) so there must be something going on. I'm only afraid we might never find out.

    I loved Camile's and Young's finally felt normal. even in the most dire situations, over long periods of time, normal people can't be always 100% serious and tense... it's too tiring. I really hope they've changed direction with where Young's character is going because despite what went on he is still my favorite character (seconded by Camile)and I'm rooting for him.

    the writers did a great job with Chloe's part. the slowly decreasing amount of emotion she shows makes you feel sorry for her. It's the first time I cared about her. i don't know if her dealing calmly with the situation is because of the transformation or simply because she had to stay in her room alone for a long period of time with nothing but her thoughts but it touches you more than a million tears would. And the scene between Chloe and Greer seemed honest and real, it added new dimensions to both characters. on a lighter note i'm happy to find out they have some sort of greenhouse on the ship, good thing too because I was worried about their food supplies. In the beginning they spent so much time emphasizing how bad the food was little by little in every episode that I was left with the impression that the situation was the same. They should add a scene with people coming with new fruits or animals from planets to reassure us they are not suffering as bad as in the beginning of the show... and... is there something going on between Park and Greer? if I remember it right he was the one that hugged her after the bomb scene and I remember that it felt a little weird to see Scott pass by and Greer stop and comfort her. It seems things have evolved since then. Regardless, it felt good to see Greer interacting with someone else beside Scott on a friendly level. Even if they are only friends it's big step for Greer.