Stark Raving Mad

Season 1 Episode 19

He's Gotta Have It

Aired Unknown Unknown on NBC



  • Notes

    • Originally scheduled to air on February 10, 2000, but after the broadcast of "The Hypnotist," the series was shelved for the duration of February sweeps. Then it was rescheduled twice over the summer -- first for July 13 (where it was replaced by "The Pigeon" after the return date was pushed back a week for no reason), then for July 20. Thanks to atrocious ratings for "The Pigeon" -- which was hardly a surprise since there wasn't really any promotion noting that the show was back on the air -- Stark Raving Mad was ditched for good the next day, and "He's Gotta Have It" never got broadcast. It sure did find its way into a lot of TV listings, though...