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Why not this show?

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    [1]Feb 8, 2008
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    Why is there not the same talk about StarHunter as with so many of the other sic-fi shows? Where is the fan base like with Firefly, Doctor Who and others? This was a great show and so Firefly like that I would thnk it would have more of a fan base. Has it been off the air too long? Will Firefly end up like StarHunter? Others have held up over the many years after going off the air. Why not StarHunter?

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    [2]Nov 17, 2008
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    it might have something to do with not airing on a major american channel, like the major broadcast, or often watched channels like scifi, usa, spike, fx, or tnt. the networks are to stupid to pick up great shows if they're made originally for canadian channels, with the exception of charlie jade & a few others, so if it's not created by an american or british channel, almost no 1 will hear of it except those like myself who look for scifi shows.
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    Also the fact that season 1 was released in 2001, season 2 in 2003. I'm not too sure what the population here at TV.COM was then. I really didn't hear about this show at all until I started scrolling though HULU.COM and giving it a try last year. They didn't even have season 1 there at that time. I'm presently going through it now as it's just been added.

    Also.... this show is no Firefly. The writing, directing, and acting isn't really great. I watched all of Firefly several times. This show only rates one viewing IMHO.

    Mr BO

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    [4]Jul 25, 2011
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    First off: Acting is worse than LEXX.

    Second: Although the ships, and everything looks neat; when combined with humans and props, it's obviously fake... Red sky on Mars, but that bright blue shirt shines like it's under a white light... BAD directing, BAD special effects, and BAD editing... It sucks.

    Third: Over-plot seemes to have potential, but the story just drags along. And when things are getting interesting, they cut to an outside-the-ship scene like that'd make things more dramatic.

    The show sucks, but I'll watch it to it's in; because as someone said: It's better than watching reality TV shows.
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