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Season 1 Episode 5

The Man Who Sold the World

Aired Saturday 7:00 PM Nov 29, 2000 on Space
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The Man Who Sold the World
On a mission to a mining facility on Pluto, Dante and Luc attempt to capture Novak, a war criminal responsible for sacrificing thousands to the Divinity Cluster. Percy and Caravaggio deal with a holographic computer virus named "Billy Ray", who is wreaking havoc aboard the Tulip.

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  • A depressing glimpse into the "evolution" of humanity.

    Sci Fi often explores the baser side of humanity through the lens of the future, and Starhunter is no exception. Carvaggio's demand that Percy study her history lessons is a cue to the viewer that we should study our history as well. Many of the medical breakthroughs of the 20th – 21st century owe their roots to the horrendous human testing Hitler's scientist conducted on genocide victims. This episode revisits the theme of advancement through genocide, as humans face a new development in their genetic evolution – the Divinity Cluster. Luc represents humanity in this episode. She struggles with her emotional response to the genocide on Calypso, where she was a soldier. Yet, her role as double agent for the Orchard demands that she collect the data that the evil Doctor Novak gained through his atrocious human testing. The episode leaves the ethical dilemma unanswered. What is the right thing to do: ignore the results of unethical human testing or use the results to benefit humanity in the future?

    In their quest for dramatic effect, the producers have Dante act out of character. Why would Dante turn his back on the doctor's girlfriend and let her leave the room for cocktails? No experienced bounty hunter would allow her to leave the room. All said, I applaud the producers for trying to take on such a contentious issue. However, I think they could have used a little more finesse in doing so.moreless
Noémie Kocher

Noémie Kocher


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Michael Halsey

Michael Halsey


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Simon Fenton

Simon Fenton

Billy Ray

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George Harris

George Harris

Darius (uncredited)

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    • Rudolpho: This one's a corker. I found you a piece of work called Novak. Crimes against humanity. They don't get bigger than that.

      Civil war on Callisto. They're still killing each other over differences. I guess we're still the same old species even out amongst the stars. Hatred still the tie that binds.

      But today that human bond, love, has reared it's lovely bottom, and I am off to "The Love Derby". Of course I might actually only taking about lust. Nope. No. No. No. No. I am actually talking about the messy stuff. Well, actually really what I'm talking about is deceit. Whoever really knows what lurks in the human heart. Well, I know, now that you ask. Along with all that sunshine and puppies and kittens and pretty coloured balloons, crap. There's also the dark nasty bits of creepy crawly things, that scatter away when you flip that rock over. Your heart carries it all. It's the only sure thing I know. And anyone who doesn't believe that our hearts are filled with eternally warring angels and devils is leading with their glass jaw just waiting for a round house right.

      Another great truth from my tower of wisdom is you get your heart broken then you gotta pick yourself up and make sure the next time you get them before they get you. I mean, who out there thinks that it's better to be on the sharp end of the love stake as it plunges into your heart.

      Gotta nasty piece of work coming your way. So quick step, stay sharp,
      'cause this evil evil bastard Novak hasn't a shred of love in his black black heart.

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    • Rudolpho: Civil war on Callisto.

      In Greek myth, Callisto was a vigin who was impregnated by Zeus. Hera turned her into a bear as punishment. She later joined the heavens as the constellation Ursa Major.