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Percy Appreciation Thread

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    [1]Aug 23, 2007
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    Who loves Percy? I do!!

    I had seen a few random episodes of Starhunter and found Percy to be a captivating character. She's just so unusual. She's quiet, yet funny and pseudo rebellious. I decied to watch the series frombeginning, just because I really like her. She is the quirkiest, yet most realistic young woman I've ever seen in Sci Fi.

    She's not the busty shipmate, or the nerdy, supersmart science officer, or the tougher than nails security chick... she's Percy. If I were a dude, I'd be in total love with her. Hell, maybe I already am. Yay Percy!

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    [3]Feb 8, 2008
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    I just re-found this show. Kind of. I found it while shopping for Christmas thinking it was another show (Space Rangers). I remember the opening of the show, looking for his kidnapped son, etc... but so far do not remember any of the ones I have watched so far. In fact the 2nd one on disc 1 had had seen and had mixed it up as a Firefly show which I could not find on the DVD. I have really enjoyed the ones I have watched. A great show with great case.
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    [4]Apr 10, 2008
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    Percy is definately an oddball chick that tinkers and hacks with the Tulip. She is like an extension of the ship! Stupid at times. Absolutely blunt and right to the point at others. Unforgettable psuedo-busty/nerdy sci-fi babe.

    I am dissapointed that this series was cancelled. Threshold, Firefly, Earth 2, Enterprise, etc. all have shared the same fate. People are too stupid and are not able to grasp all of the elements in these series that make for great sci-fi fantasy adventure drama IMHO. They would prefer to watch reality TV and other unintelligent and equally unimaginative programming. They are the status quo. That is why series like the above mentioned never last. The production for props and CG F/X just costs too much. This show had likable characters that had charisma, a great theme by Peter Gabriel, and fairly good CG F/X. I liked the blaster bolts during gun fights.

    I think SCIFI.COM needs to adopt and continue these shows...
    Networks are just too driven by the status quo and the Neilson ratings, which in today's media reality are worthless due to the internet. I don't watch or have cable TV. I just use the internet. has really allowed me to watch these awesome sci-fi series, even if it is a day late and a dollar short. They were ahead of their time IMHO -- as they usually are.

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    [5]Nov 17, 2008
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    she definitely is odd, smart, blunt, tactless, & hot, in other words definitely my type. to bad the show was axed, it would've helped if scifi had gone into co-producing this & other canadian scifi so that myself & others don't only end up finding out that these shows even exist a few years after axeing. this is such a great show. & the only reason i even found out about this is because i read lots of stuff about scifi on the internet, & somehow found the link to space the imagination station, i wonder how many canadian shows have characters like percy, not same but just as entertaining. scifi channel needs to axe the reality & wrestling, & purchase airing rights to a bunch of canadian scifi, possibly even go into co-producing with space &/or CBC.
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