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  • Sci-Fi the way it should be.

    This is quite simply one of the best sci-fi series ever made with great acting by all involved in both seasons. Tanya Allen in particular as Percy Montana is outstanding and her portrayal of a withdrawn depressed Percy in season 2 is amazing in contrast to much happier bubbly Percy in season 1, wow. The visual effects are quite impressive for a lower budget show with only the occasional scene showing the budget limitations. I'm greatly looking forward the upcoming Creators' Cut of seasons 1 & 2 which aims to correct the unfortunate visual inconsistencies in both seasons, and Season 3 which is currently in pre-production. One last thing, Starhunter (season 1) was made 2 years before Firefly, so it clearly inspired Firefly and not the other way around. The Trans-U reference in Firefly's first episode is pretty obvious.

  • Wow! That was bad.

    I have seen several references in other reviews to Firefly. The only similarity I saw, was that they both had spaceships. The best thing I can say about this show is that the special effects are bad. The writing is awful. The acting is awful. It is as if they went out of their way to find bad actors.
  • A space crew of three. The captain, Dante Montana, a bounty hunter has been looking for his kidnapped son for the pass ten years. His first office is by his side at all times providing him much needed support. They take any job to keep going.

    If you like Firefly you will like this StarHunter. The two shows are so much alike. If you don't like Firefly you still may enjoy StarHunter. The cast is not as large, only three. The stories lines are from a different and more family base view. The captain has been looking for his kidnapped son for ten years. One member of his crew is his niece who parents was killed by the same people, The Raiders, who he believe kidnapped his son. In one episode he even think he has found his son. The boy turn out to be another kidnapped child who is returned to his parent. Mean while he has to be captain and father to his niece.
  • I really wanted to like Starhunter. The premise is interesting and the universe is original, but it doesn't live up to it's potential due to low production quality and generally poor acting. Re-watch Firefly instead.

    I really wanted to like Starhunter. The premise is interesting and the universe is original, but it just doesn't live up to it's potential. The budget was obviously lacking. Sets are generally small and uninspired, the CGI work is marginal, and the special effects distract from rather than enhance the story.

    Worse than that is the lackluster acting. The intro snippets by the crew's bounty hunter agent are clever, but the only real cast members that draw you in are Percy and (with less consistency) Dante.

    The real trouble with the show is that despite a fairly original premise and a bold real-space setting, it just comes out as a Firefly wanna-be. As if regular plot and aesthetic similarities weren't enough, the composition of the ensemble reflects Joss Whedon's masterpiece pound-for-pound (Mal=Dante, Kalee=Percy, Zoe=Luc). Unfortunately it is a poor substitute for more Serenity.

    The only reason that I even made it past the second episode was an irresistible infatuation with Tanya Allen. Unless you're already caught on her endearing warmth and charm, just go watch Firefly again instead.
  • Unique sci-fi series with edge.

    Starhunter was a unique sci-fi programme. Some edgey scripts with very interesting characters in the second season. It is nice to see a vision of the future that is neither uptopian nor dystopian. Season one was uninspiring but contained a few glimmers of hope; the second season contained some excellent. It is a shame that a third season was not produced. The concept of the 'divinity cluster' was a fascinating one that added an interesting layer to the programme. Hopefully the series will find its way onto DVD.
  • This show is all I am looking for in a SF adventure series. The character development and originality is fantastic!

    I have nothing but good things to say about this series and can only hope that it is brought back. The show far exceeds any recent Star Trek offerings and offshoots (i.e. Andromeda). The mood of the show is especially refreshing. A bit dark, not all "rush rush", tension is perfect!. The dynamics between Callista and Travis are all you could ask for in terms of romantic tension. Percy, such a unique and original character. Awesome acting by everyone!
  • I'm torn...

    I am torn between liking this show and hating it with a passion. I found it at a used DVD store and bought it for $18 thinking "how bad can it be?" I watched it that night (only one and a half episodes, I admit) and didn't quite know how to react to it (although, I am returning it tomorrow). On one hand, the stories were good and the characters were decent. On the other hand, the graphics were bad (but really, most [not all] sci-fi graphics leave something to be desired) and the acting was in general not good. In the one and a half episodes that I watched, the show came across as a really low-budget Firefly (I know it came before Firefly, but thats what it reminded me of). I really wanted to like the show, but it just didn't work for me.
  • This is one of the worst sci-fi series in the last fifty years.

    I'm a big fan of bad sci-fi films. From low budget daikaiju flicks from Japan to big budget action films from Hollywood, I've loved many of them for their terribleness. That's why, as I was watching the third episode of Starhunter's first season, I was suprised I felt the sensation of nails being dragged on a chalkboard. I was actually starting to hate a sci-fi series.

    One of the worst aspects of Starhunter is acting that has to be seen to be believed. In fairness, it's probably better not seen.

    There is not one instance in either season where any of the actors' performances approached fair. At the bottom of the barrel is the wooden Michael Paré. Scatch that. He was wooden when he made Moon 44. By Starhunter he had petrified. There were scenes where he was standing so still while delivering his lines only his mouth was moving. He looked like a character from Clutch Cargo! Near the end of the season, in one of the few scenes where he showed any emotion, other than being bored (or stoned) out of his mind, I think Paré was supposed to be breaking down crying. I started laughing. It looked like someone off-camera was hammering a nail in his foot.

    With a performance just a hair's breadth better than Paré's, the moonfaced and talentless Tanya Allen's performance might best be described as, "This is your brain on drugs. What was the question?" I thought her monotone delivery might have been because she felt she was tricked into her role. Then I saw some of her other work. She's just a poor actress who probably got the part because of a raffle drawing where first prize was a year's supply of day-old bread.

    Something that can raise a truly awful program like Starhunter to a level of excellent badness that may be enjoyed is the theme and musical score. The show might have been more watchable without any musical score rather that the brooding and insipid pap that was used.

    The writing was awful. The story would seem to be getting somewhere. Then it wouold veer into another arc leaving loose ends the writers couldn't (or forgot to) resolve. The characters' and their hardware's abiliities would change from episode to episode. It seems this program's only claim to continuity is it says, "STARHUNTER," at the beginning of each show. Even the sfx would change for no reason (Rudolpho's messages had at least three distinct looks at the beginning of each Season One episode, and got cheesier with each change.)

    While the story around the main characters had some original points, the main premise of the overall plot, that millions of years ago aliens manipulated humanity's progenitors' DNA, and why, is a ripoff of Babylon-5. Much of the show borrows from past programs that were far better.

    For example, Percy Montana is the young character who never does what she's told, puts everyone's lives in danger from her abject stupidity, never gets punished, and for some reason the writers make her look like the hero by the end of several episodes. Does this sound familiar? It should. She's a female Will Robinson. The backstory's different. But it's the same character. She might have been more likeable if she weren't such a jerk.

    The first season seemed to be trying to tell a story that comes to some sort of conclusion. But the second season drags the viewer through several episodes before making a feeble sttempt at expanding on some of the loose ends left hanging by the first year's final episode. It seems Dante Montana is reliving his wife's death over and over again in hyperspace. We never learn what happened to Lucretia Scott. It seems we're left to assume she was murdered. And it wasn't made clear if all life on Earth was destroyed or not until well into the season. Oh, and with no money the ship was refitted with many more weapons. Oooo...

    There wasn't much change in the main character templates. The son is now searching for Dad (some of the time) instead of vice versa. There's a tough female sidekick with a military backgound; this time without the hidden agenda. And, the same ditzy girl is now a woman who continues to endanger everyone else. Ho-hum...

    I struggled through both seasons hoping at some point there would be a payoff. There wasn't. It was a complete waste of time. To add insult to injury, there was another blatant ripoff of Babylon-5 when, during a conversation while standing in the mystical clouds of hyperspace, Travis asks his dead mother, "Why are you here?" And she answers, "I've always been here." Woah! How profound! Why, I'm suprised her name wasn't Momma Kosh!

    Starhunter is pathetically bad television. The people responsible for producing this garbage should never be allowed to work in the "entertainment" industry ever again.
  • A show lost by the character changes and confusing plots.

    A mildly entertaining show about a bounty hunter who travels across space searching for his missing son who was kidnapped by the same people who murdered his wife.

    His crew consisted of his niece, a computer hologram, and female mercenary who track down bounties throughout their travels as a source of income.
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